Inauguration Of Baitul Hameed Mosque

Inauguration Of Baitul Hameed Mosque

In the name of Allah,
the Gracious, the ever Merciful. Your Holiness, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih,
Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Dear national representative of the Ahmadiyya
Muslim Community, Mr Wagishauser, Dear Sara Kautsch, Dear Kurt Albrecht,
ladies and gentlemen May peace and blessings of Allah be upon you. On behalf of the Fulda community,
and their local president, I wish you a warm welcome to the inaugural
function of the Baitul Hameed Mosque, Fulda. It gives me great pleasure that you have taken
time out to be part of the inauguration today and so have graced us with
your presence in such numbers. We begin the event as per Islamic tradition
with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by the German Translation. I request Hafiz Zakir Muslim Butt
sahib to come for the recitation.Peace be upon you all.(Arabic, Holy Quran, 7:30-32)Thank you very much. For the German translation of the recited verses,
I would like to call Rana Mukarram Ahmad.Peace be upon you, beloved Huzoor.I seek refuge with Allah,
from Satan, the accursed.
In the name of Allah,
the Gracious, the ever Merciful.
I present the German translation of the
recited verses of the Holy Quran.
Chapter Al-Araf, verses 30 – 32.I seek refuge with Allah,
from Satan, the accursed.
In the name of Allah,
the Gracious, the ever Merciful.
Say, ‘My Lord has enjoined justice.‘And fix your attention aright
at every time and place of worship,
‘and call upon Him, making
yourselves sincere towards Him in religion.
‘As He brought you into
being, so shall you return.’
“Some has He guided, and as for
others error has become their desert.
“They have taken evil ones
for friends to the exclusion of Allah,
“and they think that they are rightly guided.“O children of Adam! look to your adornment
at every time and place of worship,
“and eat and drink but exceed not the bounds;“surely, He does not love
those who exceed the bounds.”
Thank you very much. Now I request Ms. Sara Kautsch, of the Luther
Church, Fulda, for her welcoming address. I apologise! First, I will call the national
representative, Mr Abdullah Wagishauser, to introduce the project and the Community.In the name of Allah,
the Gracious, the ever Merciful.
Most beloved Huzoor-e-Aqdas, His Holiness,
dear guests and friends of the Jamaat.
Today I have the great honor
and joy to speak in the presence
of the world leader of the Ahmadiyya
Muslim Community about our new mosque in Fulda.
Because this event is broadcast
worldwide via a live stream,
I would also like to report some things about
our new home, the beautiful city of Fulda.
The city of Fulda, with its 70,000 inhabitants,
is one of the largest cities in Hesse.
It is located near the center of Germany in Hesse.The borders to Bavaria and Thuringia
are less than 25 kilometers away.
The first settlements in Fulda are
already documented in the Stone Age.
That’s something,
in the Stone Age.
We opened a mosque in Wiesbaden a few days ago.There the origins go back only to antiquity.So here in Fulda to the Stone Age.The eventful and historic time
of the city of Fulda
begins around the year 744 AD with the
founding of the monastery of Boniface.
The most famous son of the city,
the missionary and later bishop Boniface,
had a monastery built on the baroque cathedral,
which after his demise became his own tomb.
This baroque cathedral was, for a long
time, the largest church north of Rome.
Boniface consolidated Christianity in Germany
at the time and, through his missionary work,
ensured that it spread throughout
today’s Hesse and beyond.
Even today Fulda is still a
center of the Catholic Church;
just recently the autumn plenary meeting of the
German Bishops’ Conference took place in Fulda.
Today, the city of Fulda, with its numerous
historical museums and attractions
as well as gardens and parks, has a wide range
of attractions for tourists and history buffs.
With its noteworthy vocational schools,
colleges and private schools,
the city of Fulda offers a wide range
of educational opportunities,
especially for young people.Something about the history of
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Fulda:
The first Ahmadi Muslims came to Fulda in 1984.These were three Ahmadis who came to Germany
because of religious persecution in Pakistan.
At first, the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim
Jamaat Fulda met in private homes for prayer.
As the community grew, in 1987 a small apartment
on Rangstraße was rented as a meeting place.
In 1990, the small but active community
moved to Schlachthausgasse.
There, a two-room apartment was rentedand already at this time the
community organized information events
and promoted interreligious dialogue in Fulda.In 2001, a new space was rented on
Justus-Liebig-Straße in Petersberg.
But in 2009, the community moved back to Fulda.This time into a space on Von-Schildeck-Straße.In 2009, rather before the year 2009, members
began to look for a suitable place for a mosque.
Numerous places and villages were visited,but only in 2013 did the community receive
this local property due to Allah’s blessing.
Through the sacrifice of two
young businessmen from Fulda,
the community was able to acquire
the land and to start planning.
On June 26, 2013, His Holiness laid the foundation
for today’s Bait-ul-Hameed Mosque.
However, the construction work did
not begin until December 2016.
With currently around 450 community member,the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Fulda
is committed to inter-religious dialogue
through information and book stands,
as well as lectures and other interfaith events.
For more than 20 years, the community has been
supporting common life and promoting peace
within society through many small initiatives.For example, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat
has also been contributing a program
in the Public Access Television
Fulda entitled “Hour of Islam” since 1999.
Now to the mosque: The total area
of the plot is about 2900 square meters,
of which 976 square meters
were used to build the mosque.
The mosque has two floors, two prayer rooms,
each with an area of 130 square meters,
a multi-function room, a foyer,
two washrooms, a kitchen and an office.
The mosque has two 13-meter-high, inaccessible
minarets and a dome with a diameter of six meters.
We even have 35 parking spaces.Behind the building there
is an administrative building,
in which, in the foreseeable future, a
multi-function hall will be furnished.
The total cost including property
amounts to about 1.6 million euros.
This was for the most part donated
by the community members from Fulda.
Our congratulations go firstly to the
city of Fulda with its eventful religious history,
which now has the first dedicated
mosque building with a minaret and dome,
and secondly, our request to
His Holiness is that he prays
that this mosque may become a symbol
and example of unity and integration
in the community and
the local urban society.
Thank you for your attention.Thank you very much. Now, I request Sarah Kautzsch
for her welcoming speech.His Respected Holiness, Dear Members of the
Ahmadiyya Community, Ladies and Gentlemen,
as a representative of the Luther Church,I am pleased to send you a
message of greeting on your feast day.
I am Sara Kautsch,
member of the parish council.
I greet cordially from Mrs. Anke Mölleken,
who unfortunately is prevented today.
The Luther Church and the Ahmadiyya
community are both home in the district of Fulda.
Our two communities
have an important mission.
Many people of different cultures,
languages and religions live in Südend.
And unfortunately, only a few consort
with their neighbours and fellow human beings.
Most just live past each other.We who believe in peace and love know that
together we are not alone.
We are in need of each other to live in peace.We as believers in God are not sent to close our
places of worship and let in only our own.
But we are called by God to go to all people and
share God’s peace with all people.
“Seek peace and pursue it.”This is the Bible word that accompanies the
Protestant church through the year 2019.
We would like to give you this Biblical word
at the opening of your place of worship.
A greeting from your Christian neighbour and a
reminder of our mission that unites us.
To seek peace together
in our places of worship,
but also in our streets, and when we
have found it, to share it with other people.
Thank you very much.Now I call Kurt Albrecht who is representing
the round Table of Religions, Fulda.His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad,
Mr. Amir Abdullah Uwe Wagishauser,
Mr. Sadr Najm-us-Saqib, community of the
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Fulda and guests,
I am very happy to be here today
for the Round Table of Religions in Fulda,
representing Mr. Werner Staubach,
who heads the Round Table.
Since he unfortunately is unable to attend today,
he asked me to greet you warmly
and to convey to you in his name the best
wishes for the opening of your new mosque.
I would like to introduce you to
the Round Table of Religions,
because I think not everyone
here in this room will know it.
The city and district of Fulda is home to
people from more than 100 different nations.
These, if they are personally religious,
belong to very different religions.
Many of them see their religion as
a significant reality of their lives.
In September 2012,representatives of various religious communities
met for an initial round of talks.
This resulted in a regular meeting.The following religious communities are
members of the Round Table in alphabetical order:
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, the Alevi community,
Bahai community, DITIB- Turkish-Islamic community,
Protestant community, Jewish community,
Catholic deanery, New Apostolic community,
and Romanian Orthodox church Ascension of Christ.Other members are the
Ecumenical Network Fulda All-In-One,
the Society for Christian-Jewish Cooperation,
the Association UNO – One World in Fulda,
as well as the Integration
Department of the City of Fulda.
So, you see, there are already a lot of religions
and religious communities from Fulda represented,
and we would be happy,
if even more would come.
The Round Table Religions
wants to make a contribution
in order that the people of different
religions may value each other better
and get to know each other’s religions better.By holding joint events, the Round Table
makes an important contribution
to tolerance and
understanding in our city.
These include, for example, interfaith
city walks and joint peace prayers.
In lectures on theological topics, we
discover that there is much in the other,
which is the same or
similar in one’s own religion.
And that there is also much that is different and
sometimes alien, but interesting.
While we are different in faith,
we are the same in humanity,
although unfortunately this is not
perceived in all minds and hearts.
If we first of all see the other
person and respect him as such,
we should find a way to live together peacefully
and to co-shape the life in and around Fulda.
Many thanks to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat
community Fulda for their commitment on this path.
Thank you also for the constructive cooperation in
the Round Table of Religions,
in particular to
Mr.Volker Ahmad Qasir.
Today’s opening of the Bait-ul-Hamid mosque
is a very special day for your community.
In the name of the Round Table, I wish
that you may have found and built the place
with this new mosque that makes your prayers,your religious and social community, life and
encounters with people from your neighbourhood,
from this city — people of different
beliefs — possible in peace.
All the best. Thank you for your attention.Now I request His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor
Ahmed, the fifth Caliph, for his blessed words. I bear witness that there is none
worthy of worship except Allah. He is alone and has no partner. and I bear witness that Muhammad (saw)
is His Servant and Messenger. After this, I seek refuge with Allah,
from Satan the accursed. In the name of Allah,
the Gracious, the Merciful. To all the distinguished guests, may the Blessings and Mercy of God Almighty be upon you all. First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you who have come to attend
a function for our mosque. Indeed, this is an occasion of great happiness
for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and especially for the community in Fulda that God Almighty has
blessed them with a place where they may gather together
for the purpose of worship. Now, in accordance to
their Islamic teaching, they can easily get together to
offer their five daily prayers. However, the local people of the
area have played a significant role in order to make the construction of this
place of worship and mosque a success. And so in this regard, I thank all
of the local people of this city who permitted us to
construct a mosque here. I am thankful to the council as well as the
mayor who helped us in building this mosque. The fact that you all have gathered
here today; there are many people; rather, a majority of the people here are not
Ahmadis and many are not even Muslims, there may be some who are Muslims
aside from Ahmadi Muslims. The fact that you have come here reflects how open-hearted you are. It is clear from the history of this city that Christianity has been
established here for a very long time and in this regard, this city has a
historical value in terms of Christian faith. Permitting us to construct a mosque here shows
how open and broad-minded you people are who associate yourselves
with Christianity. Through your expression of open-heartedness
which also shows your broad and open-mindedness, it is evident that you all wish to live
with other religions in harmony and one of the guest speakers
also mentioned the fact that more than 100 nations are represented
by the population of this city and that there are also different
religions that are practised here. For all of them to abide here in this old city
where Christianity has a great significance reflects how open-hearted
the Christian people are here. And so, I would like to say once again
that I am very thankful to you for this. In this era, when the
world has become one; through different means of contact and
communication, through TV, through the internet and through different means of
transport, the world has become one. Decades ago or a hundred years ago, a journey which would last for several days or months can now be made in just a few hours. So in this regard, we have become one and we should all understand the fact that the
progress of the world is uniting us together and this progress can
only prove to be beneficial when we utilise our friendships
for the betterment of each other. Instead of harbouring reservations
and about one another, we should develop virtuous
sentiments for one another. It is the responsibility of everyone whether
you are a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu, or anyone else for that matter, to develop virtuous sentiments
for each other within our hearts so that we can benefit from the very
thing that has brought the world together and has made this world a global village. Our national president [of the Ahmadiyya Muslim
Community] mentioned that there is a museum here. I am sure that there are old relics on display. To preserve the history of
the past is indeed great and this history can only be preserved when
people benefit from the positive outcomes that which has happened in history and protect themselves from its negative
consequences which lead to various issues. I do not know about the
museum in great detail but I do know that a variety of
items are preserved in a museum. Where on one hand the collections in a
museum enlighten us about our history, on the other hand it also opens up
different avenues for us in the future. And so in this regard, I believe that
every person who resides here, whether he is a Muslim, a Christian or from any
other religion; or even if he has no religion, they should all benefit from this. Then there are opportunities
to acquire education here. I have been told that this place holds great
significance in terms of education as well and that the people here are
very much inclined to education. Acquiring education can also only be
beneficial if it opens the hearts of people and true education is that which illuminates the hearts. (Acquiring education) should develop wisdom and a great deal of courage within oneself. Moreover, it should develop a sense of
respect for the sentiments of others. It is only then that any education
can truly be beneficial, otherwise, if one is devoid
of courage and wisdom, if one is not inclined to listen
to the views of others, if one does not have the courage to listen to
what is being said at functions or events which are an occasion of happiness
for a particular group of people, then such a person’s
education becomes useless. Thus, bearing this in mind, it is a great deal of
happiness for me when I see so many faces here who have come to take part in this function
which is solely a religious function and which does not directly relate to you but still, it is your educational
standards and your open-heartedness which compelled you to attend. I pray that this expression of open-heartedness
which is being displayed by the Christians is also displayed by Muslims and other
religions, and more so by Ahmadi Muslims. Sarah Sahiba who is a representative of
the Luther Church said a very good thing which is that the worship of God Almighty
is something that we should pay heed to and along with the worship of God Almighty,
we find the message of peace as well. This is something which
is true in every regard. The true servants of God Almighty who
worship Him are those who spread peace and this is exactly what establishes
human values amongst mankind. In Medina, during the time of the founder of
Islam, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), a Christian delegation from
Najran had come to meet him and during the course of their discussion,
it was the time for their worship. The members of the Christian delegation became
a little anxious that it was time for worship and where they would now worship. At that time, the Holy Prophet
Muhammad (saw) noticed their condition and enquired as to why they were anxious. When he found out it was their time for worship and that they were looking for a place to worship- at the time, they were sitting in Masjid-e-Nabwi, the mosque of the Holy Prophet (saw). The Holy Prophet (saw) said to them
that there was no need to worry, the mosque had been built for the worship of God
Almighty, it has been made to worship the One God, and so they were also welcome to worship. And so, the Christian delegation
performed their worship in the mosque. This is the way that one can in
essence establish true peace and it is through this that one can strengthen
inter-faith relationships with one another. This is what Islam teaches. In this day and age, it is observed
that Islam has been defamed by those who think that it is Islam or
Muslims who have destroyed our peace when in actual fact, the very
name of Islam means peace. If a Muslim does not extend peace to
others, then he is not a true Muslim. That is why the founder
of Islam has said that, “A true Muslim is he from whose hands
and tongue others remain safe. ” Thus this is true Islam that
whosoever extends peace (to others), whosoever is a peaceful citizen and
who does not cause harm to anyone, you too should also
live in peace with him. Furthermore, if it is necessary to
bring about some kind of reform, one is not take the law
into his own hands, one must seek the legislative body and not take matters into their own hands like
some of the extremist groups today are doing which is categorically against
the teachings of Islam. The true teaching of Islam is that one must
not destroy the peace of anyone else. In fact, God Almighty has stated that the killing
of one man is akin to killing all of mankind, and to save a life is akin
to saving all of mankind. This is the teaching of all religions and is also an integral aspect of Islamic teachings and the Holy Quran. Thus, the true Islamic teaching,
if understood correctly, is nothing but peace, love,
compassion and harmony. This is that very objective and mission, which the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is striving
to fulfil by conveying the true message of Islam. Another respected speaker, who is a
representative of the Round Table of Fulda, mentioned that there are people who live from
more than a hundred different backgrounds and people from many different
religions gather together. It is indeed very commendable that people
of different religions are gathered here and I was very pleased to learn that they
have initiated an annual conference for them, a meeting in which there is also representation
of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. This is the true objective that all religions
should gather together and listen to one another. The respected speaker
mentioned human values and said that indeed this is the true
essence, that is, to uphold human values. In actuality, it is these very human values
that distinguish us from other animals. God Almighty has made
man the greatest of creation. If we like other animals harm one
another and behave like them then what difference is there
between us and other animals? If we do not make proper use of the
faculties and intellectual abilities which God Almighty has
granted us when necessary, then it is meaningless to be a
part of the best of creation. Human values can only be established
when we truly improve our conditions and better ourselves than other animals. This is the virtue which God Almighty has only
granted to humans by granting them intellect so that they can utilize it to
establish human values. The founder of the Ahmadiyya Community, who we believe to be the Messiah and Mahdi of this age, there was an interfaith conference in his time whereby representatives of all faiths gathered and a condition was stipulated that the representative of each faith should
deliver a lecture only about his own religion and that it was not permissible to mention the
negatives of another religion or mock any religion or talk against any religion, rather one was only permitted to
express the beauty of his own religion and present them to all. As I mentioned, God Almighty gave man
intellect and made him the best of creation. Now it is the duty of each and every
person to assess these qualities and judge for himself (whether
or not he/she possesses them). God Almighty states in the Holy Quran
that there is no compulsion in religion, no one can force anyone
to change their faith. Since humans have been
endowed with intellect and God Almighty has given them
the ability to ponder, understand and discriminate between good and bad,
then there is no need to compel others. That is why to listen to the things
that other religions have to say and to determine what is right or
wrong is a sign of broad-mindedness. This is the very thing which
demonstrates human values and it is through this that the
message of peace, security and love continues to
flourish and spread. Thus we must always seek
to establish human values and this can only occur when we are
mindful of each other’s sentiments and respect one another’s
feelings and help one another. God Almighty has informed
the Muslims in the Holy Qur’an that even though many
people may observe worship and have built a mosque where they
can gather for the five daily prayers, but there are some people whose
prayers are a means of ruin for them and a cause of destruction for them. Why? God Almighty has explained this and stated
that because they do not care for the orphans, the poor, the needy, they try to
destroy the peace in society. When they commit such acts, when they
don’t give any significance to human values and are not mindful of human values,
then their worship before God is pointless and God Almighty does not accept such worship. So, this is the fundamental teaching of Islam that one should worship and pray five times a day, but alongside this they should also establish human values and serve mankind, only then will their prayers
be worthy of acceptance. Thus, this is what the Ahmadiyya Muslim
Community is endeavoring to spread and establish in the world and I hope that after the
construction of this mosque, the Ahmadis, as was mentioned before,
who participate in the welfare of the city, will contribute even more and
will further demonstrate that after the construction of this mosque, they will increase their service to
mankind alongside their worship, they will establish human values
and will do good to one another, they will enhance their tolerance and respect
and revere the religions of one another. Thus, may Allah the Almighty
make this mosque a means of spreading the true
message of Islam and Ahmadiyyat and may you all come to witness an
increase in service rendered by the Ahmadis to the people of this city
who establish human values and continuously endeavor in every way
possible to maintain peace and security. I pray that may Allah Almighty
enable them to do so. Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, His Holiness will lead
us in silent prayer to conclude this event. You may join in the manner you prefer. Subsequently, you are all invited for dinner. Please join me in silent prayer. Ameen. The words of your Holiness
have impressed me very much, as he called the members of the community
to actively engage in this society and to actively contribute to
a peaceful coexistence of religions. I, as a Lord Mayor, can
only agree with this. Now I know this is a religious community, which
has integrated itself very well in our society. I take with me his calmness and serenity. I can’t express this in words. It is a staidness
he has. This impressed me a lot. And also clear words, to say, what
the right and the wrong path is. There is clarity,
which I miss in other faiths. He is impressive because he emanates what he says. And that’s the point; it’s not only the words,
but also the way of conveying these words. That’s how you make yourself believable. I found the speech and delivery of the Caliph
very interesting and very captivating. Also, how he was referencing
previous speeches in his own – I liked that a lot. Because it showed how simple and
uncomplicated he addresses these topics and how he integrates them into his own beliefs. It was very well done. It was a lot of fun. I hope he remains well so that he can
carry this message of peace on earth forward. This speech could have been given by
the Pope, or at a Protestant Church — this is how it should be. The content of all religions should be the
same even if the appearance is different. I was talking to a colleague earlier. If we had many people like
this who fight for freedom, then our arms trade would go bankrupt
as we would not need any weapons.

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