Inside America’s First Private Terminal For Millionaires

Narrator: Airports suck. Camping out in customs lines,
sprinting a mile to your gate, it’s the worst and the
furthest thing from luxury. But imagine you had some
extra cash saved up, would you spend it to skip
all of that airport madness? Well, that’s what the
minds behind America’s very first private
terminal are betting on. In 2017, The Private
Suite opened up at LAX. And for $4,000 per
international flight, guests get access to a luxurious, super secure, private terminal just two miles from
the normal one. At LAX, it takes about
2,200 steps to get from the check-in counter
to your plane door. For us, it takes 70 steps. Narrator: Each year,
thousands of the world’s millionaires and celebrities
relax between flights in the terminal’s 12
individual suites. The Private Suite
coordinates with 70 airlines, has an onsite TSA check,
and owns a fleet of BMWs that drives travelers
right to their planes. Narrator: So what’s it like inside the place claiming to make travel not only easy but enjoyable? We had our LA team
go and check out The Private Suite themselves. Caroline: Hello, so I just arrived to The Private Suite at LAX. And there is a lot of security, like when you pull in,
they asked for my ID, and this guy in like
a bulletproof vest. So it is very highly secured. I am going to pretend I am
very affluent for an hour. Narrator: When you
first pull up, you enter through these ominous
gates with armed guards and a sign warning no
filming is allowed. Right away, you’re assigned a logistics team
of eight people. They take care of
everything during your stay from valeting and
detailing your car to checking in your baggage. And don’t worry about
missing your flight, the team’s watching the clock. When you enter the terminal,
there’s no check-in. You’re escorted straight
to your private suite. Caroline: Wow. Oh, my gosh, it’s like
your private hotel room. Narrator: Each suite has a
fully stocked kitchenette loaded with snacks. You can also order food off
a curated menu ahead of time, so it’s ready when you arrive. Caroline: Oh, my gosh,
they have food. It’s not like the
fast food options you get at the airport. You get, like, healthier options. This is exactly what I ordered. Narrator: There’s a
minibar with spirits, Champagne, and white wine. You can get red wine
upon request. There’s even a candy wall. Caroline: This is perfect for kids, but it’s also, like,
perfect for me as an adult. We got M&M’s, chocolate-
covered, I’m assuming they’re raisins, jelly beans,
Hershey’s, and Skittles. Narrator: All of the suites come with an en suite bathroom
stocked with toiletries. There’s no shower in
these, but the members can utilize the spa
shower just down the hall. They can also book
complimentary massages, manicures, or haircuts
right in their suites. And in case you forgot something, each suite has pillows,
power adapters, and travel accessories on hand. One of the suites
even has a backyard complete with a putting
green and cornhole. When your flight
time approaches, your team will let you
know it’s time to pack up. You’ll breeze through TSA
in under a few minutes, and you don’t have
to worry about bags, The Private Suite’s taken
care of checking those in. Once cleared, you’ll
hop on a 7 Series BMW that drives you
the seven minutes across the tarmac to your flight. Amina: When you’re driving, being driven
through the airfield, you know, between the
airplanes to your plane, that’s a really special
kind of experience that frankly only we can deliver, and that’s something
that, a memory that people take away with them all the time. Narrator: So how does
The Private Suite manage to cut down
on travel times and still maintain privacy? With lots and lots of planning. Amina: Most people
don’t realize the operational complexity that happens in the
background to even getting one member through here. For example, we have
a control room. It looks like, you know, the NASA space
center or something. We know exactly what
container in the airplane your luggage is in before
your airplane actually lands so that we can
intercept your luggage and take it out for you before
it hits the conveyor belt. That’s the kind of
meticulous coordination that happens in the background
every step of the way. Narrator: Members of
The Private Suite pay a yearly fee of $4,500 and an extra $3,000 per
international flight, but you can utilize the suite
even if you’re not a member. You won’t have a yearly
fee, but you’ll pay between $500 and $1,000
more per flight. Caroline: I can really see
the benefits of being a member if you’re traveling a
lot because I think that would decrease the
price a little bit. But also, if you wanna
splurge on a really fun trip that you’re taking
with your friends, and you’re just like, “You
know what, we saved up. We need to do this, like,
the best way possible. Why don’t we just come
in, come into the lounge, and just get on the
flight with ease.”

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