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  1. Super GA vundhi movie..Hyderabad movies Ni tip lo vuncharu..E movies Ni akkuvaga Maharashtra, Mumbai lo chustaru

  2. the guy at 13:00 is nikhil good actor and succesful hero in tollywood , frm hyderbadi nawabs to tollywood hero grt inspiration

  3. Honestly speaking, I didn't like this movie. Cheap comedy, star cast were hopeless, no story, script was very poor. Hanif bhai was impressive & Mama. I wasted my time.

  4. Kya ray Islam mai sex ladakiye ko zadna sikiya Kya Bhai
    Mat batao
    Don't put like this video please having sex before marriage
    Don't blame Islam .in Islam we are doing like this… please.
    Galat video mat banao please….

    Muslim hai Tum Bhai .
    Don't teach bad things to all people.
    Teach make best video .
    May Allah bless you

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