Imperial for business

Here at Imperial College London we have
enterprise in our DNA We were founded in 1907 with a mission to offer the most advanced education and research, to collaborate with other organisations and to apply our work to industry today we’re one of the world’s top ten
universities with a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem a home for businesses, researchers and the next generation of innovators we work with an international network of valued business partners to carry out multidisciplinary
research together we’re addressing complex global challenges like climate change and infectious diseases and exploring transformational technologies
such as AI and big data your business is invited to access the
talent of our students the expertise of our academics, our high-tech resources and spaces on our new research and innovation campus so you and your colleagues can find new opportunities to innovate and grow there are a number of ways that you can begin your journey with us bespoke support and
partnerships for small and large businesses with guidance from our
dedicated enterprise team so get in touch to start the conversation we can help you achieve great things in our rapidly changing world

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