ICPSR 101: What is Data Curation?

ICPSR 101: What is Data Curation?

Did you ever wonder… What is data curation? The short answer Making sure people can find and
use data now and in the future The long answer STEP 1: IDENTIFY DATA in the scope of the archive For ICPSR, that’s social and
behavioral sciences (broadly defined). STEP 2: GET DATA
Convince the data’s owner to share it STEP 3: FIX DATA
Find and fix any issues with the data
-Unexpected values
-Mysterious variables
-Data contain too much detail STEP 4: MAKE DATA FINDABLE & USABLE Add tags and documentation so data
can be found and used Create complete documentation Produce files for all major statistical packages and online analysis STEP 5: ENSURE IT WILL LAST FOREVER (or at least a very long time) Save data and documentation in a
recognized archival format Save it in a secure location…
or two… or three… or four Find out more

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