Injured Workers Pharmacy | Referrals Overview

Injured Workers Pharmacy | Referrals Overview

When someone is injured getting better is the only thing that matters this is the philosophy that drives IWP the Injured Workers Pharmacy IWP is a national independent pharmacy that delivers medication directly to patients’ doorsteps As THE Patient Advocate Pharmacy, we take the worry out of obtaining prescription medications by collaborating with physicians attorneys and payers and by working together we deliver more than medications, we deliver peace of mind just take a look at our process injuries happen on the job, on the road and or anywhere in between. when injured workers receive medical treatment, a physician may refer them to IWP after the patient is referred our experience team of certified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians fill the prescription and puts it through our four-point quality check with each prescription we guarantee overnight delivery anywhere in the 50 united states so it arrives directly on the patient’s doorstep all with minimal waiting and little to no upfront costs and along the way we help simplify things for physicians, payers and attorneys as well working with IWP assures physicians there patients get the medications they need immediately regardless of the status of their claim for payers, faster healing means lower costs and IWP works to facilitate both by providing the highest level of patient support we have a caring, friendly, multilingual customer service team with translators in more than 140 languages and dialects we even offer a patient portal for quick medication information and answers to questions with a few clicks, 24-7 IWP also benefits attorneys by providing the necessary client information to assist throughout litigation reducing administrative overhead sure most patients probably have a retail pharmacy right up the street but the convenience of IWP is so much more than medicine in a bottle we are true advocates for the patients we communicate with all parties through injury to prescription delivery and make the process simpler and more cost effective for everyone and perhaps most important we reduce the stresses of injured workers and allow them to focus on getting better and returning to a productive life that’s peace of mind and we deliver it every day

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