I didn’t bring business cards to Japan. Big mistake.

Day two in Tokyo and I’m discovering some interesting things. So I’ve got a major problem. Every time I show up to an interview here, there’s this like ceremonial moment at the beginning where everyone in the room pulls out a business card. And there’s like this exchanging of business cards and it’s lots of bowing and lots of observing the business cards and showing how impressed you are with the beautiful design of it. People love business cards here, and my problem is I don’t love business cards. and I didn’t bring any to Japan. So during these like really intimate, special trust earning moments, everyone looks to me like where’s your business card? I don’t have any! I don’t use business cards. Luckily I found a machine that would solve all my problems. Thanks to this machine I was able to design and print 30 business cards in like two minutes. My brand new business cards are printing out as we speak. The two videos I’m working on are going really well. I’ve been talking to a lot of people from North Korea getting some interesting perspectives, so stay tuned.

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