Improve Your Digital Storytelling with Instagram Stories

Improve Your Digital Storytelling with Instagram Stories

– Welcome to The Journey. Today, we’re going to
go over how to improve your digital storytelling
using Instagram stories. Alright Emma, so tell us all
why is Instagram so important? – Well first off, there’s
a billion active monthly users on Instagram. – Wow. – And you might be thinking okay, cool but how does this relate to my business? – Right. – Well, 70% of the consumers there, they`re searching for a business and 80% are following
a business, like yours. – Wow. – So, are you on there? – Are you? Let us know in the comments below. Tell us more, how can we
really utilize Instagram, Instagram Stories for our business? – Yeah, so the in-the-moment
content is really what I get excited about when it comes to Instagram for businesses like yours, and what’s really cool about in-the-moment content, Instagram stories, is that you can get a really authentic feel for your business. So, just think about it,
like you have stuff going on all the time, whether you
are in an auto repair shop. – Right. – Making pastries in the bakery, or you’re getting
someone’s hair done, right? You’re giving a balayage,
before and after shots. – Yeah. – Give me some behind the scenes, it’s gonna give an authentic feel and look for your business,
and that’s what we want, especially millennials. – Yep. Tell us some of the content that we can really create inside of Instagram. – Yeah, so really embracing
the in-the-moment content. We’re talking videos,
Boomerangs, also you can use customer testimonials that
you’ve already received, – Right.
– That’s great. It’s a good word of mouth. – Yeah. – And another one besides
Boomerangs and video content is pay attention to when
your customers tag you. – That is huge.
– They’re already at your business, they’re a huge fan, and then when they tag you, not only are they giving you great
advertising, word of mouth, – Right.
– And it’s free, but then you can
repurpose it, re-share it? There’s your content for the day. – And that’s user generated
content, and if you want to know a little bit
more, check out this video and we go in depth and even dive in. (laughs) – That’s true. – All right Emma, so give
us some best practices, give us the low-down on
using Instagram stories. – Totally so definitely
want to be consistent with font and color. – Okay. – Also, be sure to tag your location, I mean this is great to get more exposure, I know when we’re out here
in Kirkland and Seattle, and we started doing
some behind the scenes for The Journey, – Some BTS
– Some BTS, I actually tagged the location and it helped quadruple my views. So be sure to do that as a business, tag your location, and tag the people who are also in the video. So, other thing that’s
really fun to leverage on your Instagram stories, stickers. – I love stickers.
– So you can have a ton of fun, you can add
gifs, you can add music, and think about how that
would bring things to life. You could do, back to the pastry example, in the bakery, whipping things
up, add an 80’s song to that. – Right? – You might even reach a
whole other target audience, which could be customers
of yours down the road. – And it just makes your
content just more fun, brings it to life which
is what is important. – Absolutely, and it’s fun. Which you know we lecture on this. (both laugh) Don’t forget to have fun when you are on social media for your business. All right, that’s a wrap, you just learned how to improve your digital storytelling with Instagram stories. – Make sure to like and comment
on your favorite tip below, subscribe to the channel, ring that bell if you want to see these
first, but before we end this, let’s create some behind the
scenes content right now. – Instagram stories. Let’s go
– Let’s do it.

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