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  1. You may not be able to have a VW 'California' in the US but check out what it actually takes to legally import a car over:

  2. The Westfalia version of the Eurovan was also called the "California". I briefly owned one (1993 model year) that had been imported from Canada. All of the camping gear shown in this version is very similar to the Eurovan California and Vanagon campers.

  3. Most of the familiar Vanagon features.. plus a couple borrowed from the Eurovan Westy..( rear shower)
    some new tricks.. like the sliding table, the removeable table, powered tent top, and the bin style frig.. position of the stove and sink are reversed.. putting the stove next to the frig, and sink farthest away from the frig.. solving one problem ( stooping to get into the frig) but creating another problem.. reaching across a burning stove to get something.. the old table could be positioned between the rotated passenger chair and the rear seat.. settee style.. not possible here..hmmm. Changed from the old applied plastic over hard board interior panels, to hard plastic. This is not peel due to the accumulated humidity inside ( sleeping and cooking) , but will be hard to refurb when it gets old. We are not shown what provisions there are for ventilation ( window opening etc) The lack of a vent fan that can operate with the windows closed ( in rain or snow) was the biggest oversight in ALL the VW campers going back to the 1950's. Getting a solar or 12v vent ( yacht supply store) is something everybody should do. No info on the heater(s) propane, diesel, gasoline.. what are they ?

  4. I hate to put a downer on this bus, but here in the UK it costs somewhere in the region of 50 to 60 thousand pounds. How mush is that in dollars anyone? Sixty grand for a van, without a toilet! Where does one take a shit ffs……

  5. I don't like vws as a rule but that was nice and understated inside and the way everything tucked away was pretty cool and I don't normally say shit like cool! And when you unclipped that table and unzipped them chairs I use a few swear words ☺so Yeh ime liking and that thanks for sharing your cool van 👍👍👍

  6. Is this made by Rapido? PLEASE bring to the USA… just put in a cassette toilet in place of some of the cabinet space and it is perfect.

  7. I would maybe work less on the materials being used, and maybe not being so dang NOTCHY doing literally everything. Maybe it is just the demonstrator, but it sure looked clunky and clumsy doing just about everything.

  8. One more reason to add to the list to why I hate VW. They sold me the most wonderful driving enthusiastic golf wagon just To be plagued with panoramic sunroof leaks, mold, water intrusion that cause electrical problems and poor customer service and I still want to buy shit they won’t sell here. Like this and a Passat wagon! I hate those crafty bastards.

  9. The reason america is not getting the California VW bus is cause the homeless problem is already huge in california bringing these awesome vans will make things worse. A lot of people will prefer going in loans to buy this bus rather than buying or renting a home. Prices of real estate all across CA are RIDICULOUS HIGH. And even if you do buy a home, now you have to worry about earthquakes and fires and both have left hundreds of americans in the streets.

  10. My dream home x
    I am still waiting on the e-version with fold out solar array ?
    Great review
    Drove a VW Combi and a Toyota Hi ace camper around this country , best times of my life.

  11. This would sell like crazy in India…. you don't need to get a ROOM! VW should try… they have pastel shade models hereabouts

  12. Great Camper
    Great little review
    Are the fabric sides water proof
    From the south of France
    In summer it’s dry really dry for months
    And the when it’s not summer it rains a lot
    Funny guy
    Writing your manifesto

  13. A bit cheaper version: Dodge Grand Caravan camper sleeper for two tall people –

  14. Actually one the best reviews that covered everything.. stunning craftmanship. If they could have put a toilet in too, genius.

  15. Most people who buy campers have never been ultra lite hikers. It makes more sense to just use hiker gear in campers and travel lighter. Do super simple cooking techniques which conserve money & space. 2= Hyperlite Backpacks for all your clothes. Titanium cook pot, fry pan & the Insta-pot is plenty for cooking everything you want. Foil cooking method also for everything else on camp fires. Most people never use a camper more than 7 times in a year or 30 times in there life time. Unless they live in it full time.

  16. This dude keeps talking about depravity is like a soul spilling it's own beans, or that privacy can't exist without that being included.

  17. Ingenious. However you might get held up for hours at some customs check points while they go through all ingenious storage locations.

  18. I had a 1969 VW Camper down on Virginia Beach, I wish I had it now, I paid $2100.00 for it in 1972! Yes, it was a pop-top.

  19. You are much better buying a van and doing a simple conversion so you can stealth camp. Its also a fraction of the price of one of these over priced vehicles

  20. And if you act now , you'll also get a free homeless heroin addicted transvestite illegal immigrant from San Francisco so you can really get the California experience 🙂

  21. Just sell in Germany !!
    than please state in title not for us where there are more rv and campers than other countries combined I guess due to lying emissions from vw!!!!

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