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  1. So where getting mad at the people that are getting you out of jail and not the ones committing the crimes? Are we in the fucking twilight zone naw just Vice?

  2. You don't have to use them. Here's an idea DON'T GO TO JAIL. Your a son is a fucking idiot who not only committed a crime but videoed it?

  3. Democratic politicians are making a bail bondsman's rich Democrats running Baltimore ran Baltimore into the ground everything Democrats touch they destroy they create crime poverty so these guys get wealthy and so does the politicians that they voted in the judges prosecutors so on and so forth

  4. The endless battle against corruption rages on. We are a country where you can literally start a business on anything. Bail bonds companies are no worse than any lawyer or judge. The only way things are gonna get better is if we get a whole new legal system.

  5. Get rid of prison for profit then people wont be getting arrested for petty shit in the first place. When imprisoning people is profitable then the cops will arrest you for shit other wise they would turn their heads to.

  6. This bail bond people got to understand that this judges and polotican are corrupted and so you are going to do the same…

  7. crime doesn't pay folks, it costs. …forget about a free bail. stay in jail or pledge assets. Quite frankly I'm tired of paying your room and board, so post bail and we'll jail you after trial if need be.

  8. another thing that ppl dont see is. im sitting in jail for x dosnt matter what x is. other guys is sitting there for x gets uot right away because he has family with money. and i get to sit cause no one loves me. 99.9999 of you cant even begin to understand what that feels like to see others with WAY WORSE charges just get let go because someone loves them.and your stuck with no real lawyer or support. cause holes in peoples humanity. when u dehumanize a person that far dont be shocked when they commit an inhuman act of rage and pain. you asked for it!!!

  9. We own the bail bonds business and we also own the insurance company that insures the bonds we pay out. Seems like a real conflict of interest right there to me.

  10. The problem with biased reporting like this is that they always paint criminals as Little Bo Peep. Unlike most of you bleeding hearts, I'm actually from the friggin' hood. I watch people get released, only to terrorize the neighborhood, committing more crimes while they're out. I can only imagine how much worse it would be if you tell these fools they can literally walk away after getting arrested with absolutely no deterrent. Are you kidding me? And showcasing D.C…. that's a laugh! You want your city to look like crime-ridden D.C.? They are not arresting and jailing people for handing out candy. And with the ridiculously light sentences and dropped charges most cases receive, this time in jail serves almost exclusively as their punishment.

  11. So a simple thought with a simple conclusion. Dont break the law you wont go to jail. You break the law and get caught go to jail. If you dont have the coin dont do the crime.

  12. The guy gives out shirts to the people he hopes get arrested and they’re eating all that shit up ??? lmao. He said 25 million in 4 months. Shit I want in on the business.

  13. This lady says she's in the business of behavior. O who's checking your behavior lady. Wait till the people wake up and check your behavior. There is no money in this world.

  14. More tyrant pigs extorting money from people that really can't afford it all because the system put in place to lock up at citizens it's very sad I think they ought to abolish the criminal system in the United States and start completely over with a new system that does not require bonds

  15. That last lady is off her rocker she will get what's coming to her she is going to use that fowl mouth on the wrong person one day

  16. These people are the lowest of the low. They are the reason people cannot get a fair trail but they are just a symptom of the disease of corruption that pervades law enforcement.

  17. 18:10 Ugh this woman is disgusting _ the worst. Watch her body language for a notepad and hear what she says to people ????????

  18. …at 6:01…"we bail people out…and put them back in jail if they don't go to jail"…???…a slip of the tongue or a slip of the truth…???…

  19. Yea take someone to jail.. but take them to jail and all their money. This is one of the biggest reasons I hate our government and I am ashamed to have such a horrible government, and I am sure that I am not the only one.

  20. Omg the lady…. lmao I couldn't date girls from New York. You see how aggressive that lady is. Lol I'll stick with my southern girls lol. They just will cry and softly hit you in the chest if you really hurt their feelimgs but this lady….and females from new york…..they will stab you??? and they wont even be mad …..???

  21. Bail should be set based on the crime and also the background of the person if he has multiple arrests especially for the same reason

  22. Just the other day I was one of those little kids on the bicycle in the hood getting my bailbonds shirt and today I'm chasing waves in Hawaii.

    Life can be unpredictable and surprising.

  23. if youre jumping on a car breaking windows, why would you be surprised when they fuck you for turning yourself in. especially when u only turned yourself in because they caught you on camera for the whole city to see…. get your shit together people…. dont be a fucking idiot.

  24. Except you can jail a poor person. And sometimes people get no bail at all. You're not buying your freedom, you're giving some kinda collateral to ensure that you'll attend the court/trial process and once you do, your bail money is returned to you.
    What's the alternative? They're not gonna ROR everyone or put the time and effort into negotiating tons of conditional releases. If they got rid of cash bail, they'd probably just let everyone sit in jail until their court date.
    Honestly I think there are way more important aspects of the 'justice' system that need change and attention first ?

  25. "We love people who come to the hood" lol
    Well,they're only reason for going there is cuz they know some of y'all are eventually going to be arrested.It has nothing to do with giving out free tshirts
    And those who don't want to sit caged in horrible conditions don't break the law

  26. "People call me evil for making money the way I do….. I pay my taxes! Judges make money! Senators make money!" ….is this woman serious?

  27. You are ALL Victims of a corrupt system and you have no idea just what you are actually involved in nor who you really are! Stay asleep and you deserve what you get! Wake up and you get your FREEDOM! But YOU have to dig yourself out and that happens by educating yourself!

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