I stalked someone at the Renaissance Festival

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel! So today’s video is my visit to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I have gone a few times as a kid, and then as a teenager, and now as an adult, and I love it. There’s different types of food, there’s different type of acts like music and acrobats and more. There’s shops and there’s games. And for anyone of the legal drinking age of 21 and over, there’s beer. And wine, if you’re fancy. So they gave us a brochure that had a map of the festival and a list of the acts appearing that day and what time. For some reason, Topsy Turvy really stuck out at me. And shortly after arriving to watch that show in particular, I remembered why. I had seen them two years before and I was so relieved because I knew they were entertaining and that I was in for a good time. Amanda: This is a bull whip. Which means, clearly my sister cannot use this whip on me because I am NOT a cow! Right, honey? (laughter) Lily: Oh, he left. (laughter continues) Amanda: Wow. Lily: Would you feel better if eye protection was involved? Amanda: That would be delightful, thank you! This is the nicest thing she’s ever done for me. I love you ma’am! My eyeballs appreciate you immensely. (laughter) TA-DA! Amanda: By the power of our unshaven legs combined! TA-DA! Both: But wait, there’s more! Lily: And now, I would just like to take a moment and thank the academy for the recognition of my talented efforts for all of the circus arts. To all of our friends and fans, for your love and support. Oh they like me! They really like me! Amanda: He made eye contact Both: With both of us! Amanda: Mark, what’s about to happen up here is my little sister’s going to do a back bend and you’re going to stand on her! Both: That…was the high-five of CONSENT! Amanda: Sister, are you ready? Lily: Thanks, college! Amanda: Gently step on up. TA-DA! We went into our first costume shop that mostly sold head-wear like headbands and hats. I ended up getting a fake flower headband that had like purple flowers on it because it blends in with my hair and find it cute. The next place we went to was Mystical Crystals, AKA “Earthly Elements” in Frederick, MD Love ’em They had crystal necklaces, various crystals in different shapes and sizes. They even had some beautiful crystals on display. We saw a bit of a terrifying act. Speaking for me personally, I know I would probably have a heart attack if I ever attempted to do this. (Imitates Freddy Mercury with crowd at Live Aid) He even jumped-roped! There’s a kids area if anyone was to go with their kids. Of course, the adults are welcome to have fun too. Did I also mention there’s tons of food?! The food isn’t exactly keto friendly so…I didn’t really have anything that day. With the exception of a steak on a stake. Which was really good, surprisingly, and… I shouldn’t be surprised that the food was good because it usually is but you just wouldn’t think steak on a stake would really be good. While we were shopping, we were nearing the clothing shops and I was getting excited because I love renaissance costumes. As I was entering one of the shops, an official actor for the festival came up to me and made, like, a joke. And I remember laughing because it was a funny joke. But I was so dumbfounded by him talking to me that I forgot the joke two seconds later. He ended up walking away and I was so confused. Then it hit me suddenly, like ten minutes later – that he was a guy I took a picture of two or three years ago. And I was like “Oh sh*t! I could have shown him the picture.” As an aspiring freelance photographer, you gotta promote yourself anyway you can. So I stalked him Okay, that’s a little dramatic. I was actively seeking him out. That still sounds creepy! So then we’re like “Let’s have an audience with the king!” Why not, we’re near-by and the actor for the king is very charming to watch. Please rise for the great and most royal majesty, King Henry VIII God save the king!
Audience: God save the king! And purple guy, comes out with the king and I’m like “Oh my god, he’s nobility.” So we have an audience with the king, it’s fun and some people ask questions… and then afterwards people, kids and adults, got to take a pictures with the king and the…royal court, I think that’s what they’re called. After the show, I hastily make my way towards him and I’m like “I have a picture of you from three years ago.” …And yes, it’s just as creepy as it sounds. But! He liked the picture so he ignored the creepiness. I ended up getting his “digits” and sending over the picture. That’s right, I have nobility on my phone now. I leveled up. After this, we shopped a bit more and then left. You would think that would be the end of our day but it wasn’t. Our day didn’t end until about 2AM. It’s a long story and I have no proof because I was drunk for most of it and I didn’t think about recording anything. Overall, the festival was fun. What we did afterwards was fun. The whole day was just fun and…yeah! I’m definitely going to go back this year before they close. If you live in the Maryland area and you’ve never been to the renaissance festival – I highly suggest you check it out. It’s so much fun. Please like the video if you enjoyed and subscribe if you haven’t already. Thank you so much for watching and until the next video, bye!

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