Innovators at UMass Amherst

Innovators at UMass Amherst

[MUSIC PLAYING] Massachusetts has always been
fertile ground for innovation dating back to its primary role
in the Industrial Revolution. Today, technology and research
have replaced textile mills and assembly lines,
but the Bay state is still the place where
the rest of the country turns for the next big idea
or game-changing advancement. In fact, Massachusetts
has ranked first in the nation two years in a
row for its innovation economy, leading the way in health care,
life sciences, technology, and financial services. But despite all
this success, there is one thing even our
state’s innovation economy can’t do without– innovators. And while Massachusetts
elite private universities are producing their fair
share of young stars, nobody supplies Massachusetts
with the sheer volume of fresh talent
as UMass Amherst. We have over 500 graduates
at UMass Amherst, and I can tell you we
have direct experience in understanding
their capabilities. And the area they shine is
both on the practical side, but also on the theoretical side
in helping us develop solutions that we can take to the world. The University of
Massachusetts Amherst consistently turns out more STEM
graduates, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math,
than any other institution in the Commonwealth. In 2016 alone, the
flagship campus had over 1,700 graduates in the
STEM fields, and nearly 1,000 of those now live and
work in the state. And industry leaders like
Raytheon, IBM, GE, Mass Mutual, Dell EMC, Price
Waterhouse, and more. UMass Amherst is
by far the leader in producing STEM graduates
that feed our innovation economy while making their homes
and raising their families here in Massachusetts. It is impossible to overstate
the university’s impact on the state’s economic health. Last year, every dollar
that Massachusetts invested in UMass Amherst returned
seven to the state, an incredible $2.1 billion
in economic activity. UMass Amherst graduates
make the best candidates, because the university
is strategically aligned with the Commonwealth’s
innovation economy unlike any other
institution in the state. We are constantly
searching for prospects to help us succeed in
the financial sector, and fortunately for
us, UMass Amherst is producing great talent
right here in our backyard. By collaborating with
public and private partners, UMass Amherst is leading
the groundbreaking research that generates startups and
fuels the state’s economy. A strong, vibrant,
well-funded UMass Amherst is a crucial component
in giving Massachusetts a competitive edge in the
global innovation economy. To ensure that
Massachusetts stays at the top of the nation’s
innovation leaderboard, we need to continue to
strengthen the flagship campus, and we need your continued
support to make that happen. UMass Amherst is a powerhouse
in research and development, where the students of
today are the Massachusetts innovators of tomorrow.

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