Impeachment heats up as team Trump prepares for their Senate debut

Impeachment heats up as team Trump prepares for their Senate debut

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  1. Lindsey you didn't get Adam's intelligence report on the Biden's he said CNN already investigated this it's all good 👌

  2. Graham won't call b Biden what is this he been SLEEPING for over 3 years he ask to sign up to his e-mail i will not join him I still blame him for all those corrupt grab going on for so long he hasn't done nothing to help our President Donald trump i don't like him and don't trust him he is a wooooshy get rid of him he is no good hope the find something about him on the Trial he was in it with OBAMA Huma and NO NAME

  3. I was playing the "Biden" drinking game while watching. Every time "Biden" was said my buddy and i took a shot of Fireball. Ended up in the ER with alcohol poisoning after 3 hours.

  4. I can't get govt aid as a man, but tell me again why Ukraine is getting $391,000,000 dollars of my money. And for what? Sorry, refresh my memory. Kinda hungry you know. Food stamp cut backs and all( as if I was getting any anyways).

  5. Why don’t y’all look into Biden … he is the one whom done the crimes that they are blaming President Trump for.

  6. Lets give Nadler and Schiff a taste of their own in Bidens. And block all dem witnesses..hehehe! Make my day!

  7. I couldn't watch Schiff because I get so pissed just hearing his voice. I've slapped him many times in my thought clouds.

  8. The Democrats had the Republicans twisting in the wind for a month. Now it is the Republicans' turn to hold the Democrats' feet to the fire.

  9. Dems just smears and same thing after same thing mind numbing. Let's hope they are crushed by the Rep team and we get this over…and get Nancy Pelosi & Co to pay for it.

  10. There are two ways to look at having Witnesses. 1. The way the "impeachment" in the House was handled by the Democrats in the House is a dangerous precedent to set for future Congresses. They had NO full House VOTE to begin the process; they held proceedings in secret; and they denied the President and his lawyers access to the proceedings (DUE PROCESS). These facts make it a sham. A SHAM SHOULD BE thrown out!!!

    2. A VOTE to acquit, with or without witnesses, would absolve President Trump from any question of removing him from office. They should include the fact that President Trump has NOT DONE ANYTHING TO DESERVE IMPEACHMENT.
    Former President Clinton WAS GUILTY OF CRIMES! The Senate at the time, declined to remove him from office in spite of those crimes..

    President Trump has NOT COMMITTED ANY CRIMES. It is NOT a crime to conduct policy that the majority in the House DON"T AGREE WITH!
    It has been a another PARTISAN WITCH HUNT!


  12. Why pray tell would the republicans not be allowed to call their own witnesses.
    The deomcrats had their "hearsay witnesses" during the trial.They would not allow the Republicans to call in witnesses.
    Could not even have the President's atty's there.

  13. We wouldn't want the "dome to blow up" because of irate Dems. Who are these two clowns, and, why hasn't Lou reeducated them?

  14. Seems like it should be fresh cut veggies fresh fruit yogurt dip tea coffee and water to keep the body and brain on track

  15. Who cares what the dems think about witnesses they want to call? They didn't let the President call one person in his defense, not one.
    It's our turn now to decide who we want to call.
    I would call whoever Republicans wanted to call and not let them call one more witness. They called who they wanted called already, it's our turn now. We will let all their witnesses, who they have already called, have their day, but it is now time to balance the record with all the witnesses the President wanted to call and wasn't allowed to.
    Stop, stop bending way over backwards to be way more than fair to the absolutely one sided, completely unfair, and out of line democrats.
    It's rediculous.

  16. The difference between Biden and Bolton, you dolt, is called Executive Privelege! You can not simply brush it aside without doing irreparable damage to Presidency.

  17. In that one shot in the video of Justice Roberts in the back ground sitting at his desk he looks very bored, I wonder why! Lol

  18. Let the dome blow.
    If the shoe was on the other foot the dems wouldn't care a hair's breath about the dome.
    Republicans need to stop worrying, whatsoever, about what they think.
    They are despicable criminals.

  19. Republican rules. Republican Judge, Republican Jury, Republican Senate majority. And no, you can't you can't see the full transcript. And no, you can't talk to anyone who was in the room when it happened. And no, you can't see documents about the call either.
    And Mitch McConnell.And no bias at all. None.
    The acquittal papers were signed weeks ago. Because we just know, Donald said he didn't and he never tells lies. And Trump could shoot someone on the Senate floor and still be acquitted 53-47. Unless he shot a Republican, then it would be 52-47

  20. There's way too much bs and it's not entertaining to see a country quarreling with itself. I don't see a good ending or justice being served regardless of what happens. There's not going to be anyone hanged so why all the commotion? I think all fake news should be hanged with the corrupt politicians. It would create skilled labor jobs by building gallows. There should be a lot of those. I think it would be like that if we were in the days of the forefathers of this country.

  21. Trumps biggest mistake was while debating with corrupt Clinton he said if he was   elected he would get a prosecutor to investigate her . After he won he decided not to and look what is happening 3 years later , need to cut the snakes head of not just kick it under the carpet , now Donald you know what you are dealing with..

  22. Arguments are not evidence! Assertions are not evidence! Lies are not evidence either. But the DemocRats go on and claim the devil come out, talk about evidence, but don't present any because there is none and no crimes have been committed. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  23. McCain's BFF, Lindsey Graham thinks the dims did a great job laying out their case? From the heart the mouth speaks Lindsey. Don't trust this fool. Tired of him running his mouth making threats amd not doing crap. Deep State.

  24. The Democrats are covering up the Biden's corruption. They are trying to protect their front runner so they can cheat in the 2020 Election.

  25. The" Democrat's will be irate", throw a temper tantrum and "blow the dome off the capital." That seems appropriate and inline with everything else they're doing. They don't care about the constitution, don't care about the citizens, they don't care about the future and the horrible precedents they are setting as they are burning every bridge in their efforts. This is a soft coup. Everything the Clinton's get involved with is corrupt or becomes that way once they are involved. The worst candidate in the history of the Republic, HRC, lost the election and because of this the Dem's are willing to burn down the nation as a result. Its pathetic. The Coup managers and their minions have no honor, no integrity, no principles. They desire power over all else, which makes them dangerous and they should not be in positions of power IMO.

  26. Bidens mentioned more than 200 times? Hmm maybe they should be questioned about there involvement because we don't believe the lies coming from the mouths of the Dems.

  27. The Democrats are trying hard to cover their past corrupt deeds but every thing done in the dark will be brought to the light !!
    If these traiders don't go to jail I'm totally convinced there will be major
    " REVOLUTION " !!!

  28. Why would it be so hard to imagine them calling the Bidens and not the democratic “witnesses”?? It would be exactly as legit as Adam Schiffs star chamber and denying the “whistleblower” and other republican witnesses in the house impeachment inquiry!

  29. Dem's don't matter they are the minority, the only thing that matters is the GOP Traitors in the Feckless Senate. If they choose to betray the American People, God help their souls as they may not make it back to their estates.

  30. California needs to VOTE POS SCHIFF and Pelosi OUT! Charge THEM with Conspiracy to OVER Throw the United States Gov. ing Remember in November What Happened this WEEK to OUR Country!

  31. I give Trump alot of credit to put up with this crap. When this is over Trump will probably forgive them. Then the dems will go on to there next scam. God bless Trump Landslide Victory 2020

  32. America is experiencing in REAL TIME what the Bolsheviks did to the Weimar Republic! To understand the PAST is to understand the PRESENT!

  33. Amazing hoe Nancy Pelosi was quick to steal Social Security money for a ridiculous trial for money she never owned???

  34. Meanwhile, the coronavirus has killed about 120,000 after it was found out China had lied and tried to cover it up for 2 weeks.

  35. PeeLooser and pencilneck soapopera. Costly on the taxpayers vallets. Scenery is costly. Weak up people and step on the necks of these disgraceful artists. To hell with them.

  36. Get ready for the Dems to start crying about a coverup or some other BS to try and save face.

    Oh and don’t forget to always wipe front to back so you don’t get Schiff on your Nadler.

  37. January 25, 2019 – The President's counsel spoke, and destroyed the House Managers case. Adam Shift is proven to be a chronic liar.

  38. The silent majority would quickly become the pissed off majority if they removed our president you would see 125 million people rise up and take back our government by any means necessary

  39. When this is all over the cost of the defense team legal fees should be paid straight out of the democrat's personal paychecks until it is paid in full!

  40. Why didn't them Dems just throw Biden under the bus when he got caught. Instead they risk it all? It's somewhat amusing trying to figure out what they are conjuring up behind all the deceit.

  41. This president is as fake as a Three dollar bill I’m a Republican and I’m not so stupid that I can’t see through a crooked president like Donald Trump wake up Republicans don’t you here his lies And all his speeches can’t you see he’s withholding all the evidence because he’s guilty as sin

  42. We americans that love freedom prosperity safety our country flag and constitution should stand, run OUT, and butt hurt the enemy that wants power over us !!!! America belongs to citizens who have fought for and paid for her. Defeat the tyrants and enemies within. Vote Red across the board. Keep your rights. TRUMP2020!❤🇺🇸

  43. The democrats think Trump supporters are stupid and racists. The democrats want to convince people they support the constitution which they don't.

  44. Water, Milk and Hershey's Candy!! What an unhealthy combination!! How about some Protein!! That makes sense it can help you think straight!! I'm sure it can't fix the Dems from lying but it can sure help you hold up better heathwise to the long hour's!

  45. Forget Biden for now. Throw this out and acquit Trump. Then and only then can the focus turn to Biden. We have the video of him bragging of his wrongdoing.

  46. These mind numbing Democrats are just rediculus . We the people are tired of their nonsense. We will Vote again for our WONDERFUL President TRUMP in 2020. # Get rid of all the corrupt democrats in the House as well as the Senate.

  47. The democrats had all the time in the world to call and sopena their witnesses during the House's, so called trial now the Senate should simply call the witnesses that they want . It shouldn't matter what the dems have to say about it any more, they had their chance and wasted it with all of their obviouse politically , biased movements . Their out cries are all false , so just ignore them and do what is right for the American people. NOW.

  48. I support calling in witnesses but it should only be for Trump. The dems accused and charged POTUS with a crime. They called every witness with some piece of garbage to write their narrative. POTUS however did not have anyone to come and challenge so therefore it will only be fair for the president to call in witnesses to help his case.

  49. let's be serious, we are not here because Trump obstructed some congress and other BS. We are where we are because of a Biden and his deeds. We should call the bidens, schiff, Vindman, Yovanovich, Lisa & Peter 'stroke', whistleblower

  50. Do You know that there is a difference between an accusation and an allegation? An allegation can be substantiated, an accusation can not. This is not the first time that he has been accused by the democrats of misconduct but still nothing has been substantiated. That said, one would not imagine that an accusation would have gotten to this point in the twenty first century. It's like a modern day witch hunt. If this can be done to a President in the free world, who is safe? Hopefully, rationality will prevail and he will be exonerated (freed) of all accusations by the senate.

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