Hunter Shkolnik: Fox Business News About United Airlines

Hunter Shkolnik: Fox Business News About United Airlines

– Smack down. Let’s bring in Trial
Attorney, Hunter Shkolnik. He’s taken on many a big corporation. Now says that video and the new pictures are the least of United’s problems. What would be the worst
of United’s problems? – Right now the biggest problem for them is the lawsuits that are going to follow. You don’t drag a customer
off of an airplane like a piece of luggage. You don’t drag them and have their head bouncing off of the armrests. You don’t drag them down the
aisles and watch them bleeding. The next thing they’re gonna see are the lawsuits that are
coming from this event. No doubt about it. – Okay, here’s what some
people are worried about, and I’ve seen this on the Twitterverse, that there could be a lawsuit, but that they’ll end up
suing the security company versus the airline, but, you know, now that one of the security guards is on leave, I’m thinking to myself, they only did what United
directed them to do. – Well, there’s a question there. I think United is at fault. You don’t drag the passenger off, and you don’t tell someone to do that. But the security company
also has responsibility here. You do it in a way where
you’re not going to hurt the passenger, which
is what they did here. – It’s interesting, earlier,
Oscar Munoz, the CEO, and now there’s a petition to fire him, signed by more than 2,000 people. But the Chinese are getting involved, too. It’s trending, and more
than 100 million people are viewing this thing at this point. I mean, it’s just gotten out of control. He had said, “When he
refused to volunteer, “that’s when we had to take action.” Okay, you know, even Merriam,
the Webster Dictionary, is trolling United. There’s a tweet out
right now, from Merriam, which is, of course, the dictionary, and it says, “Volunteer,” and
they put out the definition. “Volunteer means someone
who does something “without being forced to do it.” – Well, he was being forced to do it. There’s no doubt about it. And here the airlines have very, have 100 percent control over this, with very little regulations. They told security,
“Take him off the plane.” This man didn’t volunteer. This is not volunteering. – Is it enough that Oscar
Munoz is now saying, “We’re gonna make this right”? – No, it’s a little bit too little, a little bit too late. The way he came out aggressively, – Somebody’s trying to
discredit this guy already, and you knew that was coming. – Well, there’s no,
– They’re saying at one point he lost his license. He’s a doctor in Kentucky. – Whether or not he lost his license, whether or not he has
any problems in his past has nothing to do with
what we saw on that video, or on those videos. Him laying on the ground
being dragged out passively, he wasn’t kicking and screaming. He was dragged out, bleeding. The fact that he had his license revoked or penalized or something
has nothing to do with that. – And finally, if you
were to take on this case, how much in, I guess, charges, a lawsuit, how big could it get? Multimillion? Well, there’s no question
there’s a multimillion dollar lawsuit here. If any lawyer who does this type of work represents the doctor, he is seeking millions of dollars of compensation. He has been abused. He has also been psychologically damaged. He’s been physically damaged. – Listen, it’s great to
see you, but by the way, and this isn’t, this is
not a funny situation, but there’s a blog called Duffel Blog, which is sort of a military
version of the Onion, and they were running this headline, “Pentagon Awards Contract
to United Airlines “to Forcibly Remove Assad.” (chuckling) So I mean, really, it’s
just gotten worse and worse, and now suddenly they’re apologizing, but they didn’t before then. Good to see you, thank you for joining us. – And thank you for having
me, I appreciate it. – Hunter Shkolnik, of the
lawfirm Napoli Shkolnik. Closing bell ringing in 30.

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