Instagram Features You (Probably) DON’T Know Existed for 2020!

Instagram Features You (Probably) DON’T Know Existed for 2020!

What is up, everyone? Welcome back to my channel. Now, in today’s video, I’m going to share
with you five features that I have a feeling you probably didn’t even know existed on Instagram. So, if you’re interested in learning about
these five features, then keep on watching. Now, most of you know my style by now, so
let’s just cut straight into the chase. The first thing that I want teach you is how
to limit your ad tracking. This isn’t a feature that’s specifically in
Instagram, but it does affect the way that you experience Instagram. So, let me ask you a question. How many of you often get creeped out that
you are talking about something with a friend, and then the next day, you see an advertisement
that is literally, exactly about what you talked about the day before. Personally, I have been quite creeped out
by this, but I found out a way to actually limit this on your phone. What you want to do, and I’ll share my screen
right here. The first thing that you want to do is you
want to go on Settings on your iPhone. I personally don’t have an Android, so I’m
not sure how this looks like for Android users, but with iPhone, what you want to do is you
want to go on Settings. Now, once you hit Settings, you want to find
your Privacy Settings. You click that. And when you scroll all the way down, what
you’re going to see is a tab called Advertising. When you click that, there’s going to be an
option where it says Limit Ad Tracking. Now, what you can do here is you can actually
turn on Limit Ad Tracking. What this means is when you limit your ad
tracking is that you’re basically opting out on receiving ads targeted to your interest. Remember, the number of ads that you’ll see
might be the same. But, if you’re someone who just wants to be
super private, and you don’t want companies to have that information on what your interests
actually are, this is a really great way to limit that information being sent to those
companies from Apple. I know that this feature isn’t in Instagram
per se. However, it will affect the quality or the
type of advertisements that you see on Instagram and Facebook and any other platform that you
browse through on your mobile phone. So, I thought that I’d put this as my first
tip, just because it’s kind of not about Instagram, but I still think that it’s super interesting. Now, the second feature that’s actually on
Instagram that I don’t think that many people know about is seeing your story reshares. Did you know that when you post something
on Instagram, and someone else shares that post on their story, you’re actually able
to track the amount of people that have actually reshared or reposted that post. I know that sounds like super confusing, so
without me telling you, I’m just going to show you. Right now, I am on my dummy account. On my dummy account, I literally only follow
myself, and I use this account as an example whenever I do videos like these. So, right now on my feed, I’m looking at one
of the posts that I recently did on my actual account. What I’m going to do is I’m going to add this
post to my story. Once I’ve added this post to my story, I’m
going to go on my actual account and check it out. Right now, I am on my actual post, and what
you’ll notice is that when I click on the right, top-hand corner on those three buttons,
I’m now going to see an option that says View Story Reshares. When I click that, I’m able to see the current
public reshares of that post. When I click on this, I’m actually able to
also see who exactly shared that post on their story. Now, if you tried to click those three buttons
and you do not see this option where it says View Story Reposts, that means that no one
has reshared your post. However, if you have someone that has actually
shared that post onto their story, you’re going to see that option and you’re actually
going to be able to tell who has actually mentioned you in their story by resharing
the post that you did on Instagram. The third unknown feature/setting that I want
to share with you is actually desktop-only settings. This is going to require me to share my desktop
screen with you guys, so let’s get right to it. All right, guys. Welcome to the third tip that I want to share
with you. This tip or this feature I cannot share on
mobile because it actually doesn’t exist on mobile. You have to go on desktop. So, right now I’m on What you want to do is you want to click on
your profile, and when you click on your profile, you want to click Edit Profile right over
here. Now, once you access this, you’re going to
have a check box here that will allow you to opt into Instagram to include your account
when recommending similar accounts to people who might want to follow. What this means is, when someone is following
an account that is in a very similar niche to you, what will generally happen is, at
the bottom, once they hit Follow, Instagram will actually suggest a bunch of other accounts
that that person should be following. By checking this account, you will also be
included. What you also want to know is, by checking
this account, when someone also follows you, your account will also push out some recommendations
for them as well. If you decide to opt out of this, this will
not only mean that you won’t show up in other people’s recommendations, but other people
also won’t show up in yours. So, that’s something that you might want to
consider. Now, obviously, this is a really, really quick
feature, but I definitely didn’t know it existed until recently, so I definitely wanted to
share that with you guys in case you missed it. Because you certainly want to make sure that
this is checked off, especially if you want to increase your reach on Instagram. All right, guys, so, clearly, the fun does
not stop, because the fourth unknown feature/setting that I want to share with you is something
that is very specific to business accounts. If you have a business Instagram account,
I really hope that you’re leveraging the call to action function. For those of you who have no idea what I’m
talking about, what I mean is when you go to your profile … again, I’ll share it right
here … when you click on Edit Profile, what you can do is you can click Contact Options. Now, for all of us, it usually says Email,
but when you have a business account and you click on it, you can actually add a call to
action button. When you click on this button, there are tons
of call to actions that you can choose from, like bookings, starting an order, reserving,
all of these things. This is super helpful if you are a service-based
entrepreneur and you need to book clients or potential clients for your sales calls,
or you have consultation calls, or if you’re a restaurant owner and you want people to
reserve a table with you, these are really cool call to actions. Now, personally, I don’t use the call to action
button because I just don’t want people to book me all the time for a call. But, if you are someone who is starting out
in your business and you really want to invite people to book you on a discovery call or
things like that, I’m actually going to show my best friend, Ella. She also has a YouTube channel, I’ll link
it right here. But, anyways, going back to this, she’s actually
leveraged this function. What you can see is, she actually has a call
to action called Book, and when you click on Book, it’s going to pop up her calendar
that she links with Acuity. Through here, her potential clients can actually
book her for a discovery call for her coaching services. Now, the next feature that I want to share
with you is how to hide your photos/manually add the photos that people tag you in. What this means is that if you are someone
who is constantly tagged in other people’s photos, even though you have nothing to do
with the photo, and you find it really annoying, the feature that I’m going to show you is
really going to help you with that, and also help keep your tagged photos super clean and
super nice. Like I’ve been doing for this entire video,
let me just share my screen right over here to show you exactly what I mean. What you want to do is, when you go onto your
profile, you want to go to your Settings. When you go to your Settings, you then want
to go to Privacy and Security, and once you’ve entered Privacy and Security, you want to
click on the tab that says Photos and Videos of You. Once you get to this page, you can actually
turn off the setting where it says Add Automatically. What this means is that you can actually manually
accept when someone tags you in a post, so that it doesn’t automatically show in your
tagged photos. Not only this, when you actually click on
the next setting, which is Hide Photos and Videos, you can then look at all the photos
that you’ve ever been tagged in, and you can automatically choose which ones that you would
like to hide. If you are someone who really cares about
what people look at when they see your tagged photos, this is going to be a super useful
setting for you, so that you can really control what people are seeing on your profile. Now, guys, already in this video, I’ve given
you five cool little unknown features that most people don’t know about that they can
use on Instagram. But what I’m actually going to do in my next
video on Wednesday is actually share with you some hacks and unknown features specifically
for Instagram Story. A lot of you guys really, really enjoyed this
video right here, where I showed you the swipe up hack on Instagram Story using IGTV. Well, I have a lot of that more under my sleeve. So, make sure you turn on the notification
bell so that you can be notified when my next video actually drops, because, like I said,
I’m going to be sharing you the other unknown features that you did not know about in terms
of leveraging Instagram Story specifically. So, you definitely don’t want to miss that. On top of that, if you want to see more videos
about social media, business, and just life in general, then check out these two videos
right over here. As always, guys, hope you guys have a great
day, a great week, and a great life, and I hope to see you in my next video. Bye, guys.

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