I can’t believe it. I’m going to meet Billy Boyd from Lord of
the Rings. Lord of the Rings! Does my hat look okay? This is going to be great. I can do this. I can totally do this. Right? You’re going to be with me, right? I can’t get this photo on my own. Yes, I’ll be there. Stop stressing. Because last time you said you would be there,
you were actually at home watching Buffy. It’s so hard to find motivation to do anything
after season 6. It’s so dark. Lex, I’m serious. You know what I’m like. I can’t do this on my own. I promise you we will get that photo. I will not leave your side until we do. Okay? Good. Alright [whip crack] Let’s go! Ooo, pretty. Em – You’re not Em. Shit. Okay, I think if we just go – Sorry, I thought
you were someone Uuhhhh….. [frantic montage music starts] I’m a smart, strong, sensual woman. Em!! [Indiana Jones-esque music starts] Ticket? My friend, she has it. I’m meant to be with her. Sure. If you could just let me pass, then I could
find her and – You shall not pass. No ticket. No entry. Listen, my friend needs me, and if you think
that you and your little staff are going to stop me –
I like your hat. What? I said, I like your hat. Maybe if I was wearing it, I might be more
agreeable. But… The Hobbit movies were a joke. Em! Em, I’m here. I’m ready. Let’s do this! No need. Wow. You got it. That’s awesome. Where’s your hat? I got rid of it. It just kept falling off anyways. Really? But before you said that – Let’s just go and enjoy the rest of the con. Oo, there’s this panel on writing fanfiction
that I really want to see – Ugh. No! Absolutely not. Let’s just go and judge all the costumes. And I swear if I see one more Elsa…

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  1. 1:49 No, these aren't ears they're horns. 2:25 The fugitives are not over there. 3:01 Doctor Who; Weeping Angels. Don't cry for me… 3:50 What Hobbits? Darn I put on the wrong wizard costume again. O, and fly you fool. Or is that flee.

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