Impeachment hearings are nothing but a partisan show: Kelly Sadler

Impeachment hearings are nothing but a partisan show: Kelly Sadler

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  1. The Commander-in-Choad has brought his party to the brink and pushed them into the abyss.
    I used to enjoy sprightly debate amongst my peers.
    Now it's a devolution to extremes.
    I haven't changed, some of them have, for the worse.
    True colors on their sleeves all the time now.

  2. I will no longer watch Fox sports. Fox is a disgrace to all media. I am connected to 10,000 people in my area and Im sending this to all of them .

  3. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party. When Republican Senators stop coddling Trump and support the United States Constitution and the Republican Party they will renew and regain trust. I am not a lib or a Democrat. I respect the rule of law. Dump Trump NOW.

  4. trump, republicans and trumpturds are traitors to the U.S. and constitution! Vote them all out and get the U.S. back on track

  5. The most unsettling thing is the fact that so many Americans seem to have no personal values, no true integrity, no clear sense of what distinguishes right from wrong…at all. Whether its FOX, trump aides, cabinet members, elected reps who've sworn an oath to the Constitution, or citizens in MAGA hats laughing and smirking along with this degenerate president… it's all a sad commentary on the slide of a great republic into the abyss of fascism, greed, and "anything goes " we do that all the time".

  6. Wow so they kicked out of Bill Clinton because he had a blowjob from a girl but Trump can do no wrong with Russia and trying to get somebody to spy on Joe Biden and that’s OK. Wow, freaking Republicans are so messed up. They wether have traitor as a President ☹️ Sad for United States yes in deed.

  7. trump turds ask yourselves this, once trump leaves office and a Democrat takes over as president, would it be ok for that president (or any future president for that matter) to disregard the rule of law, do as he pleases and welcome foreign interference without any consequence?

  8. Someone paid an office room full of trolls to professionally bad mouth this segment with dislikes. You know because they are empty mindless generic mud slinging with no context or relevance. At least they added to the view count.

  9. What a joke of a headline.
    I know that most other mainstream media sources can be pretty overtly left leaning, but this level of bias only exists on Fox "News" XD

  10. “You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in
    this constitutional republic if this body determines that your conduct
    as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role, Impeachment

    is not about punishment. Impeachment is about cleansing the office.

    Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office.”

    – Lindsey Graham

    Can't restore what you never had.

  11. "Impeachment hearings are nothing but a partisan show"…exactly what Republicans said when Nixon was impeached, and what Democrats said when Clinton was impeached. Move along, nothing new here.


  13. If you mention impeachment, I'll be thumbing down every fake news channel on YouTube Keep up the great work idiots !

  14. The Dems are scared, they can't beat him at the polls so they have to conduct a smear campaign to hurt him in votes. C'mon people 3 years of lies from the Dems and some if them are still hanging on every word.

  15. the impeachment hearing is a joke.
    exactly why trump needs to testify under oath on his own behalf.
    if he is innocent he has nothing to lose .. and may crash the democrats move to an impeachment trial in the senate
    regardless, trump will be compelled to testify during the senate trial.

  16. Republicans are extremely busy at this moment in time with the next voting cycle scheduled for 2020… It takes considerable time and effort to begin gerrymandering voting districts, restricting voting systems and rules to be more suppressive towards targeted voters,moving or closing voting stations to require extensive commutes, requiring specific voter IDs,closing voting stations close to colleges and not allowing young voters to vote through suppressive manuevering…Along with protecting a now known criminal with criminal associates, criminal tax evasion and an inevitable failed presidency…All the while assessing a"kamikaze" political career for doing so…They are no blind. They just don't want to see…

  17. They want to ban soda and make dope legal god forgive these evil hearted people that call good evil and evil good so sad

  18. I'm not a Trump supporter but the ridiculousness of these allegations has me reminding people what the facts of the allegations actually are. Trump stated in the phone call transcripts, we need a favor. Immediately after asking for a favor, he asks about investigating hacking of the DNC server. The merit of investigating who ever the wealthy person is believed to have knowledge of the server hack in 2016 is irrelevant, because the quid pro quo is related to information about a foreign government influencing the 2016 election, which is a subject of national interest. This is the basis of diplomacy, where countries barter for actions by one another that serves their national interest.

  19. So having a house to live in and food to eat are not supposed to be good for us now? Because that's all some people can afford and barely at that!

  20. The Democrats are defending the Constitution. The only problem is they waited so long. They should have started this process the minute trump admitted to firing Comey over " this Russia thing". Not filing because the President was too stupid to know what he was doing is crazy.

  21. "It doesn't matter, he's dying anyway."
    – Kelly Sadler on John McCain.

    Of course the inbreds at Fox keep her on the payroll.

  22. What is she saying? They DID present evidence that he committed impeachable offenses: He withheld aid which is important for our country until Ukraine did him a personal and illegal favor. Witnesses came forward and said that, and there's a transcript of him doing it. Fox News is the partisan show. You guys are just straight up lying because you know your audience isn't critical enough to verify anything you say.

  23. Ha ha ha partisan show……ooopp ooop….
    Look hard, listen hard and then, all hard working Americans who put contry & constitution 1st, not party and to evil narcissist. Shame shame….where is America heading to…..?

  24. Okay, let's take inventory..
    It's "we the people" against.
    1) Donald Trump
    2) Most of the Republican Party
    3) Fox News
    4) And of course the ring leader… Putin

  25. Can this women stfu because nobody cares wtf you think. U just tryna keep your job or what ever you do. What most ppl want is him out of the white house. If this country if for the ppl then they should listen and impeach him.

  26. They are NOT Impeachment Hearings you worthless zipperhead. They are Impeachment INQUIRY Hearings. Don’t escalate the process!

  27. He's bitched about this being a witch hunt, unfair, he didn't have representation, blah, blah, blah. The House Democrats are actually taking their oath of office seriously! 45 and every member of both houses of Congress took an oath to preserve, PROTECT and defend the Constitution of the United States. The Democrats have given the pos potus the opportunity to come and defend himself several times but now he won't participate! Judge Napolitano told you all that tRump SHOULD be impeached and removed from office! I have found a new oxymoron – republican intelligence! You break the laws of God and man, then rewrite the rules of impeachment several times and now you don't like the rules YOU WROTE!!! RIP Republicans with morals and integrity. You will be missed!

  28. The only reason I even clicked to watch this is because of the title – that it's a big waste of time while angry people try their best to cause harm to the person trying to run our Country. Whose the real enemy in here? Let him do his job and get over yourselves. I hope people will stop voting these people in who use taxpayer dollars to do this crap. They are supposed to be public servants – not serving their own egos.

  29. Not a real impeachment hearing: the President cannot call witnesses or cross-examine his own accuser. An anonymous, unelected spy with second-hand knowledge points his finger at the President and now he's guilty until proven innocent? The Ukrainian President denied that there was any quid-pro-quo. What a disgrace, the Democrats should be ashamed of what they're doing to the rule of law just for the sake of gaining power. No actual admissible evidence, all hearsay.

    These rotten individuals have lost all logical capacity, they've been hysterical for the past several years because they can't accept the results of the 2016 election, and they can't stand to play by the rules so instead of preparing for the next time the people decide their President, they make up their own rules to protect their weak and phony allegations against the President like what we're seeing with this televised show-trial.

  30. It's striking to me how many people don't quite seem to grasp impeachment. Only 2 Presidents have ever been Impeached. Johnson and Clinton. Both were Impeached in Congress, but both were also later acquitted in the Senate. They weren't convicted of any crimes so they were allowed to remain in office. So many people think that being Impeached means guaranteed removal from office, it's not.

  31. it's a partisan show and a boring one. after 2020, gop takes the house back and can run a show on dems. that may not be boring.

  32. Go ahead Dems go for the impeachment then it goes to the Senate will have to put the whistle rumor, Adam Schitt, and the Bidens on the hot seat.

  33. Pelosi does not want to sign the MCA agreement because she is trying to force Mexico President to give their people social security numbers or she will not take care of what needs to be done for the agreement. I think the President should check into that.

  34. Partisan apparently means that people are willing to put their party's needs ahead of truth, justice, or reality. So yes, Republicans have made this partisan by pretending Trump's actions aren't just acceptable and legal, but that he's just doing his job. And they're all just following his orders.

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