If Goku Black Went To Universe 6

If Goku Black Went To Universe 6

now we have covered dozens of different
Dragonball what-if topics on the channel before many of which were brought to my
attention either as a fan request or as a general interest I had in talking
about a concept I found to be interesting and now we find ourselves
with yet another crossover involving three gifted Saiyan warriors and a
deranged psychopath who’s inhabiting a sands body with all the potential in the
world to wipe out all life within the existing universe now for this we are
going to be breaking this concept and discussion up into two separate parts
part one which details the concept and story of Goku black jumping through
space-time and winding up in universe 6 after his very first battle against
Super Saiyan to go who to fight kale Kaba and Kali flood before they were
sent into the world of void to battle in the tournament of power and part two
which we will be discussing on the channel tomorrow which details the
concept and story of Goku black jumping through space-time and winding up in
universe 6 after fighting Goku and Vegeta for the last time before fusing
and the events that followed after the tournament of power but before Dragon
Ball super bro Liam so for the sake of storytelling an argument we will be
addressing part 2 on tomorrow’s video while sticking on the main narrative on
today’s video which again before we dive any further if you are new to this
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out down below as we initially kick things off with Goku black having to
presumably land on planets addala where Kaba kale and cauliflower would be set
to be add before entering the world of void to compete in the tournament of
power now it’s because of this that two out of the three sands among that group
possessed the ability to instantaneously transform into
Super Saiyan at will those individuals of course being Kaaba and Kali fluff and
we’re further going to be discussing as to why Cael would essentially be left
out in the meantime of Goku black having to engage against Kali fly and Kaaba as
we do further understand that indeed kale does possess the ability in
transforming into the Berserker Super Saiyan state that we’ve seen prior to
the tournament of power but unlike both Kaaba and Kali flip prior to be within
the world of void during the tournament of power kale does not possess the
ability to transform into a super sand at will let alone controlling her
berserker power as we’ve seen during the tournament of power so in this scenario
Goku black at base would have ultimately understood what it would have been like
to engage against a super sand – like Goku in the past timeline at which of
course using the time ring to further locate Future Trunks in which led him to
the battle against Goku to begin with so here when entering planets Adal ago
who blacks initial threats in the beginning would immediately be both
Kaaba and Kali flood for the simple fact that they are the only ones that are
able to transform into super sand at will but even then if both Kaaba and
Kali flood don’t synchronize their attacks against Goku black Goku black
individually after fighting Super Saiyan to Goku would he immediately begin by
targeting them one by one in not only beating them down into the ground but
potentially going as far as to kill them which the sands do have the numbers
advantage if they decide to attack Goku black together but even then there is no
definite guarantee if Kali flattened and Cabo would be able to synchronize their
attacks enough in creating enough power and force to further damage Goku black
and potentially go as far as to kill him but even if somehow cauliflower and
Kaabah managed to synchronize their attacks and creating enough force to put
base Goku black down there is always that chance that we could potentially
see Super Saiyan Goku black as we’ve seen in the Dragon Ball super manga
which only then would go as far as to favor Goku black even more
especially counting in his adaptability factor the one key component in this
entire situation at the end of the day would be kale but being that kale at
this current point in time does not possess the ability to transform herself
the only scenario at that point in forcing kale to transform even further
would be if kali phos life was on the line
due to go who blacks overwhelming amount of attacks best in Kali flow in battle
and with kale having to be forced in awakening this berserker power onto the
surface this would actually put Goku black at a huge disadvantage if he
doesn’t already have super San Rose a to his disposal to which as the fight
ultimately intensifies Super Saiyan beserker kale would ultimately have the
upper hand against black despite what blacks best efforts would be in his
attempts of surviving against kale now there is no question that Goku black
would possess the ability and power to kill Kaabah and possibly even collie
flood although she does also have a very high adaptability feature as we’ve seen
during the tournament of power against son Goku in this scenario against black
I don’t see it – where go to black would even allow cauliflower to grow in power
especially if he recognizes the threat at hand the biggest problem and
component in this entire equation would be Kayla’s unstable and uncontrollable
power being that Goku black at this point does not possess Super Saiyan Rose
eya but going further into this fight would
go who black can ultimately do is drag on the fight long enough to where he can
ultimately adapt to Kayla’s berserker power just as seen when Goku black
fought against super saiyan blue vegeta in base he was not only able to hold his
own in taking vegeta’s attacks in base but also going as far as to retaliate
before transforming into super saiyan Rosia and
that here he does not have the Roseate power we can only assume that Goku black
can go as far as to push himself in evolving further into a Super Saiyan 2
and maybe perhaps even going as far as evolving into a Super Saiyan 3 and that
is all attributed to go whose battle memories being that Zuma soo is
currently possessing the vessel of Goku who in fact does know the abilities of
transforming into a Super Saiyan 2 and 3 but even if Goku black were to go as far
as to transforming into a Super Saiyan 2 or 3 do I think he possesses any sort of
chance in standing up against scale who is shown to be later hanging in there
with the likes of Super Saiyan blue Kokua during the tournament of power but
even then I do believe that Goku black possesses the intelligence factor to
outsmart Kael to her not only Goku black can play mind tricks on her with his
hacks by using instant transmission and various other techniques and abilities
that Goku’s body does possess such as the solar flare the afterimage technique
and many other things but I do think that the only way Goku black could
survive in this battle is if somehow he is able to outsmart Kael in every
conceivable way up against cauliflower and Kaba unless he allows cauliflower to
grow in power Goku black in this scenario would
absolutely murder both cauliflower and Kaba leaving Berserker kale as possibly
the last person going up against him to determine whether or not he will live or
he will die which by the end of it unless koku black does have the ability
to transform into Super Saiyan rose’ which at this current point in time we
will go as far as to say that he can’t which now only leaves Goku black and
simply having to go as far as to use Super Saiyan 3 do I think kale would
completely annihilate Goku black unless somehow Goku black in his last attempts
of survival somehow manages to escape which the scale in this scenario would
tip the sands as they would not only be able to outnumber Goku black if they
work together which if all three of them ended up doing Goku black would simply
be done for but even if he was somehow able to eliminate two out of the three
remaining sands to which unless cobble were to be the last person remaining
than Goku black would completely when especially when targeting a very
vulnerable kale in base and murdering Kali flow right before her eyes which by
then Goku black would have to eliminate the two most opposing members on the
other side which would be kale and cauliflower due to their adaptability
factor and the fact that both of them have been shown before to improve a lot
more than Kaabah if kale somehow ends up getting
destroyed by Goku black first does this not mean that Goku black would have
simply taken the victory but only means that cauliflower would simply increase
in power and adapt to the anger and rage booming within her just as we’ve seen
during the tournament of power which the same ideal could be applied if
cauliflower were to be the first one destroyed leaving kale as the last
remaining sand does this not mean that Goku black would simply take the victory
especially when having to deal with an uncontrollable transformation such as
kales berserker form but one thing about Berserker kale that would throw Goku
black off his game would be her constant attacks that don’t seem to let off
especially when she’s coming towards you the only scenario Goku black would have
the best chance of winning would be is if somehow he manages to kill kill first
followed by destroying Kali flood and not allowing her to use the pain of loss
as a means in transforming then finally Kaba
who would be the weakest out of the three go who Black’s mission while in
universe 6 would be to essentially kill everyone it would be no different than
what he had originally planned in the universe 7 timeline of except here we
substitute Goku Vegeta and Future Trunks for Kaba kale and cauliflower but I am
not alone in this conversation as joining me to further discuss the
concept of Goku black in universe 6 is my good friend Super Saiyan Paul as
right off the gate I wanted to ask you of how you personally feel this scenario
would play out if Goku black was somehow involved against the universe six sands
and how the initial battle would go without having the ability to transform
into Super Saiyan rose’ in my opinion if we were to see base Goku black versus
super saiyan Kaba kale and khalifa i would believe that black would get his
ass handed to him honestly I think that regardless of him being the strongest of
the bunch in base form even if he’s able to be a Super Saiyan Kaba
and overcome him and everybody else the x-factor in this fight would be kale the
reason being is that if kale sees kalila get beat up she’s gonna go into that
Berserker form that Berserker form is far beyond anything
Goku Black has fought at this point in time if we’re talking right before he
had fought in Goku in the series like this is just base Goku black before he
used his the adaptability technique and the reason why I think the fight would
end really really fast if he doesn’t get time to retreat is that kale and that
mazurka form is going to kill him before anything else and her with that
overwhelming power wouldn’t give him a chance to survive that was one of the
mistakes that Goku did where he did the common ground thing where he decided to
hey I’m gonna fight you in Super Saiyan 1 and this is Super Saiyan 2 and this is
the power even beyond that he kept slowly incrementally powering up rather
than just going super saiyan blue right away and finishing right out of the bull
water so if Kael doesn’t give him time to retreat and she goes into that
mazurka form which was so dangerous that even jiren had to step into I feel like
black literally has no chance in this type of scenario and with that being
said kale is the trump card she is the end-all be-all and the answer to goku
black if she did come across him now he does have the adaptability as well as
carbon khalifa in the fight like if we’re just talking about those two
fighting him and it was almost semi evenly matched even though i think he
might be able to defeat the two they may adapt to the point where they’ll be able
to handle him but i don’t think it’s me that different in terms of like an
actual outcome i think would be almost a stalemate if anything kale is the part
that tips the balance of the favor for them so that’s why i believe that even
super saiyan 1 black would be able to take out maybe Kaabah and Khalifa but
not kale because of how deadly she is okay now let’s say in theory if Super
Saiyan Goku black is no match for Super Saiyan Kaba and the combined efforts of
both kale and cauliflower or even if it was just scaled by herself in this
enraged Berserker like state even if a Goku black were to somehow evolve
himself in possibly tapping into Super Saiyan 2 or even going as far as to push
himself in using super three where do you think the common
ground would lie if Goku black were to use this pain as some sort of a trigger
in unlocking Super Saiyan 2 and even Super Saiyan 3 in a case like this
against Khalifa and Kaaba I could ultimately see kohu black getting the
better of them but against a berserker kale and uncontrollable kale with all of
her power harnessed onto the surface how do you see that fight being dipped in
and if Goku black were to evolve himself I think even if he adapted and he went
further than Super Saiyan and went super saiyan 2 maybe even super saiyan 3 while
adapting to kales power i still don’t think that would be enough we’re not
even talking about Rose 8 here but even I honestly believe even if he did hit
Rose a it’s still a challenge to him to defeat the Berserker for him I think at
that point in time and eternity power when Kayla went to that Berserker form
she was beyond that of even Super Saiyan blue and we know that from at least the
show and even the manga in some cases Super Saiyan blue was able to compete
with Rosie and Berserker being uncontrollable and this deadly and this
powerful is much more dangerous to him than anything else because it just
overpowers him it’s brute force and if she’s that pissed off at him and he’s
the only thing in sight she will kill him without any hesitation because
there’s literally no real chains on this beast and that’s why she’s more deadly
than he is and I think here and more than anybody in that instance kind of
demonstrated that tell us all I think at that point if he was able to get to
Super Saiyan 3 and with all the techniques and that we were trying to
gauge him here I think he’d overpower comically fly
easily even if they were able to adapt but Kael it’s just too much power now if
he was to use either Cabo or Khalifa is like a human shield or something and
used them as his trump card against him I think you’d have to act pretty fast
because Kael she skips everything she doesn’t give him time to power up she
doesn’t give him time to think and she might just go directly for the kill you
never know what she may do with how that goes but how fast black thinks about
that is really the factor here I think if he was to pull maybe Kaba she would
still end up killing both of them if it was Khalifa she might be able to regain
consciousness that I think that’s the only case scenario if he realizes that
but if he picked the wrong one like GABA I think that
dead I think she would kill both of them with how blind and rageful she is so I
think if you was to kill anyone and there was any casualties it would
definitely be Kaabah and Khalifa trigger a hit Cale if anything imagine he killed
them outright that would put her into the berserker form and as good as the
adaptability based black oak who had I don’t think that it’s enough or even
fast enough for him to actually win in an engagement because it did take him to
retreat back to his time to go and actually take these adapt abilities into
fruition like he had to go and practice in the other timeline versus when he was
fighting Goku Goku broke his ribs and Goku wasn’t even at max power imagine a
max powered hit from kale into Goku black his whole arm might fly off or
something I don’t think it would be enough like he wouldn’t have enough time
to adapt and I think she would land so many devastating hits you would have to
realize this within like a minute at most fighting this creature that
you’re in for and that you have to retreat right now to go and actually
that if his adaptively was that fast then I’ll see he has a chance but I
don’t think it’s fast enough to match the raw brute strength of kale what
about as a means of escape do you think that Goku black after realizing that
perhaps maybe he’s outclassed bested by these three individual sands in which
he’s never met before in a different universe do you think that as a means of
survival he would go as far as to either leave in retreating back to his timeline
or do you see Goku Blackie using his abilities to transfer himself to a
different planet outside of planets addala if that’s the planet and where
this fight is going to be taking place do you see ultimately in the long run
Goku blacks best interest being that he should escape or do you think that Kael
being the fact that she would be potentially the strongest one among the
group being the one to not let him go and kill him off before he finds a way
to escape I think for him he’d be petty enough to actually kill them everyone
except for kale and if he was able to escape him retreating into his own time
if possible or retreating to another planet if possible if that was even the
case he would kill everyone in his wake as a way because he’s very petty and
he’s vengeful so I think he would go and like unleash his wrath upon all the
innocent people but at the same time I don’t think he’ll last more than 30
seconds to admit it with kale I think if she
actually nails like a tackle on him his whole body is just absolutely thrashed
even if it’s Goku’s body I don’t think he would be able to survive an actual
engagement at that level of kill there’s just no limits no holds barred against
him and at that level of power that’s something a lot of people wanted from
Dragonball fights like in some cases but at the same time that’s boring because
of how fast it someone punch man type of thing or if you get hit by this you’re
dead and we know this you’re obliterated so I think base black if he manages to
survive maybe a few hits from kala and retreat right away that’s his only
clause for escape otherwise if he was being Petty and actually had more time
he’d probably killed Cobham in Cali flow but I don’t think he’ll give him that
chance I think that Berserker form kale would absolutely destroy him I
definitely agree that kales berserker form would be the wild card in this
entire fight and unless Goku black does in fact have super saiyan rose’ then i
don’t think he stands a singular chance in surviving this battle especially if
the three sands managed to gang up on him but if Goku black understands from
the Gecko that there’s something within kale that he has to put down first and
further destroying her followed by Kali flood I think from there it’s easy
pickins in getting rid of kaabah as I do think that he would be the weakest among
the three but this is where you guys come in I want to get your thoughts in
the comment section below if Goku black went into the universe six timeline
before the three sands traveled into the world of void to compete in the
tournament of power what do you guys think would have happened if Goku black
in his base and even going as far as to use his standard Super Saiyan
transformations would have been like if he collided head to head against Kaabah
kale and cauliflower I want to get your thoughts and opinions down in the
comment section below as we are going to be discussing part two on tomorrow’s
video so again if you guys are new to this channel don’t forget to go in ahead
and smash that subscribe button and turn on all notifications to never miss a
single video thank you all so much for watching if you guys want to go in ahead
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and discussion alongside checking out and subscribing
to my second and their channels located down below at unreal Network unreal
Royale and unreal vlogs to which there you guys will be able to find awesome
content that you will not get to find on this channel and as for Goku black and
the three Saiyans I don’t think that this battle would be as easy for Goku
black as many people were painted out to be especially if the Saiyans decide to
work in a synchronized kind of unit in fighting together rather than having to
fight as singular warriors do I think it would give them the greatest chance and
throwing Goku black off his game but the one thing that gives Goku black the edge
over the sands is his adaptability factor and the fact that he has a lot of
go whose hacks such as potentially the kaio-ken afterimage technique kamehameha
Super Saiyan transformations that range from Super Saiyan one Super Saiyan to
Super Saiyan 3 and even potentially Super Saiyan God if we don’t want to
include rose’ on top of using Instant Transmission
and many other abilities to his disposal Goku black by no means is a joke of a
character but can he outsmart the Saiyans in time to further capture the
victory over them we’re gonna be discussing that concept and much more on
part two so thank you all so much for watching thank you both so much for
listening to Beck and for more and I’ll be seeing you all down the comments
section below guys have a great day peace this is the Galactic Emperor of
the universe and of course I am here to tell you to subscribe to unrelenting
also follow unrelenting on these social media platforms to stay connected at all
times and if you don’t then very soon you will
all be dead how did someone say unlit gaming oh my god the fuck Saban put on
some clothes well why don’t you put on any clothes but I don’t need clothes
Jesus Christ huge what Broly Frieza prepare to die

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  2. No black would curb stomp them unless hit or kefla joined kale was no where near blue level simply for the fact that ssg goku (no stamina) was stomping them both and the controlled version of kale if I remember correctly is suppose to be strogner that the beserker state kale.

  3. Could've sworn that Super Saiyan Rosé was simply Goku Black's equivalent to the basic Super Saiyan form (in the Anime)…

  4. Pre-ToP Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale should definitely stomp Goku Black (Pre-SSJ Rosé).

    It has more to do with the fact that both Goku and Vegeta (near the end of the Future Trunks Arc) far surpassed Goku SSJ Rosé Black, since they kept getting stronger as they fought against Merged Zamasu to the point of overwhelming him at some points (Pre-SSJ Rosé Black is obviously much weaker).

    This Pre-SSJ Rosé Goku Black may not even be as powerful as their Base forms (not counting Kale).

  5. Berserker was not the same strength as super Saiyan blue, Goku fought her in super Saiyan 2. The berserk form is not super Saiyan blue level, kale even got a more powerful form where she can control the power. And super Saiyan God was beating her.

  6. Considering that this is Goku Black, I feel like he would kill Kale straight away since in her base she’s the weakest. But then that would leave him with an enraged Cabba and super enraged Caulifla, and she might even end up going ssj2 because of Kale’s death. I think Goku black would definitely struggle with the both of them, but if he can somehow manage to go super saiyan, or even super saiyan 2, then I think he could definitely win. But then hit would definitely wipe the floor with him if he didn’t leave after killing them all.

  7. i doubt legendary super saiyan kale can take on base form black i mean he take on ssb vegeta without issue and kale after getting stronger in her full power mastered bss had a hard time to take on ss2 goku and almost shit herself after see ss3 goku

  8. Goki Black would destory those three fake saiyans. Also can u do the video about, when Goku hits his head again and goes evil?

  9. Black bodies everyone until he eventually runs into Hit or Champa. Cabba, Caulifla, Kale or Kefla isnt doing shit against him and Black isnt going to hold back like Goku was during the ToP.

  10. Cabba has the most amount of determination among them so his growth only means to grow through more anger than caulifla and kale. Also as cabba was the only one to obtain ssj through anger the normal saiyan way he would reflect more towards anger than them.

  11. Goku black would destroy them, when a (uncontrolled) SS Berseker kale fought (low stamina) SS2 goku, it was stated by Killen and tein that her power increase when she turned into her (controlled) form for the 3rd time, meaning that a controlled SS2 berseker kale was stronger than her rampage berseker form. Even though SSG had low stamina, he was still able to overpower a controlled SS2 BERSEKER kale and SSR goku black is (at least) stronger than a full power SSG goku or at least on par with one in the TOP. To put it simply

    SSR Goku black >= (full power SSG Goku/ TOP) > (low stamina/ TOP SSG goku) > (controlled/3rd time using SS Berseker kale) > (uncontrolled SS Berseker kale)

  12. Well…..
    Caulifa and Cabba get stomped hard
    Goku Black was able to beat Goku, Trunks, and Vegeta, (with a little help from Zamasu) one on one
    Kale in her Berserk form got the upper hand against a much stronger SSB Goku
    Hit got stomped by SSBKK Goku, but got stronger in the TOP and was able to last a little while against Jiren

    Kale would stomp, but we remember how fast Black recovered after taking a beating, and was able to get Zenkai Boosts, so potentially, Goku Black could win, if he prevents Kale from taking him out quickly by
    1. Making Clones
    2. Using Instant Transmission

    Now if it was Hit he was facing, then Hit easily stomps, no doubt about that. Only way Goku Black wins is if he makes clones of himself and stabs Hit from behind, like Fused Zamasu did to hit in the SDBH manga

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