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  1. Didn't ''Barry'' Say That Trump would Need A Magic Wand..To get Jobs Back? ….Looks Like Trumps A Wizard with A Huge Wand…Ask Stormy !!!

  2. Well said Laura Ingram. President Donald Trump is an economic genesis. Give credit where it's due. Had the Democrats won USA would have tanked.God bless you all God bless America God bless you Laura.

  3. Only the new Republican party (Trump Cultist) could claim an 800 Billion dollar increase in the national debt is a good thing and the economy is the best ever. Wonder who is going to pay for Trump and his friend's tax breaks. We know Trump never pays his debts. My how the new Republican party goosesteps to their leader's insanity. Very sad indeed. Trump has even got his talking bimbo to tell everyone how he said the USA from financial ruin. What next are we going to see in this circus? Republicans are supposed to be smart and financially savvy. What happened?

  4. oh yes that black man said there was more employment during slavery , living in the past as every black teaches there sons and daughters .      WE HAD IT .

  5. It's so much fun to see how crazy the right gets about Obama's strong economy that trump is riding on the coattails of. Drives them all crazy to the point that they lie and make pretend the data doesn't exist.

  6. Bloom burger doesn't give you the right on his u tube to comment…….. I guess he doesn't want to hear how everyone can't stand his view.

  7. The Census data contradicts Trump's claim Wednesday that inequality is declining under his administration after he pushed tax cuts and other policies that disproportionately rewarded the wealthiest Americans.

    "Wages are up, and inequality is down," Trump said during a press conference following the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York. "Something that people don't like writing about."

    Wages have increased slightly in recent years. But, according to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), "nominal wage growth has been far below target in the recovery."

    Donna Ginther, an economist at the University of Kansas, echoed that point in response to the new Census data.

    "We've had a period of sustained economic growth, and there are winners and losers. The winners tend to be at the top," Ginther told USA Today. "Even though we are at full employment, wages really haven’t gone up much in the recovery."

  8. Obama didn't do nothing but create mystery in this country and sell it off to the foreigners and get rich overnight with his so-called wife Michael

  9. I didnt get a tax cut. Nor anyone that I know. Who did give these tax cuts to? I pay the same exact i have for a decade now…exactly the same

  10. TDS stage two, Trump Denial Syndrome where the left takes credit for things they said would never happen under our President. DESPICABLE!

  11. Well you must know and understand your enemy , so i watch NANCY.P getting interviewed by a CNN host in germany she basicly said shes very proud to have so much diversity in the democrat party if that means communist commazar's takeing over and pushing out moderates shes got that right.What she fails to see is the democrat voters wont vote at the very least or theyll vote TRUMP and not tell anyone because the democrates are sleepwalking into the abyss of N.W.O. TYRANNY. They represent the deep ,dark state where we are looked at as expendable income earners and nothing else.If AMERICA FAILS and THE DEMOCRATES WIN then ISRAEL WILL FALL NEXT and the west will finally be consumed to the ridiculously rich 1% club of rome iron fisted control mechanism , AGENDA

  12. Did prices go up when the cuts were made? I'm always having people say that because I'm for our President and now I'm curious what everyone thinks..

  13. Is it considered “employment” if you were a slave? I thought employment was when you got PAID TO WORK? Did slaves get PAID? I don’t think so.

  14. 51% of Americans are uniformed, uneducated, and just down right dumb. Hopefully 4 more years will get that number significantly lower.

  15. Hmm,
    Great reporter and i'm love it.
    And support it fully out.
    But Sarah, Lora, Martha, thats is nanny different names.
    Maybe Someone can help me (from faraway North) out here.

  16. Obama raise the hopes and dreams of the Democrat voter and then forgot about them. He was a success only to Michelle and his children because they got to move into a white house. Are we better off now four years later.? It may be so.

  17. So Obuma didn’t do much. Bush gets credit for his first three years and Dems already want to replace Obamacare with Medicare for all. Based on his own logic, he sure didn’t do much of anything.

  18. Actually no president should take credit for the economy. It's totally cyclical and amounts to grandstanding. Will trump take credit for the inevitable decline (all markets decline) I think not. Get real Ingrahm even your own family has disowned you as a loon.

  19. Вы, американцы, очень, очень глупы. Президент Путин СОБСТВЕННЫЙ ваш идиот президент Трамп

  20. Even when you dem shitheads have it so good you still moan what did you dem shitheads do to help the last three years..NOTHING.Obama my arse…

  21. President Trump is the best president in modern history. Facts don't lie only the demon Democrats and corrupt media do. They know they can't win in 2020 so they have to lie about the economy LOL. WWG1WGA Trump 2Q2Q

  22. My 401k, through employment lost money last year and I have no say so with investment matters. Not the "angle" I'm looking for Laura.

  23. That's funny Obama I went into chapter 13 and lost my 410 k because of your economic. And since 2016 it got nothing but better for my family. You lose Obama.

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