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  1. I say that all single men should ban together and boycott all dating websites and all women for a month. Would be interesting how women would react to that.

  2. Here's a list of Proctor and Gamble products:
    Always hygiene products
    Ariel laundry detergent

    Bounty paper towels

    Charmin bathroom tissue and moist towelettes

    Crest toothpaste

    Dawn dishwashing

    Downy fabric softener and dryer sheets

    Fairy washing up liquid

    Febreze odor eliminator

    Gain laundry detergents, liquid fabric softener, dryer sheets and dish washing liquid

    Gillette razors, shaving soap, shaving cream, body wash, shampoo, deodorant and anti-perspirant

    Head & Shoulders shampoo

    Olay personal and beauty products

    Oral-B inter-dental products

    Pampers & Pampers Kandoo and Luvs disposable diapers and moist towelettes. The 2014 Financial Report lists Pampers as Procter & Gamble's largest brand.[2]

    Pantene haircare products

    SK-II beauty products

    Tide laundry detergents and products

    Vicks cough and cold products

    Brands by product type


    Dawn dishwashing liquid

    Joy dishwashing liquid

    Gain dishwashing liquid

    Ivory dishwashing liquid

    Menstrual hygiene

    Always menstrual hygiene products

    Tampax tampons

    Whisper menstrual hygiene products


    Head & Shoulders shampoo

    Ascend hair care products

    Aussie haircare (shampoos/conditioners/styling aids)

    Braun hair care and grooming products

    Frederic Fekkai hair care products sold

    Head & Shoulders shampoo

    Nicky Clarke hair products

    Pantene hair care products (purchased from Hoffmann-La Roche in 1985)

    Vidal Sassoon haircare products (purchased in 1984 from Vidal Sassoon)

    Healthcare products

    Align probiotics

    Crest toothpaste

    Femibion (acquired from Merck Group)

    Fixodent denture adhesive

    Iliac/Nasivin (acquired from Merck Group)

    Scope mouthwash

    Metamucil laxative/fiber supplement (acquired G. D. Searle & Company in 1985)

    Neurobion (acquired from Merck Group)

    New Chapter dietary supplements[3]

    Pepto-Bismol over-the-counter drug for minor digestive system upset (acquired as part of Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals in 1982)

    Prilosec OTC (licensed from AstraZeneca)

    Sangobion (acquired from Merck Group)

    Seven Seas (acquired from Merck Group)

    Vicks cough and cold products



    Ace stain remover liquid

    Bounce fabric-softener sheet for dryers[4]

    Cascade dishwasher detergent

    Fairy (known as Dreft in the Netherlands) dishwashing liquid, toilet soap, household soap, laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent

    Febreze odor control

    Flash cleaning product

    Jar dishwashing liquid and dishwasher detergent

    Joy dishwashing liquid

    Mr. Clean household cleaners

    Puffs tissues

    Luvs disposable diapers

    A bar of Safeguard soap

    Safeguard antibacterial soap brand[5] marketed by Procter & Gamble, introduced circa 1965. Safeguard soap is marketed under the brand name Escudo in Mexico.[6]

    Tide detergents

    Swiffer cleaning products

    Laundry detergents

    Ariel laundry detergent

    Bold laundry detergent

    Bonux laundry detergent

    Cheer laundry detergent

    Daz laundry detergent

    Downy fabric softener

    Era laundry detergent

    Dreft laundry detergent

    Gain laundry detergent

    Ola laundry soap

    PMC laundry soap

    Tide laundry detergent

    Lenor laundry detergent

    Skin care

    Fresco bar soap

  3. Socialists use feminist movements to win their vote. They use the same tactic with illegal immigrants, when they praise them.

  4. 6:14 almost sounds like revolutionary Bolshevism; exactly like what Lenin had in mind of forcibly impementing via victimization tactics and propaganda

  5. Men need to accept who they are,but do that by being humble not broken down into some gender lump of mush.
    Men and women are created equal by God, it's time we start acting that way…..

  6. That's the reason me, a long time democrat supporter left the DEMONIC DEMOCRATIC PARTY once and for all. The DEMONIC DEMOCRATIC PARTY has become the party of division, racism and anti nationalism and anti patriotism. They promote gender warmongering, the hate for the U.S.A., GOD, Christianity and the exclusion of the heterosexual male and the destruction of the family by promoting and financing single motherhood which has caused a chaos and a catastrophe in the U.S. mostly in the African American community. The promotion, financing and the removal of fathers are the culprits of the mass incarceration rate of Black males thanks to the DEMONIC DEMOCRATIC PARTY which is the subsidiary of the communist party. A heterosexual male who supports the DEMONIC DEMOCRATIC PARTY is voluntarily castrating himself to please his communists marxists leninists masters. The communist idea of the "New Man" is the one being promoted and financed by the DEMONIC DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Communism, Marxism, socialism Leninism, Stalinism, liberalism, and neo feminism are mental disorders.

  7. Interesting… Women want the power until they get it…. then they dont realize how much they enjoyed the privileges of being a lady. Enjoy your equality as it will be your downfall

  8. I am a white conservative male..& this is why I no longer have anything to do with women..!!!! Wanna kick me out of the house..?? Fine , I'm gone…!!!!!!

  9. What’s crazy is that feminists are trying to use the fact of black people being marginalized and historically being enslaved to seperate themselves away from the crimes of white men,to make it seem like white men alone are the problem in an order to overthrow white men who they(Feminists) perceive to be at the top of the hierarchy when it comes to men and the so called “Patriarchy” just to climb to power. On top they are recruiting and exploiting the insecurities of black women to get them to join their movements which will not only further disenfranchise the black family unit but use it to increase their numbers as recruits for their army. But black women should understand that white feminism was never for them,they never cared about women of other ethnicities until they needed numbers. They were busy sitting at home with their white men and enjoying their privilege.White feminism was the white womans way of wanting more power from their husbands. White women not only participated in the enslavement of black people but they also benefitted from it and instigated many deaths of black men and women. They were never oppressed Infact they had more power than even men of other ethnic groups,but ingratitude is the female nature and women are playing a very dangerous game. Waging war on a gender that is not excellent in warfare,philosophy and everything we have in society on top of being more mentally and physically resilient can only backfire on women. You see what women do with power.

  10. Its part of the Cabal Agenda 21.! If the US people don’t wake up to this Agenda its all over for the US very very soon.!
    Oh by the way, .. the economic crisis is also on their Agenda 21 and coming soon. They are demolishing your country as well as the EU and the middle east.! .. Their NWO take over will come from what is left after these planned events, .. it won’t be pretty so wake up.!

  11. Most football players ARE bad people though and therefore deserve to be under suspect.  Anybody who says otherwise either never been around one or is a liar.

    With that being said, feminism is one of the worse organizations in existence and should be ended.

  12. It is just a well prepared cultural siege from the lefties supported by east. It will revive the right that was ashamed after ww2 and now ideologies will colide and everybody will loose except those who generade this….well…civil war

  13. I'll make sure to do as I do that's dress immaculately with a smart tie and help and smile and be a gentleman around these poor single woman who've maybe somehow fallen for this agenda against men . ??????❤️

  14. Hey ladies GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!! I have no use for emotional weak women!!! Why are 80% of divorces began by women!! This is stability???????????

  15. I have seen this demonizing of men for a while. It is going to have a very bad result on america. Someday the world is going to need the men they were so happy to get rid of. I'm glad I was part of a world where men still held some kind of value. None of the people that enjoy destroying the male population of this country have any clue as to how this country was built or how it is maintained. I hope it was worth it to them. Maybe the only recourse is for men to break away and start a new society free of reverse discrimination and gender hatred. Then who would the world blame for their problems? It's so easy to blame white men for everything because we have allowed ourselves to be leveraged into a corner where we cannot fight back.

  16. Well they destroyed the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts. This madness has to stop. For starters stop giving those people any attention. I blame 90% on the media for poisoning the airwaves.

  17. Wake up America…point 30 of the 1963 communist goals reads "Discredit the American Founding Fathers". The communists have been working on executing these goals for over 50 years. Look at academia, the legal profession and judiciary, the media, and the destruction of religion and the family. It's all in the 1963 Congressional Record stating their goals. Most have come to fruition.

  18. I guess it's a good thing for those bully people that there's men like me who defend against bullies but then again if I was a feminine man I wouldn't be able to defend that elderly person or the weak woman because you want me to be a weak man eating nuts

  19. Warren is a disgrace. She's that stupid, alienating almost half of your possible voting base is just the cherry on top of her power hungry run. Hope this sort of woke feminist politician crashes and burns.

  20. The rise and fall of free societies:

    1. Hard times create strong men.

    2. Strong men create good times.

    3. Good times create weak men.

    4. Weak men create radical women.

    5. Radical women create hard times.

  21. "As I became more and more feminist,” she told The Cut. “I think I got to a point where I was literally just straight up hating men. I just hated men, I wished all men would die.” – Emma Sulkowicz

  22. If you have A wife or girlfriend I`M SORRY YOU ARE BEYOND HELP,If you have A child with A female prepare for minimum 18 years of misery,if she is A dumbocrat then you need to buy A gun and practice aiming at your ear bcause you don`t stand A chance

  23. woman is mans worst enemy except black women who are hell on earth even nature knows this it gave then the smallest brain and the largest mouth in nature

  24. You should Try My Masculinity In the Bed before You Develop any Preconceived Notions of Granger Sweetie "! I won't Hurt You but I be Leaving You with a Memory You won't be Forgetting Honey Buns !!!?,,,,????

  25. Women only invented two philosophies: feminism and Randism. One is based on unconditional female self-interest, the other is based on unconditional individual self-interest.

  26. The Gillette ad was truly remarkable. It would be analogous to Ford reintroducing the Pinto, only to be marketed toward and sold to current and future Ford clients. I am now wet shaving with a Wilkinson Sword safety razor, no shave cream needed. The results are fantastic.

  27. The traditional family structure has worked for more than 5000 years. The results are there. And what great results does this new spine less society has provided.

  28. Thank you Laura for being the one only brave enough speak out on something that's been hidden and ignored for 50 years. Especially from the hateful Liberals.

  29. Feminism is eating its self as anything born from hate is doomed to consume its self,it’s coming and it will be EPIC!!!!!!
    Women demanded that transexuals are real women and now those transexuals are taking all the gold medals and breaking every single women’s sports records??????????

  30. If one thinks that having women in charge is going to be enlightening anti-bigotry, think again. Women will put the men of the past to shame with how steadfast they will rule the planet, thus keeping males underfoot, their foot…

  31. lets face it Feminists are Sexually Frustrated Physically and Mentally Un Attractive Women that are mad at White Men because Whitey didn't Pay any Attention to them. The Director made that Gillette Commercial she's a real piece of work Extreme Leftie Lisbo Feminist Hate demean White men every chance she gets. Why i dont buy Gillette or PG products anymore

  32. I hate to say it but it’s true the government has done it they have separated the sexes one of the first steps of the new world order only gonna get worse …

  33. 96% of women are overrated, over protected, over privileged, indecisive, evil, demonic, succubus, jezebel's. The other 4% is not, so to you 4%ers, don't be surprised when no man wants to look for you by risking exposing himself to the rest of the 96% that would oppress and persecute him because of emotionally charged vindictive spitefulness.

  34. Gateway Arch, Washington Monument, Hoover dam, Panama Canal, Golden Gate, Statue of Liberty, first airplane…just (literally) a micronic look at men's contribution to the world. And that's fine. We don't keep score. The men who built those things needed a good woman by their side to support them and complete them. We don't keep score, but some people do.

  35. What the left wants is easy victories, and by brainwashing children and demonizing men the seeds of darkness are implanted to imprison men, where all prisons start in the mind. The Feminists are unreal, they don't deserve anything, and they are not a separate species. I think of mom in moments like this, she wants me to succeed, and she is a woman. We see a world with a fantasy, that is at war with reality, and it is about power and money in politics to attack enemies that gain any visibility and voice, and it has nothing to do with society that is still there.

  36. Could be another contributing factor to the fact that middle aged white male suicide has skyrocketed. After all, we are all racist, and oppressive, and the one's to blame for all the bad things that have happened throughout history.

  37. I completely fast forwarded over MSNBC's Joy Reid's clip and wished I did with Warren. These racist and sexist women are crazy.

  38. E. Warren is 122% Wrong She state's We are not here because of Men Does she not have a Father an Mother or is She a Test Tube Baby

  39. Ingraham is the master of the knowing smirk, the insider wink, the bemused wonderment at the folly of all the fools and rogues that she must suffer.

  40. I won't vote for a woman President until I hear one advocating for mandatory registration for the draft for women. You want equality, there it is.

  41. Not here because of men…what about the men that fought for our freedom and died in wars…and most importantly the man Jesus Christ…also our Heavenly Father…these women need the Lord!!!

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