ICPSR 101: What is ICPSR?

ICPSR 101: What is ICPSR?

What is ICPSR? ICPSR is like an OCTOPUS Our data archive is: MANY-LEGGED MULTITASKING WIDE REACHING SKILLED and don’t forget… FRIENDLY We are MANY-LEGGED (aka, multifaceted) There are over 100 researchers, curators, project managers, and other specialists working together to advance research. *primarily in the social and behavioral sciences We have a WIDE REACH Not only is ICPSR a consortium of over 750+ institutions but we have… 10,000+ studies health, education, crime and delinquency, demography, race, policy, and more We are SKILLED We offer multiple tools to make data available -From data self-deposit to full data curation, offering well-documented data in the most common statistical packages -Planning assistance for data sharing (e.g., writing a data management plan or providing a cost estimate) We are good at JUGGLING easily handling data of most types We offer LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES Courses, Webinars, Video tutorials, Teaching materials, And more! Best of all, we are FRIENDLY Offering user support for working with and/or depositing data. Visit us! www.icpsr.umich.edu

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