I Don’t Have Money to Start a Business

I Don’t Have Money to Start a Business

I don’t have money to start a business!
Here’s the mantra that I get to hear a lot. If you are a millennial trying to
start or to grow an online business and you think that having money will enable
you to do that or to become more successful or that you can grow your
business faster, then I’m here to say that you are wrong. And if you continue
to believe that you just need money in order to become a successful
entrepreneur and have success of course then you’re going to wait until the 30th
February. This time next year you’ll realize that you still don’t have a business or
that your business still hasn’t grown the way you want it to. I totally get it!
I’ve been in your shoes. But if you wait to have money in order to make money
you’re just chasing around your tail. It will never happen and just think for a
minute: if you would already have money you wouldn’t need money anymore right? If
having the money would be equal with your business growth or successful
entrepreneurship then wouldn’t everyone who was poor would still be poor? More
than that do you know people that had money, started a business that wasn’t
successful? Having money does not equal entrepreneurship. Having money to start a business will not guarantee you that you’ll be successful.
We get to see multitude of examples of poor people that had no money and they
become rich famous and successful. It took them a lot of work to achieve
their success but it had nothing to do with money. What is more important for
you is to learn the mechanics of using the resources that you already have,
multiply them and reinvest until you’re able to reach that point that enables
you to say that you have a thriving business. And that’s because there’s one
important piece that’s missing. You know what everyone who wants to grow a
thriving online business really needs? A strategic action
plan. Instead of spending their time asking themselves how to get more money
or whining because they don’t have the money,
all successful entrepreneurs have a strategic action plan for growing their
business which allows them to actually accomplish their income growth goals.
They know that money doesn’t equal success and cashflow
doesn’t equal more profit. They have a strategic action plan that clearly maps
out what they want and how to get it. They create a unique strategic action
plan positioning on what they want and then they apply it step-by-step. I
challenge you to do an exercise: imagine what a six or seven figure person did
before he or she became a six or seven figure person! Imagine how they behaved,
who did they talk to, where they spent the time, what were the events they
attended and match their behaviors. What do you think every six and seven figures
entrepreneur did with their time at that specific moment in their lives? You think
they were whining about the lack of money or they asked themselves on how to
come up with cash to follow the next level. You think they’re working hard 12
hours a day with no thought on what’s coming next? NO! Every single one of them had an actual plan, knew exactly what to do, they
had a strategy that got them into their results. And if you don’t have that
you’re never going to be able to get that level of business. Money is
everywhere! You just have to figure it out a way or multiple ways to get them
come to you. I would say something that it’ll probably offend you or make you at
least feel a little bit uncomfortable: everybody knows to be an entrepreneur
with money. It’s easy when you have all the financial resources. I want to see
you doing it without money. So you can continue to think that in order to
become a successful entrepreneur you need money and keep on playing the
victim role or you can start structure and strategize your business in order to
create a revenue system in place. One won’t make you money
the other will ,in time. If you want to know the exact steps I use make sure to
follow us on Designated Insider Facebook group where you can download a free 17 pages checklist and resource guide. I walk you through the steps you
need to take in order to start and grow your business so that you can make money
without money and not spin your wheels for years. Ladies and gentlemen I’m Iva
Berghmann and until next time all the best!

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