Innovation Fellows

Innovation Fellows

The work that we do in a short period
of months can actually impact the next series of generations its phenomenal. What’s really nice is I thought I would go into a job and I’d stop learning and with the fellowship because it has so many legs and because I came in probably not knowing as much as I could’ve known I’ve learned just as much as I was when
I was doing my thesis. We are looking at ways to innovate and make state government run more
efficiently. What I’ve really been most impressed by
has been the quality of care and investment into their jobs by a lot of
the people I met here in government. Not being afraid to challenge the status
quo not being afraid to ask why. The collaboration that exists
among us is incredible and I think that’s what
defines what innovation and efficiency are. Working for government
provides you one of the best chances to deliver huge
impact to a lot of people.

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