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  1. Were you as SHOOK as I was with the new Creator Profile features? It wasn't exactly what I expected… 🤐** DOWNLOAD THE FREE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO TURN YOUR FOLLOWERS INTO CLIENTS **

  2. I’m obsessed with all your content 😁! Thank you for sharing the knowledge:)

    I have a question and if you’ve talked about it in a video or post please let me know which one it is (I barely discovered you lol)

    As an influencer/ micro blogger I’ve been encouraged by some of my bigger blogger friends to reach out to businesses that align with my niche and ask for complementary products/service. I’m uncomfortable with this for two reason

    1. I don’t think my following is big enough to justify asking for free stuff

    2. I feel like when I pay for something I’m 100% entitled to be honest about how I feel. If I get something for free I would feel like I need to sugar coat my true feeling (this is mostly regarding if I didn’t like what product/service.)

    What’s your take on ASKING for free stuff? How do you find a balance between being honest with your audience while also not bashing or disrespecting the product/service?

  3. Thanks for a great video, Vanessa. I recently switched to the creator account and plan to keep it this way with hopes of seeing new and exciting changes!

  4. Thank you I’m back using Instagram again . I’ll check this out . Insta frustrates me due to not permitting links to your website or other social media . I so wish they would change that .
    When I had my online store my sales came from insta but it was super hard sell .

  5. Not sure why, but I don’t have the option for creator account. My page (@megansphotobook) is a photography page and I thought it would be eligible for the beta.🤔

  6. This was such an awesome video, as always, full of great information! I had been wondering about the Creator Profile, so thank yooooou!!

  7. Oh, thank you so much for this! I got a message on Instagram and just thought it was a re-naming of a business account!

  8. I don’t know for sure but I have a few Instagram accounts and only the one with OVER 10,000 followers was given the creator account.

  9. This was so helpful, thank you! I already had the creator account and thought it was just a new update haha

  10. Another excellent video Vanessa. I switched from Personal to Creator account on Instagram and I love the added insights. There is a major difference between personal and creator but not much of a difference between creator and business. However if you're a creator but you don't monetise or sell anything I think it's a great step forward for Instagram to be offering Creator accounts. Look forward to watching your next video!

  11. Hello fellow Canadian! Now I understand why I like you so much 😆 this was a good video. I'm always impressed how you do the phone overlay, and your tips help me lots!

    I used a 3rd party app to un-follow and start over and it wrecked my analytics for months! Finally back on track but anyone reading be careful if you have the urge to mass unfollow, I guess that's called shadow banned (can you do a video on that topic?)


  13. I don't understand Instagram in the slightest… don't even have an account there. When it comes to my needing that channel?.. poor me. I'll have to re-watch Vanessa's videos again to actually *understand*.

  14. You are so pretty omg!! Just found your channel and I’m OBSESSED with you videos!! Subscribed and would love if you checked out my channel❤️❤️❤️

  15. How do you find the right balance between what to give away as free content without giving them so much they don’t need your one-on-one?

  16. This was super helpful as I was having FOMO. But I'm so far now from having a huge account…it'll be a while before I get this. Thanks!

  17. Am I a content creator? Lol I'm so old and lost. What is a content creator now? (I try to learn but each single day, somerhing new happen!!)

  18. So glad I subscribed! Your videos are so well done, and resourceful. & you are giving on your content such informative information. Thank you, Vanessa!!

  19. Loved this, but can you please look into your camera when you're talking to us, instead of looking at yourself on the screen 🙂

  20. Hi great video!! I have a problem, I don't have a checkout URL option to put the link. Do you have any suggestions what can be wrong? x

  21. Has anyone seen a decrease in engagements? I know business profile they want you to pay to reach more people. How about with creator? Same deal or is it more like a regular profile account?

  22. As always, such helpful content! I’ve been thinking about giving it a try BUT third party apps are where it’s at and I don’t think it would be worth it if I can’t use them. 🙅🏻‍♀️🤪

  23. Good point about the automatic General vs Primary. It’s been very time consuming to filter everyone over to General…… 😐 Love your videos and helpful info!!

  24. Thanks for the great video again Vanessa! I had no idea about the Facebook Creator Studio! Linked my IG photography account to it finally! Yay! <3

  25. All i really want to do is get rid of the 'about account" feature because my past usernames are very cringy to look at lol

  26. Can you talk about reach with the business vs personal accounts? I read that Instagram promotes personal posts and "suppresses" business account posts, and through my experimentation with my account, I've DEFINITELY found I get more engagement and growth when I post as a personal account.

  27. Hello Vanessa. Which lights do you use in your videos. Though your background is not litup, it looks so natural. I am also a youtuber and wish to achieve the same amount of lighting while shooting indoors. A little guidance would be great help <3

  28. I see Instagram continues to favor the ‘content creators’ who purchase their following. I guess those of us who go the long route will be forever lagging behind.

  29. I was super curious about this so thank you for explaining it to us! I also don't feel like i'm missing out on too much now so thank you lol

  30. FB should give us smaller folk the Creator accounts for a chance to grow 😉 the bigger fish seem to already know how to do it

  31. Lol i just got creator account with 23 followers …..hahaha😁😀😁RIP instagram algorithm🤣😂🤣

  32. If you have a creator account and switch the a business account do you have the option to switch back to creator if you wanted?

  33. I have like 420 subs…been active on instagram since january…im a label tho..content creator…music…guess my stuff aint that bad if i have that option….

  34. Ok so I got the creator account and it seems my engagement and analytics have dropped, things like my hashtags being featured in stories only seems to happen very sporadically… 💁🏼‍♂️

  35. The brand approval is on the business account swell so that's also not a new thing. I don't see much difference but I might try it out for a while and see what I think. Thanks for this video I had no idea they had a creators account option until I watched this

  36. Thanks for this! It was the most helpful video I've seen on this subject. I got selected for the creator account, and I only have 160 followers lol 😏

  37. So I had a brand use my photo without my consent or tagging me and it says it’s a paid partnership with another company what can I do?

  38. It's now available to everyone. I have it on an account that was newly opened. Yippee! Plus it also has the ability to schedule from the FB Creator Studio even to IGTV which is quite exciting. 🙂

  39. Great info, I was a bit distracted by your outfit tho 🤤

    For those wondering Facebook said, "You will soon be able to publish directly to Instagram Feed and IGTV from Creator Studio." 😎

  40. Has anyone got the 'create post' button available to them on the IG dashboard in creator studio yet? Just wondering if we're the only ones waiting for it…

  41. As a photographer I think this will be beneficial 😁 thank you much!!

  42. I can’t keep up with ig changes . This account must be a test because I stumbled upon it just now. I think it has nothing to do with followers just engagement( you with others) and maybe if you’re routinely active providing content with value. The brand/ partners requiring approval feature is on the business account as well .

  43. Hey iam creating professional account don't make because they are saying you have riched number of businesses please help me

  44. I got a creator account on my spam?? With literally like 67 followers i’m so confused!! Like why not my regular instagram account🥺🥺

  45. Can you earn money from a creator account on Instagram or business account? Also do you recommend business or creator account if I’m running a fan page?

  46. I have a business Profil and it has all the exact same features as you mentioned as special for a creator account, how is this possible?

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