IIPC GA 2014 Paris – Researchers and Web Archives

Evidently in the past 5 to 10 years, there has been a focus on the web as a very complex environment … … that is being studied in multiple research fields, in sociology, politics, ITs, library sciences, etc… One of the main roles of web archives is to highlight the longitudinal dimension, so that researchers and students become aware that the web has a history… … that its content is volatile and time framed and that it no longer makes sense to refer to digital content, or to the internet, or even of the web as such … So that, in the future, web archive are more widely used in the fields of Social Science, it is necessary that they are a lot more accessible and that tools are made available for an easier exploration and use of their data I may be mistaking, but I have the feeling that it is quite unusual that archives are being built with a simultaneous and accurate conscience that they need to match researchers’ needs and expectations. Initiatives such as this conference or other workshops that gather both researchers and archivists are rare and precious, so I wish that such opportunities are renewed, very often and in the long run !

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