Infernal Fellows

Infernal Fellows

*Zabójstwo poprzez teleporter* *Kolejne zabójstwo poprzez teleporter* Nie tylko ty Chris! 😀 Zrobiło mi się trochę wilgotno 1 kontra 5 i wygrałem. Kto myślał że się uda? Słodka szarża gościu *Niebieski Żołnierz strzelił we mnie, co też popchnęło mnie w dół, dając mi wystarczającej szybkości by dostać obrażenia od upadku* To po prostu działa! Że co? (Wyjebistym efektem) TO PO PROSTU DZIAŁA! *Demoman* Dobrze że już tego nie pamiętam. *Dziwne dźwięki* Myśl szybko! Co zrobię? Oh, ja wiem! *Tego tak naprawdę nie da się przetłumaczyć* To było zabawne. Spookd (taki nick ma JUUD0LF) to było świetne. *Efekt cieknięcia* *Ironia* W ogóle nie brzmi to wkurzająco jak huj 😀 Że co? Najwidoczniej hitbox’y kuli ze Smoczej Furii są tak duże i/albo spieprzone tak że mogą trafić cię kiedy jesteś centralnie za Pyro. *Brak metalu* Lubię “Cieplny Ciąg” To się robi nie zręczne… Czekaj minutę… Nawet nie mów… *Wkurzone-paniczne-pisanie.exe* Jesteś pewien że wybrałeś właściwego? Kiedy wyrzucasz oszusta, patrz na zdjęcia profilowe. Mogą ci pomóc w rozpoznawaniu tej osoby, którą chcesz wyrzucić kiedy idziesz przez listę głosowania, zwłaszcza wtedy kiedy oszust ma “bota to zmieniania nazw” który zmienia jego imię na imię losową osobę z twojej drużyny.

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  1. Okay, seriously.
    Some TF2 player saying "remove random crits", but look at two clips, starting at 1:56.
    he is completely fine with those things, which are essentially the same as random crits.

  2. How do you that to your weapons where the model goes down in your screen which makes your view a lot more wide? I need to have that ;-;

  3. 4:57 First med pack spawn after you die and now med pack disappear before you die

    Or maybe a spy took it

    Who hate spy when they there are like 120 health and your on fire with 7 health and they took your health back and Amo

  4. Funny story here, JUUD0LF.

    Was on 2fort doing casual. I was on RED and all of the sudden, I saw another person with my name on. But they were on BLU. So when people started to call for me getting voted off, they realized that they were two separate people on.

    That and my emblem was the Decepticon logo…his was a NOPE.avi

  5. 11:22 Ik the feeling JUUD, on a time i was playing a game called barotrauma, its a game where it need teamwork, or you submarine will get fucked up, and then, i was the captain of the crew, and the game have a option of have a funny mode of one of the person from the crew is a traitor, just like T.T.T game, but the server i was playing didnt have one, and then it joined a guy in the server, he picked the security and spawned in the same room i was, but then, he picked his bat and stunned me and while i was fainted, he cuffed me and pick my clothes and ID card, (Yes you can disguise as other people and kill them, and if they read your name and you have an ID card of someone else, it will show the other guy name.) and then, after he stunned me and everything, he put his sec clothes on me and ID card, and then he suffocated me by putting a dive mask witouth air tank. And then he was killing everyone, i was new in the game, so i didnt notice that i was using the chat that only people thats near of you can hear, or when youre dead only the dead ones can see i think. I tried to tell everyone that it wasnt me, but they didnt ser it, and i got kicked. After a time i get to the same server and the preople were asking for i forgive them, and they said that they kicked the troller after me.

  6. 11:26 That's what happened to me, I got votekicked when some random hacker was sniping a lot of people. A person accused me of cheating since the hacker impersonated my name, yes we had different pfp's, but the people in that game I was in, they were impatient to figure out the hacker indeed. They made an unforgiving mistake when I was playing during a situation.

  7. 11:25 ooooh i know it. One son of a b*tch changed name to my name. And my team was total kids and they did nothing (my english is gud)

  8. The time where you said it was 1 v 5 was actually 2 v 5

    If you didn't see it there was another pyro-


  9. 5:50 I want more people like Point Blank, he admired a cool trick and congratulated the person who did it…

  10. Namebot apparently likes my name because it has happened to me twice just to have the real hacker kicked.

  11. oh hey Juudolf if you like the thermal thruster, try picking up detanator jumping, it doesn't have accidental bunnyhops that kill you 🙂

  12. I've had that last one happen to me before (not the first time being on a time or against a team with a script kiddie, just the first rare time someone using a namebot). Thankfully, the one who called the vote was smart enough to see that the guy who stole my name didn't have my devilishly handsome face next to his name.

  13. I was playing some good casual on the ol' Turbine when i see a Sniper trying to kill people.
    He didnt got any kill.

    Because there was an window between him and the player.

  14. bruh your right i hate cheating
    you need to change the name account befor you cant kick on this game

  15. 2:00
    They started to turn around so you backstabbed them, but honestly, I have no idea where their body went…
    Awesome vid btw!

  16. В чем смысл писать название на русском а в видео говоришь на английском

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