India Institute Summer Fellows

India Institute Summer Fellows

University of Birmingham is one of the top international universities which provides collaborative research in the areas of fundamental sciences and physics. I have chosen the University of Birmingham because the University of Birmingham is working on APHH Delhi which is directly related to the quantification identification of emission sources of air pollutants over mega city Delhi. The University of Birmingham is actually known for good research of the cutting edge research that I’m actually at – The Electron Microscopy Group in the School of Metallurgy and Materials and that group are particularly actually very well known for research in the electron microscopy area. I’m working with Professor William Bloss – he is one of the Birmingham Heroes. Every day is like a new day in direction to the climate in regards to the research also each day day I learn new techniques and instrumentation facilities. The students are actually very independent here, they do a lot of the research activity on their own and this is something that I find fantastic here, the students are more interactive, so this is something that I’d like to take back to my country and I would like to tell this to my students over there. My research is about developing new materials for energy storage so I would go back to India and use this knowledge to develop new techniques for handling various materials and develop real-time applications in the energy field. When I see the research infrastructure is far, far better here and particularly for example I’m attached the Electron Microscopy set-up I see a lot of sophisticated tools here The University of Birmingham has some of the high end instrumentation facilities which can be used for energy research. After finishing my fellowship I will apply for post-doctorate here at the University of Birmingham. I would recommend this fellowship programme to my juniors and my colleagues.

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