I Kissed A Girl. Turned Out She Was A Boy

I Kissed A Girl. Turned Out She Was A Boy

Hi everyone, my name is Eric. I’m 19 and I was run out of my hometown for
defending a gay friend. But first things first… I was just a regular guy in College. It was so boring in my city that I sometimes
scrolled through my entire Instagram feed 100 times a day, over and over again. But sometimes Nick and I, that’s my friend,
still found something to do. One day, his parents flew away on vacation,
and he was home alone. Nick’s parents are cool. They said that if we wanted to have a party
(spoiler alert, we did), it was no issue. It sounds like the beginning of some party
from a teen movie, but that really was the case. Apparently I wasn’t the only one bored with
their Insta feed – because a LOT of people showed up! I met a girl at some point that night. Honestly, she looked a little strange, I don’t
even know how to describe her. But after our conversation, I realized she
was very cool. But… Unfortunately, my inner pickup-artist messed
it all up. I reached out to kiss her, but instead of
kissing her…. Intriguing, huh? I got slapped in the face. She got angry, pushed me away, and left. Man, I was so embarrassed for rushing things. But I liked her way too much to let our story
end there. Anyway, when I got home, I found her on social
media. By the way, among other things, she had a
great sense of humor. She introduced herself to me as “Tommy.” I thought it was something like “Tami,” but
on Instagram the caption also said “Tommy.” Anyway, I added her as a friend and apologized
for rushing. There was nothing illegal about trying to
get a kiss, so she forgave me. We started texting and really, she turned
out to be the most interesting girl I’ve ever talked to. Although not without some oddities, of course. It’s weird that there were no photos on her
page, because usually, girls like to post something. But she’s special. So let’s get to the point. After a week of talking, she agreed to go
on a date. We met, everything went fine, but the move
went down at the end of the date. We did kiss that time, and I wanted to officially
ask her to be my girlfriend. Maybe I would have… If I hadn’t discovered Tommy wasn’t exactly
a “her.” It turned out that Tommy is a guy who likes
to look like a girl. I was shocked! She… Man, HE said that he gave me a lot of hints
about this in our communication. Oh, if only I had gotten all those hints…Then
all the pieces came together. It wasn’t an accident that his appearance
seemed weird to me. But damn, weird, not masculine. I should probably go see an eye doctor. HIS voice was a little low for a girl, but
it can be like that sometimes. I took it as a special feature. And when he bluntly said his name was Tommy,
I thought she was… HE was joking. Ooh that’s harsh that it happened… I kissed a guy … I thought we had a lot
in common. And it turned out that we had much more in
common than I anticipated… for example – gender. I couldn’t handle what I had just heard… I just got up and left. Believe me, When you have some feelings for
a girl, kiss her, and she turns out to be a guy, it’s, well … Stunning. I was just walking down the street and trying
to get over it. I needed to share it with someone, and I asked
Nick to meet me. Man, he was laughing at me like the best comedians
in the world were telling him their best jokes. But you know, when I laughed at myself, it
got so much easier. And Nick promised not to tell anyone. After a couple of days, I finally calmed down
and I started thinking about Tommy. He had opened up to me, and I just ran away. After the state of shock wore off, I felt
I needed to explain myself. I wanted to keep seeing him, but as a friend. After all, if you skip all the other details,
he is very interesting to talk to. I sent him an “I’m sorry” message and
even said that if I was gay, we would definitely become a couple. But he didn’t appreciate the joke… It turned out that a couple of hours after
I ran away from the cafe, people started harassing Tommy with messages that he was a freak. The fact that he disguised himself as a girl
sometimes was only known by a few people. But it was after he opened up to me that the
real bullying started. Logically, he blamed me, but I didn’t tell
anyone. Except Nick, who promised to keep quiet… When I went to him, he didn’t even deny it. I made him tell his friends to stop writing
nasty things to Tommy, but it didn’t help. Word of mouth had already spread. Half of our College was already bombing Tommy’s
private messages. Here’s my question, though. What kind of savages are into bullying in
the 21st century?! Nick and I had a big fight about it. Of course, you could give Tommy the advice
to just change his social media account, or block the haters. But I wanted to fix it myself, to get on Tommy’s
good side. So then I came up with a plan. The plan itself was pretty simple, it was
a lot trickier to work up the courage to do it and talk Tommy into it. So…We kissed (again)! The whole plan was to take a picture of our
kiss and post it on my Instagram page. With this photo, I was hoping to show everyone
that being different is not a bad thing. But… The plan worked the other way around. Instead of leaving Tommy alone, everyone started
writing to me. I told you… Savages. But most importantly, Tommy was not on the
spot anymore. And after that, he forgave me. Now Tommy and I are best friends. Everything seemed to have settled down. But I forgot one thing. While I was trying to solve the problem with
our peers, I forgot about my parents. My parents did not have Instagram accounts,
but mutual acquaintances were still a thing… to make this long story short, one day I came
home, and my parents were already waiting for me. They looked like they were about to perform
an exorcism. All they needed was a priest to complete the
setting. They shouted that I had disgraced them, like
how can they look people in the eyes now?! And so on. My dad is an old military man, so the word
“tolerance” is no more than a word for him, with no connotation behind it. At first, I tried to explain that I’m not
gay and that the photo was some kind of protest. But at some point, it started to piss me off
that my parents were even more prejudiced than the horde that sent us all those dirty
messages. Well… I started to snap. Dad said if I didn’t stop arguing and stop
being gay. Haha, “…stop being gay.” He’d throw me out on the street. But I wasn’t going to back down. So, my father kept his promise. Wow, that pissed me off. Due to the fact that I defended the freedom
of people to express themselves, many wrote mean things to me, my parents kicked me out
of the house… What’s next, maybe I am supposed to go to
jail for this?! But, fortunately I was already 19. I was still going to move out of my parents’
house, the problem was I didn’t know where to go. With a small set of things, I went to Tom. I knew this guy would support me and I was
not mistaken. Although he lived in a College Dorm, he managed
to arrange with people to let me stay there for a while. Plus, Tom said that until I had the money,
he could help me with it. He worked as a designer and money was not
an issue. Really, there are no words to describe how
cool he is. After the situation with the selfie, we became
close, but this situation brought us even closer. We lived in the Dorm for a while. But this is not the end of the story… A week after I moved into the Dorm, Nick called
me. He said that his parents had gone away again,
but this time for a long time. And if Tommy and I wanted to, we could stay
with him for a while. He said that he was very ashamed that he told
everyone everything about Tommy and that in this way he wanted to make it up to us. Of Course we were still mad at Nick. But after all, he might not have known where
his gossip would bring us. Plus, living in a penthouse is clearly better
than living in a Dorm. I asked Tommy and he agreed. It was the ultimate mistake… As I realized later, Nick is a homophobic
freak. When we stepped into the house, it was like
some Tarantino movie. Nick closed the doors behind us, and a bunch
of scum from our University were poking their fingers and throwing eggs at us. I couldn’t believe this was real. In 2019, two guys are brutally bullied for
the fact that one of them expresses himself, and the second protects him… and Nick, the
“friend” who invited them to “live,” just sat back and watched all of this. Of course, they didn’t have an unlimited supply
of eggs so we were released, but it was extreme… We were in such shock that all the way back
to the Dorm, we were silent. This time I was convinced that it was not
safe to stay at this College or in this city. All my “friends,” acquaintances, and even
my parents, were provincial savages, unable to accept people who are not similar to them. On the other hand, this situation helped me
to find a real friend. Even when they were throwing those freaking
eggs at us, Tommy stepped forward a little to cover me. Honestly, Tommy is a man with a capital “M,”
who will always support a friend. And the way he likes to dress and what gender
he dates, is his own business. We have moved to another city, rented an apartment
together, and now we are even going to the same College and enjoying life. That’s my story…

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. My voice is deep for a girl and everyone ik says i sound like a boy and when im playing video games with a mic people think im a boy :/

  2. ok im sorry, but Tommy is trans. SHE identifies as HER/SHE. It's not cool to call her a him, like how this asshole does half of the video

  3. What is wrong with people. Personly I would never do what they did to someone who is gay/lesbian or someone who helped him/her and in the 21 century no dought.

  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahaahahhahhahhahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhhahahahhaahhahahhahahahhhahahahahhahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahaahhaahhahahahahahaaaaahhhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahahahahhahahahaahahahhaahahhahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahaahahahahhahahahahhhahahahahahahaahhahahaahhahahahaahhahahahahahahhahahhahaahhahahahahahahhaahahhhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahhahhahahhahahhhahahahhahahahahhahahhhahahahahahhahahhahahhhahahahhahahahahhahhahahahhhahahhhhahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahahahhaahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahaahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhhhhhahahahhahahhhahahahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha….ha😂😀😁😋☺️😔😕😐😑

  5. I only have a few friends (3 friends) and only 1 friend who I know accepts me for me regardless of my Psychogenic NES (My panic attacks causes me to have seizures), PTSD, depression, or the fact that I am a Pansexual and asexual woman

  6. I don't understand why parents would kick out or disown their own child because they're different or don't share the same opinion? I have two sons and if one of them told me they were gay, I would never turn my back on them. As long as they're good people with kind hearts, then who cares?

  7. Next story: I married a girl who turned out to be the Indominus Rex in disguise

    Cause that’s one heck of a smart hybrid dinosaur

  8. Wow your right people are mean these days i am in highschool and we had a camp but our highschool has 2 diffrent schools places and unfortuntly i was the only girl from my school and when i went everybody was treating me like a 6 years old animal like a stupid girl just cuz i am in a diffrent school why do prople have to be savage

  9. That was a good thing the parents kick him out he’s hell gay like what’s the problem with him🤮🤮🤮🤮👎🏻🤢🤢

  10. Well Tommy should’ve told Eric about the opposite gender thing before he caught feelings for Tommy,then none of this would’ve happend

  11. Omg…talk about the best story that I've seen on here to date!! I'm so incredibly inspired n proud to know that there are 2 more human beings that make the world way more tolerable with unwavering kindness. Anyone who sees this that are pregidous or against anyone just being true to themselves should really start educating themselves on tolerance with absolutely NO discriminations whatsoever towards our fellow man/woman💛🌈🤗🖤💛💚💜♥️🧡💙❤️

  12. There’s clear evidence that most people are homophobic. I myself was homophobic. Until a friend of mine open up to me and we’re still friends. There’s also proof that acceptance is a powerful thing and I hope will feel that power.

  13. I love your channel. I enjoy your style of animation and story. I just made my first animation skit and would love for you to watch my video. Please do and leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Ty

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