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  1. Oooh, I see the Democrat meltdown every day. I enjoy the demise every day. That whilst I live thousands of miles away in the southern part of Africa. Sooooo good to see common sense win over the carefully constructed lies of the liberals.

  2. I don't know why they keep asking her about raising taxes to pay for it when the answer is YES and we all know it's the only way to pay for it !!! Makes me wonder if these guys graduated high school

  3. TAX IT!! TAX IT!!! Drive the middle class into poverty. Wasn't one of the biggest reasons we broke away from the British Empire was due to taxation without representation. Half the taxes these idiots are proposing is just that. And of course, they won't have to pay it. it will fall on the shoulders of the middle class, no matter how much they try to say it is going to be on the rich. Anyone who believes anything they say is either naive or just stupid.

  4. Isn't Trump trying to change from the USA being the police of the entire planet? He wants to use money instead of troops to show power to other countries. I think all the moms would be in favor of that and dads too. How much blood must we spill?

  5. This women sold out the middle class and America for a buck !! Shame on you
    Laura!! You no better !! you are not dumb or a pawn … this madness with trump has to stop!!

  6. Trump needs to invite Robert DeNiro to his rallies so we can make fun of DeNiro. If he has the sack for it which he doesn't. Go get your shine box DeNiro. Yes, I'm talking to you.

  7. What are you talkin about. Obama was a terrible politician. He just happened to be at the right place at the right time people where sick of Washington and Bush.

  8. My only question out of all of this garbage is. If these democrats claim to be American then why are they upset about the terrifs in China unless of course they were in bed with China? Doesent sound very American to me.

  9. democracy dirty politics players! it is everywhere like that! Trump Fox's man will remain so! I'm for Fox, I'm for Trump …

  10. The Tax and Spend Mantra Over A Struggling American Population has to Stop.Elizabeth Warren.With All Due Respect to Your Suggestion of Even More Taxes on the American People. BAD Idea. !
    50% of All Americans can NOT even pay their Bills… 78% Of All Americans Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck.. And A Woping..Get This.. 50 Million Plus Americans are in Poverty ..with Rampant Homelessness in Every Major City.
    across America. This is a Clear Result of Horrendous Official Decisions Mismanagement and Corruption that has Proceeded The Trump Administration. Lets be Clear on that FACT. So Elizabeth Warren.. So m Much For Your Wealth Tax…. Extremely Out of Touch with the Socio Economic Facts. President Trump is looking to bring Back a Better Quality of Life… The Once True American Dream that should Be the Standard of the American Peoples Lifestyle NOT the Exception. He is in the Process of Doing it..
    by Cutting Taxes. of All Americans
    Curtailing Foreign Entanglements.
    bringing Manufacturing and Just Plane Old Jibs Back to the USA
    for Starters. .This is the Right Platform to Pursue. More …Not LESS d Disposable Income s Strengthens the Economy.. and the GNP… while MORE Tax and Spend Governmental funelling of theTaxpayers Disposable Income in to Government Spending.. Weakens The Economy. I hear The London School Of Economics is Taking Applicants Elizabeth Warren. What is Amazing.. to Me is Your incredibly Totally Out of Touch Ideas for Your Platform with
    regard to the Reality of People's Day To Day Financial Struggles of the General American Peoples Lives that is Exhibited By these Types of Platforms which Only Serve to Undermine Our Economy and Most of ALL…
    ERGO the American People.

  11. Close The Dam Border and Lock it Down indefinitely With a Moratorium For Entry For Anyone Until Such Time That All Americans Are Living The American Dream We as a Nation Were once Proud Of.

  12. Wait! If" Medicare for All" means medicare for those who can afford it, what about those who can't afford it. I thought Democrats always preach about the idea that Every American should be able to access medicare whether they can't afford it or not. So that means now only rich people can have access to medicare, and poor people cannot? I am confused. hahhahaha

  13. Remember when you was a kid and got in trouble with your dad, then you panicked and you started ratting out your two older brothers who got a pack of cigarettes under their bed? That's politics now. Put blinders on of your parties disfunct, and throw the others out to distract. That never worked for me,,,tattle-tail is what my mom called it. Why do we put up with this now?

  14. Even fox new pushing for tulsi gabbard
    Tulsi is a communist
    And a gun grabber
    She no different than the rest of the democrats
    Check her webpage it all there

  15. Considering everything that President Trump has accomplished so far, voters would have to be" out of their minds" to forfeit everything and elect a democratic president in 2020. God bless President Trump and let's give him 4 more years in the White House so he can accomplish even more. MAGA. Let's send those democrats packing in 2020.

  16. Every time democrats mention President Trumps name, they(the stupid democrats), move President Trump closer to winning a second term, in the White House. Keep on criticizing Trump, you jackass-dumbocrats, you are campaigning for Trump's second term in Office.

  17. Sorry Laura, I disagree Barack O'sissy wasn't smart however he was streetwise and cunning in terms on he had a knack for bulk SH*Ting the people and was able to take advantage of the divisiveness of the times and being a person of color didnt hurt either. He ran during a time when the country was ready and capable of accepting and embracing a black President. But we must remember this, a Cockroach can also be cunning

  18. Elizabeth Warren is a down right embarrassment to any party. The Warren's along with her hubby Bruce made over a million dollars last year. It's all about power and money. It always has been.

  19. Very well done. It might be pro america ,but everything is based on obvious proof that we can see and hear.
    Not leftards fake news .

  20. The rude Democrats never use good speaking rules and rudely interrupt the people they are speaking with. They are horrible listeners too. They are frothing at mouth with hate words. They have no manners or couth and will not get my vote ever.

  21. My state of Illinois is such a joke. Keep voting Democratic party dumbass moolinyans don't even know their own history in this city. Tattoos and food stamps for the shines.

  22. Who on Fox news besides Tucker actually ncriticized Trump when he striked Syria twice? You just cheerlead for Trump no matter what he does because it makes the left mad.

  23. From Europe. I must say.. you have one hell of a president. You must be proud.
    Love and support from Scandinavia ???

  24. It is obvious, to anyone with any intelligence, that the Democrat Party has no candidate in the race. The Communist/Socialist Democrat Party is where all of these candidates are residing. None of them has any chance of defeating the President. Now, Hillary is attacking Tulsi because she believes Tulsi is the only intelligent candidate in that gaggle of gabbling geese that call themselves candidates for the Democrat nomination. Ms. Gabbard therefore becomes the only possible obstacle to Clinton stepping in in the coming year to "save" the Communist Democrats from having no viable candidate to run against the President.

  25. Can we quit calling them Democrats and start calling them Communists? Because that is what they are except maybe Tulsi.

  26. The Americans have made themselves the world cop. The US took it on and now yet again they are backing out and leaving things in a mess. No different than what merica has done around the world forever!!
    The shelf life of this woman is quickly closing in. More make up less interesting and intelligent arguments, outdated articles! Same poop different shovel. You can see FOX giving the younger and better looking females more market share. Time to move on old girl……

  27. President Trump will always win it’s time for the rest to wake up and realize AMERICANS love him and the main reason, HE IS ALWAYS 2 STEPS AHEAD OF THEM BEFORE THEY EVEN THINK IT UP WOW ??AMERICA CHOOSE RIGHT WHEN WE CHOOSE TRUMP 2020

  28. Biden's kid Hunter showed up for 2 Ukraine energy board meetings and got $600,000 a yr.  He knows nothing about energy corps !!  He got kicked out of the US military for drugs.  What am I missing ????

  29. I pray for the day when Tulsi Gabbard realizes that she really is conservative and switches party's bc we need to be able to vote for her after Trump's 2nd term.

  30. Unbelievable, actually it is believable, President Trump has won all 4 of the leftists debates. Trump 2020, M.A.G.A., K.A.G.!!!

  31. Sanders and Warren will will be playing bingo in the extreme unlikelihood they ever make it to the White House! Tucker Carlson for President 2024!!

  32. What happened to the U S covering the Kurds back till we get out. That wasn't possible? I believe "leave no one behind" is the motto.

  33. This is a bit disingenuous. Yang was literally counter to every generalization mentioned. The only time they included him in a line of attack was about taxes. Of which his policy is wildly effective at actually raising the standard of living for every legal American citizen. The leftist media is willfully blind to this guy because of his intelligence and anti establishment approach but fox too? Come on, I can’t take this seriously.

  34. Perpetual war machine from the warmongers needs to stop…..wait they cant leave the war. Didnt they hate bush for starting a war…. the democrats seem like no matter what trump does. they will go against him.

    he can use that kind of power for some interesting things to do to them

  35. What is the REPUBLICAN HAWKS like LINSEY doing telling TRUMP to keep TROUPS in NORTHERN IRAQ OIL FIELDS. TRUMP sending TROUPS to SAUDI ARABIA, none coming home. Look at the MILITARY INDUSTRIES in the states of REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS, those politicians will always support the MILITARY COMPLEX and the wars that keep jobs in their states. GOD SAVE AMERICA.

  36. i love how fox news is an independed News agency, … not … is they american way of news there seems no objectiv news casting

  37. Great Angle,great economy,great President,great American's,Less war,so what's the problem? We are getting exactly what the majority voted for. What we should be worried about is who in heaven's name is going to be able to fill Mr. Trump's shoes in 5 years unless they give him back the 3 years they wasted, then we'd get 7 more years of……..Great.

  38. How exactly did all this economic growth in low unemployment occur??? conservatives answer that question please!!!!!

  39. Andrew Yang is smartest of them all. He has provided Jobs for thousands of Americans using his own money and that of his silicon valley buddies. No body else is addressing America's real problems. all contenders Except Sanders want to be President for the power. Yang is not power hungry (like Clinton – I wish she would just shut the hell up and go away) He is a true patriot. He understands America's problems and wants to resolve them. He gives you the facts whether you like them or not He is honest. The rest seem to be pretenders. He never attacks others on the debate stage. He only presents his own ideas. What fresh ideas!

  40. The last words, "impeachment is the only answer" is spot on. The Dems know it is the ONLY way they can get back the presidency. It's desperation. It's so obvious it's disgusting.

  41. How much is Warren & Biden's Net worth? According to The Networth Portal Warren is worth some 18 MILLION, Poor Joe is only around 900,000. Some say he is in the RED by as much. So, considering who's going after the so called wealthy, Warren appears to be as honest as she was about her ancestry. Just my thought. Wish some of the liberals would look a bit deeper than just blindly following.

  42. Uhh china is not our threat. Truth is the u.s government , cia, military industrial complex is the true biggest threats to each and every American and to the world.
    What Americans need most is someone who will unite us all instead of trying to divide us. True fact is both Republican party and Democratic party are both just way to compromised by corruption

  43. I love Ingrahams veiws straight forward no BS. MAGA 2020 keep it going, only president in years to do what he said he would do. One question to the Democratic Party. What voice told you to try and impeach the president?? Here’s something out of trumps play book dems ask the people what they want…

  44. America's founders WARNED against foreign entanglements. And god damnit if Trump isn't following their advice. He's turning out be a Constitutionalist in action, not just words.

  45. You shouldn't be saying anything about space when there are interesting videos that bring up a lot of questions about… Space… Like rocket hits dome… Now I know what you are thinking but you can't judge until you have watched it…

  46. I couldn't stop laughing when she showed the map. It's over for the Dems. They should have kept their crazies contained better.

  47. Please please please, I'm begging you. You need to go on the TV show named "the View". They are talking so much false smack about Trump and the presidency. You need to set them straight with facts. The same way I'm reaching out to you, I'm going to reach out to The View and suggest that you be on their show.

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