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  1. lmaao i feel not wanting to goof around once the place is closed like it’s time to go nobody talk y’all just gonna stand around chatting and make me have to stay later because you’re not doing your job

  2. Current employee
    1. Lost? Yes, in the beginning
    2. Slept? Yes but only in the staff canteen.
    3. Wrong directions? Yes in the beginning but now I know where everything is
    4. Name? Yes, the names are weird.
    5. Yelled at? No. I work in Bargain Corner so they're usually nice cos they want a deal on something.
    6. Meatballs? Yes. But I'd rather not, The food is very repetitive so you get bored of having the same things over and over again.
    7. Injured? Yes all the time, mainly cuts from broken glass or papercuts from the boxes.
    8. Goofed off after hours? No, during, sure. Not often though, there's always people working in the store even when it's closed. There really isn't any "after hours".

  3. If I were homeless I would hide in IKEA until its closed then sleep on their display beds XD lol jk that sounds pretty illegal

  4. ok but since those problems with horsemeat in ikea food (mainly the meatballs & lasagna or something?) the only thing I get there is soft serve icecream..

  5. Why are the only two black guys gay… Bruh, I mean why does it have to be both of them?. And heres the thing buzzfeed specifically chose both of them. I don't have a problem with gay people, but I wish they didn't have to chose both of them.

  6. 2:50 Why would Hemnes be hard to pronounce? Hem just like the English word, you know when you sew a hem.
    And then just "nes" just like in the beginning "Nescafé" or like "ness" in the end of words like "fitness" or "illness".

  7. I’ve got a display item before ? I don’t think it was meaningful to them but it was an iPad stand and it was sitting in a window blocked display and my dad asked the ikea worker if it was for sale he said no but still unlocked the thing and sold it to us for $5

  8. i am and have been working for a year now…. a week does NOT go by when a parent does not scream at my face because i said their child is too tall or short for the smaland / play area. DANG MICHEAL ITS NOT MY FAULT YOUR CHILD IS TOO TALL ? IM NOT BEING PAID ENOUGH FOR THIS

  9. Ok so anyone else notice this is Denzel, Sergio Mejia’s friend? Catching Gold Diggers?? He was in the “confronting my stalker video” and was funny as hell in that too❤️❤️ love you

  10. Never heard someone who works retail say they loved their job. Yet all 4 loved it. IKEA must be doing something right.

  11. Once one employee at ikea was really rude to me, we wanted to get an item, And she said in a rude voice “wE dOnT hAvE aNymOrE oF tHeSe”
    And I asked another employee and they gave us the product I-

  12. I worked for a furniture company in the UK. Yes, we've slept on your sofas. Yes, we've used your dining chairs in the canteen. This happens a lot ?

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