ICPSR 101: The 7 Habits of Data Deposit

ICPSR 101: The 7 Habits of Data Deposit

The 7 Habits of Data Deposit #1 Value Your Data “I’ve got these data…
where do I put them?” Lots of options on where to deposit… What does a good deposit look like? #2 Review Your Options When depositing data, some options include: Domain Repository Institutional Repository Personal Website #3 Ask the Right Questions 1. Where will people look for data like yours? 2. Is there long-term preservation available? 3. What will others need to re-use your data?
(and will that be available) 4. Is there user support? 5. What are the funder/university/journal requirements? 6. Can the repository handle sensitive data? 7. Will the repository help show impact of your work? #4 Begin with the End in Mind
(aka, preparing for deposit) Document EVERYTHING Create the dataset well
(use meaningful labels)
(oh, and remove direct identifiers) Create a project summary and include:
>List of Principal Investigators>Funding Source and Grant Number
>Documentation of Collection Process>All Files
>Publication Citations #5 Think Present and Future Documentation is essential! It ensures that data can be used
now and in the future #6 Expect Great Things What happens after deposit?>Data is transferred to a secure server for safekeeping>Data undergoes quality control check>Disclosure risk-review>Saved to the proper file formats>Citations are collected #7 Be Proactive Start your deposit now at ICPSR! icpsr.umich.edu

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