IGN News – Razer 90% Off Coupon Leaks, Company Honors Orders Anyway

IGN News – Razer 90% Off Coupon Leaks, Company Honors Orders Anyway

Thousands of Razer customers scored a pretty
great deal this week. Razer is a maker of gaming hardware and the
thousand dollar Razer Edge gaming tablet. According to a statement issued by the gaming
hardware maker’s CEO, Min-Liang Tan, an unauthorized coupon code for 90% off any order placed through
Razer’s online store leaked online, resulting in a flood of new orders with deep discounts. While the company says it is within legal
boundaries to invalidate the orders, Razer will honor the discount, allowing users to
apply the 90% discount to one product in their order. Tan says, quote: “It will likely cost us an
insane amount of losses to make good on the orders which will really really hurt us as
we’re still a small company. That much said, we want to do right by the community.” As the company begins sifting through the
thousands of orders placed using the coupon, it is urging customers to be patient. In his
statement, Tan says that orders generated using the code could take weeks or even months
to process. So, yes, some people are getting a Razer Edge
for $100. For more tech news, stay tuned to IGN.

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  1. It isn't as bad as this makes it seem. I thought this was only on the UK store?

    I don't think the UK store sells the Razer Edge, only Razer accessories. $100 mouses and mouse mats. No way that Razer would honour a $100 Razer Edge.

  2. They probably will only order a couple of razer tablet. The rest of their product line is overpriced to began with

  3. Razor mice are some of the best right up there with the RATT, hopefully all this good press will generate some business for them too

  4. so clear this one is already planed,, coz Razer need "word of moth" more than any other advertisement method so instead of spending money on ads thy made this one go viral

  5. And thats why some of you sheeps will always be sheeps. A COMPANY IS COMPANY.

    BEEN Loyal to one means you a fucking moron which Americans mostly are.

  6. Being a "fucking moron", I will tell you first: learn to write English. Second, learn to read English because it says that this was in the United Kingdom. You are a VERY intelligent person, dumbass.

  7. If each Razer Edge costs $1000 and more than 1000 people are getting a 90% discount… Razer are making a loss of at least $900,000…

  8. So everybody jumps all over this, cries like little bitches if they don't honor it. Company goes bankrupt, hardware becomes unsupported paper weight. Yeah, people are stupid ..

  9. That's nice of Razer, but it's a bloody shame everything I've bought from them has either been broken/broke after a few months of use.

  10. It's nice of razer but they shouldn't honor it as it will cost them so much money. Telco in the UK leaked an iPad for around £50 or $75 and didn't honor it and they make hundreds of millions of pounds each year.

  11. Because this is IGN and they're bad at journalism, they didn't point out that the Edge and Blade are not, in fact, available in the UK at the moment. The best people could do is click a big and green "Notify me" button.

  12. Everyones just pissed, i dint think the people knew they where fake, worth a shit int it? Just cus u didint get ur 90% off u bitch lol

  13. what a great company but i dont live in UK so yeah but even if i would it got i would have shit my pants

  14. If it was EA they too would honour the code and ship you the Edge; but you would have to pay $5 as micro-transaction every time you pushed the power button.

  15. it wasnt for the edge as this was on the UK store the edge is so far only in US/canada so lots of people got brand new razer stuff for dirt cheap but not a razer edge

  16. That company is going to use this coupon fiasco as a cover excuse to close its doors, since the Razor is already projected to be a failure. So they can save face… good idea!!!!

  17. Also if they can control when they doors close then try an sell out and at least save some money before there stocks plummet. I could be wrong though, don't quote me

  18. I feel like I shouldn't have to explain the cost of trying to slim down parts into a narrow form factor like the edge. I can't even believe the amount of stupidity coming out of your mouth. You must be trolling, It's the only logical answer. No one can be as dumb as you're trying to come across as.

  19. Yeah, I knew I should of bought the Razor Edge too in that time, I would of gotten it for $100 bucks too 😛

  20. That is stupid -_- They would not honour it if it would make them bankrupt. What they have done is basically mass advertising. They are going to gain thousands of customers who will return, and although this year they wont do great, the year after they will be making much more profits.

  21. If people are bad and selfish, and a vast majority of people didn't get the discount, then the vast majority should be happy that the company they're interested in buying products from won't lose hugely from an online glitch, which would lead to a worse product experience for them as the company will have to cut somewhere. Don't just read what's in the media; news groups hype everything.

  22. I wonder how much it costs them to make each unit, if they're still making a profit even with the 90% discount then this product is ridiculously overpriced.

  23. What do you mean by the "workforce"? There are gaming laptops with that are similarly sized, but with much greater performance, for the same price. Moreover, you neglected all of my other points. The console itself is inconvenient, in terms of battery life, and without even the most basic sense of comfort (the arrangement of the controls and the shape of the handles). Something that is so flawed should not be on the market, this was a blatantly careless cash-grab.

  24. That is not a valid excuse. If Razer had any commitment to quality, they would not release something as superfluous as the Edge. Just because it is the first of anything does not exclude it from criticism. So, to answer your question, it covers nothing.

  25. lol you think they would just let themslves go bankrupt? they allowed the 90% discount because of course they can afford it

  26. Razer is over priced trash anyway, they probably have a 200% mark up so 90% off won't hurt them as much as they're claiming.

  27. No, because they do not make a 100% profit on each one, it probably costs about 200$ to make so they're not losing as much. Still bad though.

  28. wow I am very shock that they actually are letting the coupon stay valid. Most company would have invalidate the coupon. As a Business management student I can say I respect them now far more for their great treatment to the community and their customers. At the other hand hopefully it doesn't hurt them so badly that they cant recover from it

  29. Just because my vocabulary is more complex in your opinion, does not mean that I intentionally complicate my comments. Perhaps they would lose money if it were cheaper, but that was not what I was complaining about. The fact that the hardware is so expensive compared to other similar systems is an unjustified compromise for slightly enhanced portability. Also, you infer that I am a nerd, when you yourself are probably a scrawny, Minecraft-obsessed keyboard warrior. Nice try, though.

  30. No, they are not. Those words are more specific and concise than a combination of simpler words. I do not understand how they could be considered "elaborate" either, my language did not consist of any odd wording.

  31. Well, that explains it. Your inbred, country bumpkin mind is unable to comprehend even the simplest of language. Do us all a favour and crawl back to the cesspool of failure from whence you came.

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