Innovative business practice – Final Learning Brief video

Innovative business practice – Final Learning Brief video

hi everyone my name is sing yan and this
is my innovative business practice final learning brief video the things that I
learned from taking this unit is communication teamwork and problem
solving skill after taking this unit I have improved my confident to
communicate better with other people and able to express my opinion clearly I
also learned how to speak naturally while presenting after the problem pitch
presentation in class besides that I learned how to work as a team with
different people that have different skill sets as me and my group met
harmoniously and contribute equally to complete the pitch report we make full
use of our strengths and help each other when someone met obstacles for example we
motivate each other and provide opinion to solve the problem in order to
complete the task efficiently before the deadline I used to prefer to
work alone but now I think it’s better to work as a team after all
my advice for the next semester student is that taking this unit is a good
opportunity for you to develop yourself and discover your own strengths as long
as you truly get involved in this unit and complete the assignment properly it
is important because all of this can help you to gain experience on how to
collaborate with different people and enable you to be prepared to get into
the real work force and that’s all of my video thanks for watching

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