Injured Workers Law Firm – Brad’s Story

Injured Workers Law Firm – Brad’s Story

(somber music) (vehicle crash) (sirens) – [Brad Hughes] March 17th, 2014 while working a traffic accident in Chesterfield County, Virginia I was struck by a distracted driver. At that point in time, he struck three other vehicles ended up striking myself. Pinning myself between his
vehicle and my vehicle. And at that point in
time I lost both my legs. After that I was
transported to the hospital where the doctor told me he was gonna do everything to save my leg. I just hope to save my life. While I was in the hospital in recovery we went to go forward by
filing Workers Comp Claims. At that point in time once
the paperwork’s submitted, come to find I know it’s
gonna be denied for it. What am I gonna do now? I’ll be honest with you, it was very frustrating. It was a huge burden. So at that point in time I notified my lawyer and he led me up to introducing myself
to Michele and her team. And from there the ball was rolling. (upbeat music) I felt like family. Anytime I had any kind of questions they were able to answer ’em. Even if I didn’t have a question they made sure all the information
was laid out on the table so that I could have an
opportunity to review it before signing anything going forward. You have a lot of law
firms that are out here will sugarcoat a lot of things with you. They were upfront. They were honest. They told me what to expect, what not to expect. Well we sat down and we
had the mediation part. And the nice thing was I was included in all parties with that. I feel like here in the Workers’ Law Firm, they were able to not
only sit down with me and make me feel like I
was a part of this deal, but that I had a future ahead of me. Currently right now I’m a
distracted driver advocate. I speak to well over 200 plus
schools per calendar year. I travel all over the state of
Virginia talking to students about the dangers of drinking and driving, texting and driving, and the Virginia Move Over Law. Without a doubt I would recommend
Injured Workers’ Law Firm. They did everything 110% to
make sure I was taken care of. I was truly given an
opportunity to live again. – [Michele Lewane] Our mission
is to help injured workers get the medical care and income
that they are entitled to quickly and consistently. This enables them to
reach the best recovery both medically and financially. And to get out of the Workers Comp system as quickly as possible. If you need help please give us a call today
to set up an appointment or request your free book “The Ultimate Guide to Workers
Compensation in Virginia.” (upbeat music)

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