Instagram Story: How To Tap to See Post

Instagram Story: How To Tap to See Post

Hi everyone! So today I want to show you
how to do this tap here feature that you see on people’s Instagram stories and
this took me a while to figure out so I wanted to make a quick tutorial this is
an excellent way to drive engagement to your photos that you’ve just posted on
Instagram I know when I look at my analytics people are much more engaged
and interactive with my stories than they are in my post so again this is a
great way to get that engagement back so the first thing you want to do is go to
the photo that you want to add to your Instagram story and just go to the paper
airplane that you see under that post and click on that and you’re going to
post it to your story so next I’m just going to change the background color and
you can customize this part however you want but I like to change the background
color and also just photo a little bit after I have the photo the way I want it
to look I’m gonna go to the stickers and add a Jif and I’m just gonna search tap
here because that’s the sticker that I want to use and you can just scroll
through and pick out whichever one you want I’m gonna go ahead with this one
and I’m gonna place this over my face and I also like to add a title just to
make the announcement a little bit more out there I don’t know so after that
you’ll add the story and then there’s a send button at the bottom of that but I
just ignore that because it’s already sent to my story so what I’m doing now
is going to a different account that I have with Instagram and I’m just gonna
double check that this works so I’m just gonna go through my stories and click
the tap here just to make sure that it works and it does so I hope you guys
liked this tutorial and if you have any questions just let me know down below I
would be glad to answer any and I’ll see you guys on the next one don’t forget to
subscribe and also follow me on Instagram all right bye

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