Inside New York City Cyber Command where NYU Tandon Cyber Fellows train

Inside New York City Cyber Command where NYU Tandon Cyber Fellows train

Geoff Brown/NYC CyberCommand: There Is a lot
of language that surrounds cybersecurity: computer network espionage, nation state actors,
adversaries. Sapna Parikh/NYU News: Fighting those adversaries
is Geoff Brown’s number one job. As head of New York City cyber command, his
team works with more than 100 agencies to prevent cyber attacks and protect the critical
infrastructure of the city that never sleeps. Geoff:Their motivation may be: I have an ideology
that is very different than your ideology, I use technology to change or manipulate the
way you think. There are motivations that are simply to disrupt
your way of life. We’ve also seen attacks in the last couple
of years that impact the ability really for the core Internet to function as a communication
mechanism. Sapna:Those so-called DDOS or “distributed
denial of service” attacks often target local governments and public safety systems. Recently hitting cities like Baltimore and
Atlanta and Dallas where hackers set off tornado sirens in the middle of the night. What do you worry about the most? Geoff: I worry about the most – You have expectations
right? You have expectations that through your technology
you’ll be able to live the life that you choose to live the way you want in our city. The thing that keeps me up at night is not
only keeping up with the pace of technology but making sure we continue to attract the
type of talent that needs to join the mission and fight the good fight to come. Sapna:Across the country some estimate a shortage
of about one point five million cyber security experts. By the year 2020. Nasir Memon/NYU Tandon: Learning how to anticipate
actions of an adversary is something that I don’t think can be done
by simply talking out in the classroom. It has to be done by a very active experience. The Cyber Fellows program that we started
is an example of the program that addresses these problems. Sapna: The cyber fellows in NYU’s Tandon cyber
security online graduate program can practice in New York City’s virtual cyber range. Geoff: It is a place where you can simulate
the attacking and the responding that occurs every single day in cybersecurity.

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