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  1. Thanks for tuning in this week! Watch more #DrawWithMike videos and learn how the Instagram algorithm works >

  2. I have noticed an increase in ads, but honestly, I think IG does it so well that it's almost not intrusive at all. I actually don't mind the ads I see on my feed. It actually fits in so well that it looks like something one of my mutuals posted. 😆 I think that speaks volumes about IG's marketing technique. At least for me. Also, I like the bullu-prevention you mentioned. I think this is very important and needs to be pushed out quickly. Time and time again, I've seen a number of instances of bullying within the community I belong to on IG, and I just feel like reporting the person just wasn't enough or seemed to do very little. By the way, have you even considered.. maybe.. doing ASMR drawing videos? It's kinda relaxing watching you draw. 😆

  3. I am very skeptical about things that are “anti bully” especially since facebook controls all of it now. Just seems like another excuse to censor. There are more ads because the creators of instagram left and facebook has more control of it now. It is ironic that a company known for bullying its users care so much about people bullying each other. It is not even political anymore it is just everyone that “steps out of line”. You don’t have to address any of this. The entire point of free speech is that people should be able to say what they want. If someone is getting harassed, they can block snd report it. Yea there is alot of people on the platform and cannot be manually reviewed, but they are using the same ai from facebook. All that one does is censor people.

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