ICPSR 101: Why Should I Cite Data?

ICPSR 101: Why Should I Cite Data?

[Music] Did you ever wonder … Why should I cite data? THE SHORT ANSWER Citing data helps others:>Find the data>Replicate your results>Give credit to those who created the data THE LONG ANSWER THINK ABOUT A RESEARCH PAPER … It lists articles, books, and websites in the references and gives credit to authors within the text. The data should be credited too! Not only is data citation EASY AS PIE and who doesn’t love pie?? It also offers many BENEFITS BENEFIT #1 BENEFIT TO YOU Readers can see EXACTLY which data you used Others can build upon your work A citation tells the reader: WHO collected the data, WHERE the data came from, WHAT version was used aka transparency BENEFIT #2 BENEFIT TO THE ORIGINAL RESEARCHERS They get credit for their hard work Collecting and compiling data takes a lot of effort and money They can demonstrate how their work is impacting their field (and others!) to supervisors and funders … which may lead to more funding BENEFIT #3 BENEFIT TO THE RESEARCH COMMUNITY Data citation make life easier. They act like a map, helping you discover research data available for reuse. It’s easier for publications to be found and linked to the dataset. Making tools, like ICPSR’s Bibliography of Data-related Literature, possible. SO, HOW DO YOU CITE DATA? The same way you credit other works: with a citation in the References list. Include these elements:>Title>Author (person who collected the data)>Date>Publisher/Distributor>Which version used (if needed)>Persistent identifier (e.g., DOI) EVEN BETTER IT’S A SNAP TO CITE DATA WITH ICPSR!>Click “Cite this study” on the top of any study page. [Example citation image appears]>Copy and paste the citation into your paper. The citation also appears further down on the study page, in the codebook, and in the zipped file when you download the data. [check mark] Cite Data [check mark] Feel Good The right thing to do [on an award ribbon]

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