Ingraham: A tale of two leaders

Ingraham: A tale of two leaders

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  1. No Nancy the house did not impeach anyone, only the Senate can Impeach a President… You on the other hand have cost the American taxpayers millions for the most ridiculous circus ever.

  2. I would be embarrassed to be lying so bluntly in front of millions in the USA or billions of people around the world…Nancy doesn't have a clue how this is going to fall back on her and the democrats…I feel she kind of feels or knows that it will…She seems so lost and incoherent…I feel some compassion for her…I would not want to be in her shoes…

  3. So the dems changed the rules in the house just to force an unconstitutional impeachment. But when it comes to the Senate oh now everyone must play by the rules???? Gtfoh Nancy! They have turned our house of Representatives into a t.v. show and a comedy one at best. It's a disgrace how they have been allowed to change the rules and turned what should be serious business into the laughing stock of the world. New rules should be put in place that state the rules of both house and Senate cannot be changed without the consent of 90% of the representatives physical vote being documented and must always be bipartisan and follow the constitution at the current time.

  4. There is not a single HIGH CRIME or HIGH MISDEMEANOR anywhere to be found in the articles of impeachment, THEREFORE THEY AREUNCONSTITUTIONAL.  Unless the Senate DISMISSES the whole impeachment as such, it is allowing Pelose, Schiff and Nadler to TRASH THE CONSTITUTION, is LEGITIMIZING THIS WHOLE UNCONSTITUTIONAL CROCK, and is SETTING PRECDENT for every future president as well as Trump in his second term to be impeached for nothing but wearing the wrong color of socks.  So if McConnell truly does want to be sober and do what is best for this country, he will SEE TO IT that this impeachment is DISMISSED ON GROUNDS OF BEING UNCONSTITUTIONAL and see to it that Trump is CLEARED of EVERYTHING just as if no charges were brought in the first place.  This would also slap down Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler and show them to be the incompetent oafs that they are, and leave them no recoursebut the courts where they would get slapped down yet again. 😎

  5. PEACH FOR iMPEACHMENT.. i DIDNT CATCH IT… laura is so good… wait until Pelosi has black on.. Laura will tell us its for the DEMSels in distress funeral…. hope it comes soon..

  6. Pelosi and her cabal will hopefully go home and pray for themselves because I have a feeling Trumps lawyers are going to eat their lunch!

  7. I’m so sick of the dems! This will NOT help them win an election!
    Hillary, Obama and the Biden’s have committed some serious crimes But Pelosi would rather play games, trying to win in Nov 2020
    We The People voted for Trump and we will vote for him in Nov
    The dems will Never be in power ever again! NOT IN MY LIFETIME

  8. Yes Nancy Pelosi today will go down in history does the day the leader The Thao speaker of the Democrat Party proves herself to be nothing more than a jackass and a joke nice way to sign out because when this is all over your history b**

  9. What a very sick presentation of TRUTH and JUSTICE, with the signing of this fraudulent impeachment. This day will surely live in infamy against these COUP conspirators who abused the power given to them with fraud and a manufactured FALSE WITNESS to remove a duly elected president. A False witness that is surely TREASON , a defamation of character of your President and leader of the free world by the obstructionist democrats. Truth was revealed with [the releasing of the transcript by President Trump, and the following communication by the Ukraine president] this truth exposed the manufactured PARODY OF LIES BY ADAM SCHIFF, And then not corrected by the Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi. Thus supporting this FALSE WITNESS TO THE NATIONS AND THE WORLD, THIS EQUALS ACCOUNTABILITY< AND JUSTICE. I trust the integrity of the Senators will dismiss the articles of impeachment, counting the articles as not meeting the standard of your own constitution. (No evidence, facts of truth, that even warrants a trial.) God Bless America and keep her safe from political bias and corruption from those in positions of authority that manufacture an insurance policy of lies. SHALOM AMERICA SHALOM

  10. Maybe Nancy can stick one of those golden pens up her………maybe we need to know who purchased those pens and the cost…and more importantly, who paid forthem………

  11. I wonder Laura if you know that your broadcast is being pirated every time you publish it on television….There are many of these pirated copies of your Show on YouTube. Many are edited , and cut so that it does not reflect your true points. I believe that this practice violates your copyrights and you should have your lawyers looks in to this…. Also this may be an example of how the Google Company is disrupting your real message and attempting to mitigate the power of your messaging.

  12. Democrats are against Trump because they do not want progress, they are anti America, they truly are our enemy.

    Trump has brought back the greatness of America, why wouldn’t all Americans love that???

  13. While Trump and his team have worked so hard for American, what did Pelosi and her team contribute good thing for American? By election in 2020, American will judge who is right

  14. Lev Parnas says Trump

    'knew exactly what was going on' with Ukraine pressure campaign.

    That’s what United States Ambassador to EU Gordon
    Sondland said.

    “the drug deal”

  15. There is NO CRIME, there is not even a misdemeanor, completely the opposite of Clinton, who was charged with perjury, lying to a grand jury. He was also charged with obstruction of justice. One of the articles of impeachment of Donald Trump is obstruction of Congress which is bogus and not an impeachable offense. This is lunacy.

  16. Fox News blond she must be telling the truth and she must be so intelligent! All the Christian man say she is the bomb. What intelligent words come out of her mouth? It doesn't really matter they don't listen they only wonder what could go into her mouth. Don't let Mama catch you touching yourself while you watch the news. Christian raise children upstairs asleep while daddy watches Fox News and jacks off.

  17. Angle Ingraham May want to check with you tube find out why they took down your response and report when CNN got shot down by air plane pilot in the hall at the Senate before she made it in the door told him that he was a hack for The left thay took it down on my end
    The full Show 01/16/20 Trump Breaking Fox news so she called the reporter A hack for the left so what that's true Not not aggressive are vulgar so what's the point youtube
    Why did you delete it is that not News
    It says taken down due to copy rights of Glins Wald what the hell

  18. Unfortunately Pelosi’s party’s followers don’t understand trade deals.
    They only understand “orange man bad.”

  19. Progress for the American People…really Nancy speak for yourself, I'm an American I don't agree, so don't speak for me!!! You and your Dem friends are a joke! You make our country look bad!!
    🎉🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP"2020"🇺🇸🇺🇸🎉

  20. You all should to use that money you keep wasting on your failed state oh I mean to fail States New York and La the Run by Freaks

  21. Democrats are so solemn they couldn't wait to give each other high-fives and special pens made for souvenirs, smiling all the way to the bank…Democrats will rue the day they started down this path because in doing so they've effectively alienated any non-socialist from supporting them

  22. we need a human resources in the white house. like the warehouse jobs when your entrance card doesn't work after holiday. you dont have a job anymore.

  23. We’re going to have an Impeached President as our President for 4&3/4more years.She does NOT speak for over 150million American Patriots.She’s speaking only to the mentally inept Dems.This is going to come back to BITE THEM!!!
    Looked like a Funeral Procession.
    IMPEACH 45 witch will continue to have an impeached President as HER PRESIDENT for the next 4&3/4 years!!!

  24. I wonder why the title doesn't say "Titular Leader." Speaking of that, much of the Obama disaster was and still is very much her fault. Remember the hate-fueled lower life form working up a sweat bouncing up and down like a mindless Jack-in-the-box while that anti-America loudmouthed tool of The Low read and yelled the lies in his first "State of My realm" babble…

  25. The Republicans are finally forced by "Pelosi's Solemn Tantrum" (ROTFL) to do something other than deliver eloquent indictments on TV. Maybe…. let's wait and see some (surprising) action on The Low's crime wave.

  26. she's religious and she prays for the president every day… and now she will make history. Nancy, come on! people know that you are a hypocrisy woman.

  27. Geez, Pelosi. When the greatest legacy, gift, best thing for the American people you can leave or do, is just leave! Retire.

  28. LOL…Nancy needed here Amazon order to arrive…."Paul Revere's ride! The Pen's Have Arrived! The Pen's Have Arrived!"…LOL

  29. and to you people commenting on here is there anything else in your vocabulary other than insulting and calling people names all republicans everywhere will soon receive their due karma.

  30. We don't no if they had enough evidence to open the investigation for impeachment. All of a sudden the whistle blower isn't testifying, I believe the whistle blower wasn't enough to even start the investigation, but they did anyway. Make them prove they had enough to open the investigation.

  31. Fox news misses Sheppard Smith. Fox used to be something I could watch but they've gone overboard. Putin might as well be writing their scripts. Embarrassing that a major network lets Russian trolls on television. Hey Fox viewers, try switching the channel for one day. You just need a little dose of reality. These treasonous loons are dividing this country for the whole world to see. Trump did it but he's going to walk. He will be in the next election because politicians are spineless. Pelosi did a great job. you'd never know it because Fox would NEVER say anything about her. If she rescued a baby from a burning building they would report that she's so inept she couldn't save the dog. Anyhoo… I used to enjoy Fox, it was funny but now they are literally doing our enemies work for them. Dividing us.

  32. Nancy needs to clean up her own backyard district after which If there's one tent found anywhere on the streets in the bay area she goes to Alcatraz until it's all cleaned up.

  33. We're supposed to look le other way–because, le economy es good. 45 has committed crimes. This type of behavior must be addressed with rigor.

  34. Evil is defined as the quality of being morally bad or something that causes harm or misfortune. An example of an evil is discrimination.

  35. What?! No Pomp and Circumstances playing in the background?
    Looks like the after lunch, kindergarten bathroom lineup.
    Nadler should be first… diaper change takes time.
    And Schiff second. Constipated look on his face is a tell.

  36. Hey Laura! Why don't you cover the orange stain SELLING US TROOPS to ME countries (among others). And then tell us all about the orange stain saying he wants to pull the US out of other people's endless wars. Yeah. I bet you don't have the balls Laura. And wipe your chin. You've got some orange goo on it.

  37. The House needs to be limited by requiring a two thirds majority vote to impeach a president. All parties involved should also be allowed to call any witnesses they choose.

  38. Laura are recorded Friday's show great job thank you but you've got to get rid of that Leo guy he is one freaking fool

  39. Can these people please just give the facts without letting their personal biases come through. And the snide insults? Shameful. This is why people should research things for themselves and not trust these networks to give them unbiased facts.

  40. Hey Laura is your favorite Guest Chris Idiot Hahn gonna be a Democrap Manager in the Sham impeachment trial ? Do yourself a favor and kick that imbecile to the curb …………. please

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