#Insiders4Good – Highlights from the East Africa Fellowship Program

#Insiders4Good – Highlights from the East Africa Fellowship Program

>>Meet Rosine. In Rwanda, Rosine is automating
irrigation to harvest as much as possible by using
as little water as possible. In a country where
the agricultural industry supports nearly 80 percent
of the population, she’s helping the millions
of farmers who rely on their crops to survive. Microsoft selected Rosine and the 19 other Insiders4Good Fellows, because they have
the potential to make lasting change in a world
that needs new solutions. In Kenya, Irving is using Artificial Intelligence to
talk about sexual education. In Rwanda, Ange is programming an intravenous alert system
that will save lives. In Tanzania, Edgar’s tapping
into the shared economy to build the Airbnb of office spaces. And in Uganda, Chris
is revolutionizing healthcare options for
the most vulnerable populations. Water scarcity, access to
education, improved healthcare, unemployment: these
are but a few of the endless issues that our Insiders4Good Fellows
are tackling. And Microsoft wants
to make sure each of these innovative solutions becomes a reality in our world. Enter Insiders4Good, a fellowship powered by the Windows Insiders team
at Microsoft, to help African
entrepreneurs achieve their full potential and expose the world to
their life changing efforts. For six months, these fellows
receive the hardware, the software, and the support to launch or scale
their budding businesses. Upon their selection,
the Fellows descended upon Nairobi and met with Microsoft mentors and local experts during
a week-long bootcamp, the first of many mentoring
engagements designed to provide the
foundational business skills needed to succeed. Many companies are currently supporting
entrepreneurs in Africa. But Microsoft is also
learning from them. Learning how they
use Windows 10 and Office and other
Microsoft products will have great impact. Knowing how tools are used by entrepreneurs in East Africa, will change the way we
work and what we build. These Fellows will help build a better product for other entrepreneurs across the globe. The Insiders4Good Fellowship was created to advance good ideas that
impact hundreds of thousands, potentially millions, of people. And it is one of
the many engagements that help us improve
our products, so that Microsoft’s mission
becomes a reality, and every person on
the planet can achieve more. If you think you can
help, let us know. How will you change the world?

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  1. Awesome stuff! Anyone else notice the spec to the center-rightish on this video and think they had a dead pixel or was it just me?

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