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  1. It is a shame that Alan Dershowitz had to try to educate Democrats on the US Constitution. Shouldn't they know a little about it BEFORE taking office and taking an oath to uphold it??????????????

  2. Nice graphics, catchy title but what if Bolton does testify – if Trump is innocent won't that confirm his innocence

  3. they claim that the republican vote dont count if trump wins …. gtfoh with that communist crap….when looking into a crime is treated as a crime , you are being ruled by communist left criminals…

  4. Hell yeah! Laura crushed the hell out of this show! She may have got one thing wrong, though. Today is the first day in a long time that didn't feel like Groundhog Day. So badass that our ladies showed up today with such powerful statements!

  5. Why assume Bolton is lying?

    Why is it beyond belief Trump is innocent.

    Its not just aobut the book, Bolton will testify under oath

    How much longer can Trump supporters live in denial

  6. John Bolton is good man not you like you people that will turn on your own because he or she decided to do something right for our country.

  7. Donald Trump told John Bolton that he wanted to freeze financial support to Ukraine until Ukrainian officials launched an investigation into the Bidens. Senior cabinet officials — including Attorney General Barr and acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney — were involved in the Ukrainian scandal. These allegations directly refute the White House’s impeachment defense. John Bolton deserves a chance to take the stand and tell the Senate and the American people about what he knows.

  8. Half of registered voters and a majority of independents think the Senate should convict President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial and remove him from office, according to a Fox News poll released Sunday. 

    Fifty percent told Fox News that Trump should be convicted and removed, and 44% said he should not. Registered voters' impeachment opinions largely fell along party lines, with 81% of Democrats favoring the president's removal and 84% of Republicans opposing it. Independents said Trump should be removed by a nearly 20-point margin, with 53% in favor of conviction and 34% opposed.

  9. Watching your Comedy Show in Australia.The Impeachment is funnier than most cartoons.Very puzzled why Governments exist if they aren’t there for the people.LMHO.

  10. I called my senator and left Pat Toomey a nice message to end this ridiculous show oh even said the dems must be bored we are we are tired of this witch hunt i told him Schiff Pelosi Nader all need to get new jobs!

  11. Dear Rat Bastard Dems.
    1. Stupid is as Stupid Does.
    2. You can't Fix Stupid.
    3. Liars, Liars, pants on Fire

  12. Yeah, book means nothing, so lets get the witnesses to hear what they have to say eh? Am I right? Right? What? Whose Bolton? You already forgot? Dawww

    Laughable how everyone immediately turns on their own once Trump lets them go, fires them, or says anything bad about him that's damning.

  13. So Donald Jr makes Philippines-Indonesian Sunny Leon garden of eden version for their Asia-Europe trade/commerce upon OBOR-One Belt One Road of Eurasia. It's SCAM and REBELLION against UNGA International Regulations and EXPLOITING International Nations Border Lines.

    Serious consequences will be face from Queen🕎🇬🇧Great Britain Kingdom rule and HER Commonwealth assets.
    Geneva Commonwealth,
    New York Commonwealth will be summoned for the accountability of ThroneJewels. KING🤴🏻Great🇬🇧Britain for Queen👸🏻🤴🏻👸🏻. Okay😡.

  14. Say what you want about Bolton but he's a true conservative unlike the trumptards he believes in American dominance on the world and if he says that this president is a danger to our country you better believe him

  15. Now Every crackhead in America wants higher wages since crackhead Biden was making 80,000 dollars a month twisting the pipe

  16. Spin spin spin! Just more pro-Trump Propaganda from Fox News. How many of you Trump supporters have whined about there not being any first-hand witnesses? Well, Bolton is one. He's going to testify, either before the Senate or Congress.

  17. Ahhh yes, like a hungry crocodile, the criminal media will bite at anything.

    We would love to have you here in Iowa Laura. We're tired of getting insulted by these Democrats.

  18. I fear this is the end of trump. he got too cocky. I knew his big mouth would get him in trouble. Sucks because I think he has been doing a great job.

  19. We don’t have to believe bolton but trump and the house are arguing about reality. If trump is being honest, he should want everyone to testify and exonerate him. I don’t know honest men who don’t want their own friends/appointees to testify and exonerate them. Also the impeachment isn’t because he withheld aid. It’s because he ordered witnesses to ignore congressional subpoenas and hide evidence, obstruction. Also abuse of power because he tried to get a political favor and spread a rumor about his rivals in exchange for releasing aid that belonged to them anyway. If we step out of our party bubble, it looks bad.

  20. John Bolton, trust this devil from Builderberg group and a wicked freemason / war mongering and you’re not too bright. Glad to see this Republican deep state Rat is irrelevant and not in the White House. This guy is as trustworthy as a rabid wolf. I have No interest in putting one penny into this wicked mans pockets.

  21. RINOs posturing is bad enough but you know it's more than that. Those criminals were involved. Check their finances. They are knee deep in the corruption with the dems and are just trying to cover their butts.

  22. Your reporting is so on par…total enjoyment to hear the truth spread out. Thank you, kind lady, for your keen insight and a chance to breathe easier.

  23. The DEfense lied several times, there among the withhold of aid during obama, it was international agreed upon, please do some research,

  24. Who cares this idiotic impeachment is affecting regular shows on television overall. STOP this political insanity. These politicians are all just actor’s in a play they created to deceive the people.

    John Bolton, trust this devil from Builderberg group and a wicked freemason / war mongering and you’re not too bright. Glad to see this Republican deep state Rat is irrelevant and not in the White House. This guy is as trustworthy as a rabid wolf. I have No interest in putting one penny into this wicked mans pockets.

  25. John Bolton had a score to settle. They got the Bobmbers they got their money. Bolton you digusting to try & use this to get @ the President. Trump did the right thing to get to boot. You have shown you not trust worthy sorry

  26. The Democrats by pushing their false narrative about Trump seeking political gain are certainly making a case for exposing Creepy Joe's corruption in excruciating detail. the Dems are so stupid. They had a chance to walk away from this and having it never see the light of day but they kept pushing.

    Fine then. I guess to clear the President, every minute detail of Joe's corruption will need to see the light of day to the point were the DOJ will have no choice but to start criminal investigations into Creepy Joe and others about the embezzlement of American aid money from Ukraine and other countries by American politicians.

    Certainly we need to build a gallows at the Supreme court steps and start convicting and hanging from the neck until dead these criminals that would sell the country that was so good to them down the river so that they could line their pockets with our tax dollars. Firing squad? Where do I sign up to be a rifleman?

  27. We didn't GIVE Ukraine missiles ; we gave them money & they gave it to the US Military Industrial Complex. I'd be pissed off if Mexico or Mexico joined the Warsaw Pact, Russia likely feels the same about NATO on their border.

  28. Romney's foreign and top adviser, Joseph Cofer Black, was on the Board of Burisma with Hunter Biden. So of course he doesn't want to see Hunter testify, but he's playing with fire to call for Bolton to testify. Romney was an attack dog against Republicans to get the nomination, then turned into a lamb against Obama. He laid down. His hardest hitting action against Obama was perhaps his most insidious, claiming Russia as our greatest threat, letting Obama look ignorant, and got Republicans puffing their chests, using reverse psychology to turn them into chickenhawks. This gave Obama cover to start proxy wars with Russia in Lybia, Syria, and the Ukraine, as well as to fake the dnc server hack and use that as an excuse to throw Russian diplomats out of America, and make Russia an enemy again.

  29. The con is there using your tax money to try to change your mind about trump the scam is on you your paying for it!

  30. Dear USA,
    If you are going to continually complain about overseas defense spending….Please F%$K off back to your own country.

  31. Yes or no did Trump say his father was born in Germany when in fact he was born in NY? And Laura you keep saying the same BS that has been disproven a million times.

  32. What I love about this impeachment trial is that Donald Trump could shoot Greta Thunberg with a crossbow through the head and the Republicans and the Senate will still acquit.

    I love the way Trump gets away with it. All that nepotism, corruption, adultery and borrowing to prop up the economy is fantastic. And I love the way he hates people who are not white. TRUMP2020

  33. Germany is paying, just…500 Mio € in 2019 to palestinian president for life Abbas, following 540 rocket launched against Israel in three days (who knows how they could afford the weaponry? – Merkel knows).And to make it worse: This 500 Mio € to the entity that aftwards coul launch 540 rockets in 3 days is told to Germans to be "restitution payents for descendants of Holocaust victims".

  34. Shocking, bombshell, game changer, that,s what the fake news media always say to the fools who listen to them. What's Bolton going to say? Absolutely nothing.

  35. Bolton don't even know how to grow a decent mustache. Ughhh Do you think I can believe him about anything else. He's just a Nasty Old Warmonger That will Answer to God Almighty

  36. Collins Romney, malkowski should all resign, you and you alone have made a laughing stock out of being Republicans plus YA’ll get nothing accomplished, u are now the 3 little pigs,

  37. Well this is not the first time someone has lied about President Trump to sell a book, it will happen again during his second term as well.

  38. Here is the thing. People [and specifically the press] are looking at the Republicans who may migrate over to the other side [primarily Romney] during the vote to extend this impeachment hearing.
    But the focus should be on the Democrats who are in weak (purple) States.
    Democrats that aren't vested in some kind of (tit for tat) with in their own State, let alone their district, should be worried. This means their job is on the line.
    (Some) Americans are watching this, and watching it closely. America just wants the United States to continue to go in the direction we are headed in right now.

    (My own) conclusion for the [primarily] freshman Democrats. If you think your district is in trouble, do what is in the BEST interest for the United States.
    Dragging America through a costly impeachment, that the ending was already forecasted before it even started, wasn't and isn't in America's best interest.

    Freshman Democrats, and Dems who haven't got their districts in their pockets should pay attention.
    They have to win over their consistences, or face unemployment. This doesn't mean they have to loose to a Republican. If I was an up and coming politician and wanted to through my hat in the ring, I would go to one of these weaker districts (as a Democrat) and shake the box up.

    Again I'm just "Thinking Out Loud."

    Never Forget where these lifer politicians have taken our country. Now we are getting it back on track. Let's keep the momentum going.
    Never Forget Benghazi !

  39. you want to tell me somebody accuse trump of something with a 100 people proofing it and Republicans get into their selective state of ..see no evil hear no evil with a note that says call them when Hillary return to the forefront. So we can continue to dig into her….smh

  40. Not another game changing bomb shell that has nothing to it. It will be a joke by next week. Bolton is and always will be a snake. He will send your children to die in a useless war and do it over and over again.

  41. Pelosi waited obe month to sent the impeachment articles to the Senate because of this Bolton manuscript. The timing was coordinated with the Vindman twin at the NSC.

  42. #1 Trump did sell missiles to Ukraine right after he found out about the whistle blower.
    #2 Trump met with Zielenski long after the funds were released. The "invitation" was…"feel free to call". So I can ask you for a "favor tho" before I
    agree to a meeting. No date was set…this was a way to have a "perfect phone call" with him.

    #3 The whole "Drug deal" fell apart before Zielenski went to the press about investigating Biden. Zielenski was scheduled to talk to the press

    about investigating Biden, but Trump got caught before the plan was hatched.
    #4 What is Zielenski going to say…that he was pressured? He knows the sitting president wouldn't give him jack after that.
    If he wanted to investigate the Bidens, there are proper channels for that. Not Rudy running around doing under the table deals.
    Americans…Ingraham is such a hack and sooo transparent. Wake up and stop drinking this cool aid.

  43. The hype is probably real..
    So are whistle blowers..
    With so many 1st & 2nd hand whistle blowers, why can't
    "Edward Snowden" come home with a pardon?
    Am i the only one who "Flips the bird" at my cellphone, Just for sitting on the table? {Someone spying might see it..and take offense}

  44. Just to show everyone how legendary Trump is, virtually every deep state shill who were rejected or fired by Trump got so mad that they either wrote anti-trump books or launched a special investigation on him

  45. what if he did hold the money back to get the ukraine to investigate criminal behaviour?id say good.and vote trump in 2020.if they actually find a way to impeach ill still vote trump.ill write him in for the rest of my life

  46. Jeffy 'FLAKEY' Flake; about time the corrupt SOB's name surfaced—-Deep State for sure; the Coriolis Effect sucked him down the drain with a BIG WHOOSH and Gurgling Sound !

  47. Ok so since none of the things happened Trump should be cleared right. And Javelins sales make his corrupt practices ok?? Oh I forgot facts dont matter. The points she is making are cherry picked arguments. How can you possibly say that the Dems just said we will ignore all the so called good things he is doing and just charge him because we dont like him?? This argument is so absurd I actually had a hard time even writing it. I'm no fan of any of these Folks but Bolton is believable especially over Trumps lies. Please!

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