Instagram Story Highlights | How Businesses Can Leverage Instagram Stories Highlights

Instagram Story Highlights | How Businesses Can Leverage Instagram Stories Highlights

Earlier this month Instagram released a new feature for stories: highlights. In this video I’m going to teach you how businesses
can leverage this feature to increase their web traffic and user engagement. Stay tuned. So we have new story highlights but how do
we use this strategically in business? The first thing you can do is give yourself
a few more links in your profile by pinning the story segments that contain links as a
highlight. One downside here is that you actually have
to have the ability to link out on your stories which right now is limited to just verified
accounts and business accounts with more than 10,000 followers. But if you don’t fit those criteria, don’t
worry because I’m going to tell you a hack to work around this here in just a second. If you do have links in your stories, use
them to link out to important things like your latest blog post, maybe your newsletter
sign-up or your lead magnet or maybe another social media platform that you’re trying to
grow or send people to. If you don’t have links in your stories, you’re
not completely out of luck. All you need to do is take that asset that
you want to send people to and go out and create a link or use another shortened
link service to create a shortened link and then add that link to your story with some
text overlay. You can still drive people where you want
them to go. One example of this that I found was the Snark
Shop. She had designed some smart phone wallpapers
that she wanted to share and so she collected them all together and included a story segment
on how to actually download and get ahold of them. She collected those all together and put them
as a story highlight in her profile. Another smart way for businesses to use story
highlights is to use them as an opportunity to gather intel. You know those fun poll stickers that we like
to put in our stories now? Well you can actually use those to solicit
feedback and when you do that, you can pin it to your profile so that you’ll continue
to get mores responses even after the 24 hours have expired and that piece of your story
disappears. Sometimes we use polls just for fun and sometimes
we do them to inject a little bit of humor into our stories, but consider actually using
them in a way that you can gather data for your business. For example, you could ask people if they’re
planning to purchase your particular product category in the next six to 12 months or some
other time period that makes sense for you. Another question you could ask is are you
doing X, Y, Z? Recently in my story I added a poll asking
people if they were currently using email marketing in their business, and I did that
because I wanted to just get a feel for the breakdown of yes versus no, because I’m actually
considering creating some products around that. I just wanted to get a quick feel for that. The third way you can use Instagram story
highlights strategically is to use them to pin time sensitive content. Do you have something that your audience needs
to know right now? Maybe it’s a sale that’s ending or a giveaway
that’s closing or maybe it’s some kind of event that has a specific date. Put those types of messages in your highlights
to get more eyeballs on them. And the fourth idea I have for you today is
to share the highlights. Sharing the highlights means your best content,
so we all have those story segments that elicit a lot of interaction from people. Maybe we get a lot of direct messages. A lot of times that happens to me when I share
pictures of what my office really looks like, not like what I share on Instagram. And when you have content that resonates with
people and that people message you about, it’s a really good idea to pin that content
to your profile in a highlight and just continue to get that message out there. One great example I found of that was an Instagrammer,
Twigy Posts, who’s a photographer and she had done a little behind the scenes of her photo
shoot earlier in the week, and she collected all those photos and she put them together
in a highlight so people could continue to view those. So those are four ways that you can use Instagram
story highlights strategically for business and I would love it if you would drop your
ideas below in the comments.

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  1. OMG i cannot figure out how to add photos to highlights. I can see that I can use my stories but how do I add those cute photos with cute text… any help would be appreciated! Plus do you know how to make a custom icon I see other businesses have that on their highlights

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