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  1. Chris, you still here? Do the manly thing. Quit please before you are shamefully fired by Rupert. A lot of us rational freedom-loving Americans deserve a better opinion-readers who are truly non-partisan. CNN,MSNBC, NBC, CBS,ABC already have slots for you. Thank you.

  2. Wow, Chris actually did an interview in which his bias was not out there for all to see. And he even, a couple of times, confronted Jeffries about his lies.

  3. Schiff should teach you to have a little emotion so you dont sound like a robot on repeat. Schiff should be a drama teacher

  4. Real good job Chris. Hakeem is soooooo making a fool out of himself. I wonder if he dares to look in the mirror anymore….hmmmm….thoughts…..hmmmmm….guess, it doesn't matter, lying with a straight face is nothing to worry for looking in the mirror.

  5. Hakeem is a hack and a hypocrite just like all mentally deranged Democrats in this sham. These clowns from the house look like they just got released from the freak show

  6. Thank you Hakeem for showing them whats up.. Not allowing evidence or witnesses will prove that they knew the truth already and did not want to hold tRump accountable. I cant wait till Nov. and we get our new president that get to get away with everything because there are no lines tRump hasnt crossed already. You should run for president.

  7. Good for you ,Hakeem, for being willing to try and talk some sense to Fox news viewers. Since no one else on Fox news is telling them the truth. They cant handle the truth!!!

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