IG report will be an indictment of Adam Schiff: Rep. Ratcliffe

IG report will be an indictment of Adam Schiff: Rep. Ratcliffe

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  1. As the dems keep ranting like lunatics….to satisfy the lunatic antifa crowd….more and more moderate dems, who have many similar ideals as moderate conservs., begin thinking…."trump may not be a saint, but at least he calls it as he sees it, he is not doing it for the money, the economy is good, and i dont want higher taxes or govt running my life. Ironically, the libs are pushing out much of their middle class support.


  3. Schitt and democraps are above the law. Obummer, hilLIARy, biden and all those democraps and deep state KNOW nothing will happen

  4. There was a quid pro quo. I guess Schiff was right to start this investigation. LMBO this story is a joke and the comments below are a joke.

  5. Swamp use to have Deep and High waters…but NOW that President Trump is DRAINING that swamp, all the corruption is getting EXPOSED!! Adam Schiff And Nancy Pelosi are the biggest swampsters in there!!😠😡😠😡😠

  6. I have a difficult time watching this impeachment hearing with those bug eyes starring at me, can someone put some glasses on Schiff or something?

  7. Come on! The AG report, if it is ever released, will have no teeth. No one will do anything about a blatant, obvious, attempt to overthrow a President! The establishment is too deep and entrenched! I have little optimism when it comes to these people being held accountable for almost 3 plus years of obstruction and disruption.

  8. Shitts noodler pulucy benden waters I mean mudhole Dumbacrats are nothing crybabies lie lie and lie some more nobody gives a damm about crooks oduma done asked Russia to wait till after elections he would have more leeway spent more money than all Presidents together spent more time wasting millions flying to Hawaii staying weeks F U dumbacrats what have y'all done NOTHING

  9. Put Schiff in handcuffs! STOP the COUP ! TREASON! Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler need to be ARRESTED and charged with TREASON !

  10. That's why the son of a b** is lying because he knows he's not under oath and not a witness. However that bastard took an oath when he took that seat to serve this country but we all know Democrats don't give a s*** about the oath they took.

  11. Just push the the whole thing through a bit quicker. They dont seem tomi d putting g a bit of a push on I parchment. Everyone is more than unhappy with this whole pantomime.enough is enough.

  12. The first lie here is that Fox is not news. It's an entertainment network. This is common knowledge. There is a reason they are not in press pools. There is a reason the don't have investigative reporters. So let's just get that out of the way first. Secondly, you don't ask for the opinions of guilty people. The current group of Republicans in the House, are all covering for a criminal, which makes them all criminals. There WILL be articles of impeachment on Trump, and he WILL be found guilty. He will not be convicted by the senate, because they are all spineless weasels. However ,Trump has not gained ANY supporters. He has lost them. My prediction is Trump ends up resigning before next November.

  13. Since the beginning Adam Schiff new there's no criminal wrongdoing against the president this is a smear campaign to discourage the American people from voting for Trump it's all about the election coming up the good thing is most people get it

  14. Question for expanded thinkers:

    Did you ever just want to be friends with someone, and all they wanted to do is beat the crap out of you?

    Afterthought: Do you even care if someone beats the crap out of you?

  15. Thay stold over 40,000,000.00 and growing from the American tax payer on nothing! For only there political gain! There’s nothing there your paying them to convince you trump is no good a game to them!

  16. ADAM SCHIFF needs to be dead and buried ! He is an absolute disgrace to this great NATION ! ! Hes out of control and needs to be put down ! !

  17. Drug test every last politician because they are obviously high. Plus make term limits the law. The government is no longer working for the citizens.

  18. Schiff will not tell the truth about anything…he is done…needs to be prosecuted along with palosi….wasted tax payer dollars

  19. I thought this was an inquiry! Articles of impeachment haven’t been filed. That would require a impeachment trial. How can that be completed by the middle of December?

  20. Show evidence schiff committed a crime you Russian Lovers!
    It's all talk by you cult members. Rump is going down once Giuliani, Bolton, Mcgann, Mulbeaney, and the russian agente Rump TAKE the stand like man. But Rump won't want that hahahaha

  21. It will be interesting to see the names of those mentioned in the Horowitz report and those indicted by Durham. If you connect the dot from what we actually know; people working in concert to unseat the president, and the means used… I wouldn't exclude charges of treason. The Democrats are racing to get ahead of the report… It's doing to be damning for the Democrats. Don't be surprised if Hillary's name (and her aides) get dragged back into the mix.

  22. Has anyone else noticed that every time you see Schiff, it's like he pooped his pants 5 minutes ago and just figured it out. It's either that or he bit a lemon with his butt 😂🤣😂

  23. President Trump just asked the Ukrainian President to INVESTIGATE corruption. NOT fire a foreign attorney general in order to STOP an investigation of corruption. Where's our freakin' money Joe? How much is in Hunter's pocket and how much is in yours?

  24. Lies,lies, lies, The Democrats are in charge of the House of Representatives. This means that they set the agenda. They are in charge. Remember, what McConnell did in the Senate, regarding President Obama Supeme Court Nominee, in 2016. He did not do anything, because the Republicans were in charge, and they set the rules. What the Republicans are doing is crying wolf. They are scared, and there isn't anything they can do, but blow smoke. This is exactly what they doing… blowing smoke.

  25. No wonder Schiff wants to try to impeach Trump, its literally his freedom that is on the line. He is trying to save himself.

  26. Republicans really need to get your information from a credible and actual news organization, fox commentary is nothing but lies.

  27. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahvahahahahahaha! Seriously? You folks in the Fox News (now there's an oxymoron) bubble are sharing one big delusion. Trump is a criminal in multiple categories and everyday he lies to the American people. Yesterday he attacked a Purple Heart Iraq war veteran that has served America with honour for decades. Fox News and Trump are an embarrassment to the world and they both have to go before democracy and the Constitution are damaged beyond repair.

  28. Toes, ten to be sure, all lined up like they are ready for inspection. However, the inspection went on right in front of their own nose for all to witness and in an blatant act of defiance AND sedition… they (at their own peril) chose to deny reality and continued on as though it was conspiracy on the part of those that witnessed such events. The dirt under the toenails became all too apparent as soon as justice came back to reality.

    The toes, in line they do appear to be… but the reality could be and has a high probability to be so the sound of seven Army soldiers discharging their duty to the Constitution… and to the American People!
    Long live the blind lady of justice… and those she represents.

  29. BS Ratcliffe, banging the table only to make noise, Republican's don't have the truth on their side. They are making noise to give Senators sound bites to justify their decision to no impeach. Republicans are showing proof of their crookedness. With eyes wide open, we see.


    . . . Giving A Bad Name + Image For The Rest Of The Party !
    🗽 God Bless America + Pres. Trump 🇺🇸

  31. How does schiff get away with 🤥 and nobody can indite him? And the American people are paying through taxes for all this nonsense! And the Beat goes on and on and on 🤦🏻‍♀️

  32. This is first time that I saw Schiff lost his control angry and disappointed complete scram shocking scramble made it look very stupidly and I do like by the Republicans for every thing they have done thanks

  33. If Schiff wasn't a politician can you imagine who would hire this idiot. Make a great liberal arts professor at the University of California.

  34. Schiff's guilt and his connections to the Russia hoax, explains fully why he is doing so much to push this impeachment at breakneck speed. Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, and Shumer, were all involved in the Russia gate origins. They are doing what all criminals who are about to be exposed do. They do all they can to divert attention and distract.

  35. the one thing that all the GOP candidates need to make sure the American people know during the election cycle is that the Dems have demonstrated for decades, but certainly since their taking control of the house in 2018, that they are not in any way interested in what's best for America, but only on what's best for themselves. Rather than acting on their campaign promises, they have spent all their time working to oust a duly elected president who they know, will stand up to them and expose their own high crimes and misdemeanors.

  36. These republicans are grasping at straws trying to hide a criminal President. The IG report is Barr trying to play defense for the President and oddly enough Russia as they attempt again to hide the President's blatant criminality.

  37. Nobody Who is normal with crazy eyes like that. This man needs to go to an asylum where talking to oneselfand our is normal. The other idiots who are against trump should be fully investigated for their law

  38. Remove all of the Republicans from the hearing and then lock the doors and let the American Patriots take care of the Democrats

  39. Schiff needs to be indicted with the rest of the Washington establishment CRIMINALS. They keep saying "no one is above the law", and NEITHER ARE THE DEMS. Prosecute them all for this sham of an impeachment trial. Remember they still have not voted an OFFICIAL IMPEACHMENT RESOLUTION. They only voted on the RULES of the impeachment. They just want to make the uneducated majority of DEMS and their base to think they have, because they don't know any better.

  40. If the senate is forced to go through a trail the republicans can compel Shifty shift to testify under oath so he will be punished either for lieing to the senate or lieing about his frame job , there tens of thousands of swamp creatures in DC so because the democrats have gotten a few out of that many means nothing !so far it looks like a conspiracy to frame President Trump by never Trumpers ! AG Barr should investigate this and charge every one of them with the RICO act !

  41. Schiff needs to be under oath every body who speaks and make claims should be under oath Schiff needs to resign with out pay

  42. Congresspeople are not legally responsible to tell the truth while in congress.

    Isn't there something about that which just shouldn't be allow – tolerated – ?

    It's shameful of ALL of congress for allowing / encouraging congress to be dishonest ?

  43. Best move is to wait until the Dems are out of ammo and options before launching the IG report. They have nothing left and the news will have to cover it.

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