ICPSR Data Fair 2018: Join us!

ICPSR Data Fair 2018: Join us!

[music playing] The ICPSR Data Fair for 2018 is all about Data: Powered by You. We’ll be telling you about the new data resources that ICPSR has available for you and your researchers, your students, your community. We’ll be telling you about enhancements to the data resources that we’ve been making available for decades. Data powered by you is what we need for the new data driven world. To understand the data resources that we can all access and how to use them to empower our communities. It’s data for us, by us, about us. You’ll also learn about all of the new activities at ICPSR and the tools for managing and analyzing data that we are building for you and your research community, your students. We are excited to be hosting experts from around the country to talk to you about their data resources. We are looking forward to seeing you at the ICPSR Data Fair 2018.

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