Inclusion in Employment Project

Inclusion in Employment Project

There’s quite a bit of irony as when I started in recruitment I had a leg in plaster for best part of six months, so it’s always resonated and I think it is a good thing to do if you can. And with a project that you were driving through the Canberra Business Chamber, I saw this is a brilliant opportunity. When we came along they were seen to be a lot of like-minded people involved and we took advantage of it. Her disability is not visible at all, so we’ve had to educate our team, learn about that disability and put steps and processes and in place for when working on shift, so everyone understands and it’s quite clear. Primarily my role between the week is I’m helping up our blue-collar side to the business within the construction and supply chain, with a range of payroll compliance issues and work rights issues, and I think along the way they figured out that they needed an office and team administrator as well, so I’ve been happy to fill that role. Because we’ve had the success of employing people with disability they’re no longer supported by their agencies, and so I needed to reconnect with an agency and look for further recruitment opportunities. The difference between, myself when I’m unemployed or when I’m in between jobs and going through various difficulties that arise with my disability, as compared to when I’m actually able to have a position and a role that I’m fulfilling such as now, and have the workplace that just understands and supports a whole heartedly those transitions, I couldn’t be happier. So in the time that I’ve been here we have had approximately eight people come and go. Their disabilities vary and they predominantly work in our food and beverage department. I think a lot of organizations and knowing this full well as a recruiter don’t actively seek to do it, but when you actually step back and think there are ways you can include people, and we’re doing this internally, a lot is the result of engaging Hugh, a lot of organizations can take away personal satisfaction, but also the opportunity to improve the diversity in your business, which is critical. Because we have our own stories here, the aim for us was to listen to other people’s stories to see if we had similar, but it also at the same time just up to meet with someone to help with us to then reconnect with another agency to bring someone on board. We wanted to make sure he was ready. He obviously been through significant change and he readily was and to be honest he’s beaten any of our wildest dreams in the role that he’s done for us. Well, unfortunately he’s a Cronulla supporter so we clash on that pretty heavily!! But that aside he actually brings a different perspective to everyday tasks that we wouldn’t think because of his physical disability. He’s got a really good sense of humor. I think a lot of organizations tend to think that’s a good idea but move on. Don’t look at the too hard basket, look at what you can do because you can make a difference. Personally as a leader, I found it incredibly rewarding. We’re a big believer that the fact that our workplace should reflect the community that we work in and also that we live in. Don’t underestimate how much of an impact that you can have on that individual’s life, in the career and the opportunities that you give them on a day to day basis and the impact that they can make on your business as well.

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