I Started My Business with 1000 Shillings Only | Faces of Kenya | Tuko TV

I Started My Business with 1000 Shillings Only | Faces of Kenya | Tuko TV

I do not want to be employed now I have employed 6 people myself I am paying rent and my children are in school If I decide to get employed where will these people go to I will be failing my country My business has a story I have come from far I started off with KSh 1,000 only such a little amount in fact it was a little less than that amount it was KSh 950 to be precise when I started this business here in Gikomba life was difficult at that time It was tough then a friend came in with an idea I started off by selling kids clothes and here I am today remember I only had KSh 950 I never used to afford lunch I decided to buy kids stuffs worth KSh 900 then the remaining KSh 50 I bought githeri for lunch and I started hawking I used to move around with a bag I even think so many people around Nyamakima know me and basically in Nairobi city the business was really picking up well because God was on my side I would buy clothes at KSh 100 each then sell at KSh 200 each. You see I was making some good money My mother would get surprised and say so today you came with some food? and I said yes I continued hawking but I as time went by I begun loosing interest in it the clothes were becoming many, they couldn’t fit in a bag I had like 40 pieces so I thought I should get a specific place where I would sell from because the person who introduces me into this business was a hawker I used to feel shy and embarrassed because of what people would say when they see me hawking but he told me to stop being stupid and showed me a specific place to sell my stuffs from each time I would spare a nice outfit from the collection I was selling I was thinking of getting a stall then start with those outfits I was sparing then I made it a habit and would keep aside 2-3 outfits I still had no idea if I would get a stall but I kept the faith with time I had 3 sacks of clothes I was lucky to get a stall near Old Nation and my business was up and running no one could even believe I was just a hawker You can’t believe the amount of money I spend on this stall how much was it? Goodwill was KSh 600,000 plus the stock I had roughly KSh 900,000 Everything has been moving on well and I still have hopes that I will go far my advice for the youth is accept your situation there’s business pair up with someone who understands the game that person will be able to help you your father might be having a lot of wealth and you think he was born with it he worked hard for it and he begun from something small an example is the owner of this building before I was given this stall the goodwill was too high close to KSh 2 million but after I narrated my story to him, he reduced the amount he listened to me but if I would have shied away I wouldn’t have managed my advise to people waiting to be employed in offices is that maybe your time is not yet ripe to get employed don’t allow yourself to just sit there doing nothing there’s nothing as bad as wasting away and taking drugs try out something small and eventually you will see the results you will no longer be interested in being employed instead you will be the employer I was a hustler myself but right now if one or two of my employees fails to turn up for work I am forced to look for another one I can’t look for employment now how possible will you even employ me yet myself I have employed 6 people I pay rent, I feed my children if I get employed, where will these people go to? I will be failing my country I can’t depend on employment I just want to rise and employ more people in future I know God will surely bless me I love my job so much

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  1. This are the kind of people we should vote for. they have what it takes to clean up the shit that sits in paliament.

  2. The spirit of encouraging each other …waaah uyo for real ni besty wa kweli saindia mwingine pia awe anajivunia ….

  3. Good will humiza watu wengi.pesa ya haramu.ikiwa unapesa unapata site poa yakuzia.hard work pays all the best man

  4. A far journey starts with one step, my granma used to tell….congrats brother and may God keep increasing you

  5. Congratulations ? brother…. a single step towards the right direction is always the start of us moving into an amazing world

  6. You can contact Samuel through 0712429963
    His shop is located in Ngara on your way to Koja Market
    Click on the CC button for English subtitles

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