ICPSR 101: Depositing Data with ICPSR

This is Sue She has data to deposit But Sue wonders … Can I deposit data with ICPSR? How? THE SHORT ANSWER ANYONE can deposit anything with ICPSR! [Person 1] Even me? [Person 2] Me? [Person 3] and me? YES, YES, AND YES! Options range from self-publication to fully-
curated, restricted data deposit. *ICPSR is best equipped to accept social/behavioral science data, broadly defined. THE LONG ANSWER There are two ways to deposit data with ICPSR: 1. Self-publication (via openICPSR) 2. Curated data deposit Both are free to use and come with user support, training, and use of the ICPSR Bibliography. OPTION #1 Self-publication Great for replication datasets
Quick DOI
What’s provided is what users get via openICPSR.org OPTION #2 Curated data deposit Makes data, variables, & publications easier to
find & use… … because they have been cleaned &
enhanced for usability! Attracts relevant researchers Capable of handling data with disclosure risk ICPSR performs risk review, mitigates risks,
& handles contracts 3 choices for curated data deposits Member’s Archive
– Curation paid by membership fees
– Data available to users affiliated with member institutions
*available to all if data provider pays for curation Thematic Collections
– Curation paid by collection’s funder
– Funder has say in what “belongs”
– Data available to all Curation Paid by Depositor
– Data available to all
– Includes the range of benefits above Hint: Put a budget line for curation in your grant proposal! ICPSR will provide an estimate! Sue is excited She has a variety of ways to
deposit & share her data at ICPSR But what if Sue has more questions? Contact ICPSR at [email protected]
and find out more!

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