ICPSR – Erik Austin talks about the consortium of the 1970’s

ICPSR – Erik Austin talks about the consortium of the 1970’s

One of the milestones is a triple
hitter milestone, is 1975. And about then we discontinued the sending of punch
cards out to fulfill requests. Thereafter, we had two decades of sending out data
on magnetic tape which were much lighter and could store a lot more information
than a carton, or a case, or 10 cases of punch cards. 1975 was also a milestone
because we added a word to our organizational name. We added the word
‘Social’. Up to that point, we had been known as: ICPR – Political Research. Even
though our holdings, almost from the beginning, included research materials
from other disciplines. But still there was this name that said it was Political
Research. So 1975 we added ‘Social’ to the name to acknowledge that we had more
than just political data and to encourage people in the field of
sociology to donate their data to the Consortium. Also in 1975, Jerry Clubb was
appointed as the third executive director of ICPSR. He ultimately stayed
for 16 years, the longest term of service of any of the five ICPSR directors. He,
like Warren Miller, was an entrepreneur, raised money. He was a good manager,
hands-on manager, and a good scholar who didn’t mind a lot of his scholarly
research time being taken away by managing an organization like ICPSR.

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