Indie Game News: Tycoon and Business Management Indie Games – December 2017

Indie Game News: Tycoon and Business Management Indie Games – December 2017

Hello Indie Game Lovers, Nerds and Nerdettes
my name is Feniks and this is the Indie Game News. Today we look at Tycoon genre. Please take your time and stay focused for
next few minutes as always you can find all the relevant links in the video description. Okay, updates of already existing games: Airport CEO is back with Alpha 23 it is quite
a big update and brings a lot new content to the game. We will see several improvements to the way
routes and fuel is handed now, some more pathfinding improvements and optimisations, better fonts
for smaller resolution for all you crazy laptop gamers and many more. From new features we will see new job task
overview panel to help you get better sense of workforce supply and demand, new Highlight
System that allows you to see what person or objects interact with one another. New aircraft model the Airbus and new graphics
for Service Truck and vehicle stock management panel to help you manage your on ground fleet. Epic Tavern introduces new Harvest Update. We will see new Quest chains The Dark Rift
and No Rest for the Wicked both introducing new creatures, loot and adventures. Developers improved character management with
new stance choices: Aggressive, Balanced and Cautious. That begin larger push towards more meaningful
choices during quests. We will see some improvements to equipment
UI and functionality We will see some improvements to make game
more beginner friendly. Introducing training wheels to ensure users
use all their skills in first 20 turns of combat building a habit of it. We will see clarification of objectives and
more clarity during start of a turn, spending action points and we will see tweaks to tooltips
and pop-ups. Apart of that developers start to focus on
extending gameplay time and keeping players engaged. Epic Tavern released on 13th of September
and after initial mix reception now sits at comfortable 72% positive review score out
of nearly 80 reviews submitted. This Grand Life is back with Alpha 2 introducing
Education Loans so you can enjoy paying back your student loan for the rest of your life
not in virtual life too. We will see addition of factory and Engineering
career path with it’s own location and education options. Additionally there are now eew transport options
including small car and scooter. Transport will now see varible speed and maintenance
cost. You will also no longer be able to sell transport
while driving it. We will see also changes to the way auctions
work to handle house flipping tricks people discovered that were unbalanced. This Grand Life released on steam Early Access
on 23rd of October and so far achieved 96% positive review score. Production Line has seen quite a few updates
this month. November was started off with addition of
electric and hybrid cars. Developer added ability to research those
vehicles in the game, improved graphical animations for generators and transformers and fixed
some GUI issues. Later that month we have seen many more GUI
improvements, added feature for supply stockpile it now needs import priorities. We will see improved marketing campaigns,
as well as addition of new new features to the car production like side airbags, new
researchable Quality Assurance specialization that allows you to break down QA process into
3 separate stages. We will also see more bug fixes and balance
changes. Production Line is improving each month with
game sitting at overall positive score of 79% and recent score of 96% on steam. Power Grid has seen new update recently. Power grid is Renewable Energy Tycoon game
in which your job is to combine different Power sources to meet your cities demand for
electricity. You will have access to biomass, hydroelectric
power plant, solar power, wind turbines and if you choose to go to dark side coal power. In game is rather simple and in early stages
of development but on the other hand is free to play at basic levels with more being unlocked
for just $1. It’s currently available on website
and via patreon. Time for announcements. Developer of Megaquarium has released mini
let’s play series of a game at current stage of development on his youtube channel. In 8 episodes series he talked about development,
his decisions and plans for the game. We also find out that Twice Circled studio
has decided against going down the Early Access route and will aim to finish the game before
the final release Game will feature Wide range of aquatic life: Fish, Jellyfish,
Live Corals and more! If you put enough effort into keeping your
animals happy they will grow and their stats will improve making your fish even more amazing. You will have to plan your aquarium right
to balance optimal flow of visitors with easy access for staff. Talking about staff you will need to employ
new people, train and level them up and care for them because if they are not pleased with
the way you run your business they may leave. You will also have to manage your life stock
to ensure fish are compatible with one another. Finally my favourite part of those kind of
games breeding by selective breeding you will be able to eventually create your own species,
may be not very realistic but sure sound like fun. Mega Aquarium is set to release at some point
at some point next year. Project Hospital has been announced to come
out in 2018. This spiritual successor of famed Theme Hospital
offers to you ability to customize any aspect of your hospital making each building truly
unique. You will have to manage your staff by making
recrutation decisions, balancing pay and job satisfaction with a profit.. You will be able to have hands on experience
in diagnosing your patients if you choose to help out your doctors. You will have ability to design your building
the way you want from simple Accident and Emergency Room to complex department with
research labs, and advance equipment. Finally you will deal with real conditions
and injuries, learning how to diagnose 100s of real life diseases and cure them in a process. Okay guys that is it in this month Indie Game
News. If you know of any other games that should
be featured in next month updates or you released a game yourself please contact me at [email protected]
or tweet @Feniks_Gaming. If you enjoyed this video please don’t forget
to subscribe for more. Nerds and Nerdettes my name Feniks and it
was pleasure to have you here.

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